Husky supporters. Giving 50 years. Dave and Sharron Paris.

Dave and Sharron Paris posing with Blizzard T. Husky.Dave and Sharron Paris have supported Michigan Technological University every year for 50 years through athletic donations, scholarships, and most recently, gifts to support the University’s mascot, Blizzard T. Husky.

When the couple’s nephew became the mascot at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, they considered a different way to give to Michigan Tech.

"It got us thinking about the Michigan Tech mascot," Sharron says. "We didn’t realize the importance of the role of the mascot nor how much time the students put into wearing the costume and supporting and representing the University, not only for athletic events but also a variety of University activities."

The couple first provided funds for the mascot’s new costume and then helped with a contest to name the mascot, Blizzard T. Husky.

"We made that commitment and we want to continue to support the mascot" Dave says. "Blizzard is a very positive mascot for the University and seems to appeal especially to young people. We hope we are helping some young people, through Blizzard, to become lifelong Huskies. We want to give to the students."

Dave received his bachelor’s in civil engineering in 1968 and his master’s in civil engineering in 1971. Sharron worked at Michigan Tech for almost 30 years, first in the technology field as a computer programmer/analyst and then finishing her career as the University’s Registrar. The couple married after Dave’s junior year at Michigan Tech.

Dave says he learned many life lessons on the field while playing football for Michigan Tech.

"You work as hard as you can and even so you might not always win but you must come back and get ready for the next game." he says. "Michigan Tech classes prepared me for my engineering career. Tech football taught me the value of dedication and hard work. If it wasn’t for football, I wouldn’t have graduated."

The couple says they are proud of Michigan Tech.

"We appreciate the dedicated, hard-working people connected with the University in general, and especially the folks associated with athletics," Dave says. "They work very successfully to be a positive influence on the lives of MTU athletes."

Michigan Tech football team huddling on Sherman Field.