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Welcome to Husky Motors

Michigan Tech manages a fleet of 47 safe, properly maintained vehicles that full- and part-time faculty and staff or student groups can rent for official University business. Husky Motors charges a daily fee. You pay for gas with cards we provide—fuel charges are included on your rental bill.

Vehicle Type Daily Fee** Monthly Fee
SUV $42* $630
Mini-Van $44* $660
Van (12-15 passenger) $45* $675
Cargo Van $45* $675
Step Van $46* $700
Pickup (4x4) $48* $730
  • Occupancy for 15-passenger vans is limited to 10 occupants, including the driver, for travel outside a 100-mile radius of campus. Drivers must be van certified through Michigan Tech.
  • * Plus 15¢ per mile if average daily use is more than 200 miles per day.
  • ** Daily Fee based on 24-hour period.

Student groups that want to rent a vehicle need prior permission from the Student Activities Office—Husky Motors can't rent a vehicle to you without it.

Husky Motors does not rent vehicles for personal use. If you need a vehicle for personal use, learn more or get started with a Zipcar membership.

Reserve a Vehicle

Make reservations through Fleet Commander.

Here's how:

  1. Set up an approved account. Go to Sign Up Now at the bottom of the left navigation bar under Information. Fill out and submit the form. Husky Motors checks eligibility requirements for driving a university vehicle and approves the request.
  2. Reserve a vehicle. Log into FleetCommander. Go to Make Reservation at the top of the left navigation bar under Vehicle Use.  
  3. Change or update your reservation, including the driver or time period using My Schedule, in the left navigation. It shows all your requested reservations—choose the one you want to update.
  1. To return the vehicle, sign out electronically, and drop off the keys. On weekends and other times we're closed, you can use the Husky Motors key kiosk outside.
  2. More questions? Refer to our detailed instructions.

If someone other than the driver designated on your reservation confirmation is going to pick up or return the vehicle, you must update the reservation. If you don't, you will not be able to sign in or out, or receive or return keys.

Services and Fees

Airport Delivery

We deliver vehicles to Houghton County Memorial Airport for the convenience of departing and arriving guests and employees. The $15 one-way fee is added to the rental bill.

Fuel Fill Charge

If you return a vehicle to us without a full gas tank, a $4.50 per gallon fee is added to your rental bill.

If you pick up a vehicle from Husky Motors that does not have a full gas tank, fill up at a local gas station right away, and let us know when you return the vehicle. Leave a note under comments on the key kiosk: "Filled tank, was not full when picked up."

Cleaning Fees

Husky Motors charges $60 per hour to clean up vehicles returned to us with excessive grime, food stains, pet hair/dander, and trash.


Other Huskies are waiting. Let us know at least 24 hours before scheduled pickup if you won't need your reservation after all. No-shows are charged $50. 

Lost Keys

We charge replacement costs, based on dealership estimates, for lost remote-entry transmitters or keys.