Designate Your Gift

A designated gift allows you to decide exactly how your gift is used.

You can designate a gift to the Michigan Tech Annual Fund or to a specific initiative that resonates with you—such as Tech athletics, a student scholarship, a building project, a college, a department, or a school. A gift designated to the Annual Fund is unrestricted, which affords Michigan Tech the flexibility to support immediate priorities, respond to emerging opportunities, and build our financial base.

Choose Where Your Money Goes

Current Priorities

Students, Faculty, Departments, and Alumni Way

The University's current priorities include student scholarships and fellowships, endowed chairs and professorships, and a campus mall project.

Annual Fund

Yearly goals and objectives

The University can address immediate priorities not covered by other sources of income.


New construction, improved buildings and labs

Faculty and students develop great ideas and great solutions in the right environment.


Grant-in-aid program for all varsity sports

The guarantee of scholarship assistance to athletes influences whether they'll come to Tech.

Superior Ideas

Harnessing the power of crowdfunding

Superior Ideas, an entity of Michigan Tech, helps bring research and public service projects to life.