Students with Disabilities

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) is a resource for all members of the campus community.

While our title features the role we play in working with students, our work is designed to assist everyone at Michigan Tech, as well as the family members of students. Whether a person has questions about how a disability might affect a family member, wants to discuss the types of technology that might be useful when accommodating a specific disability, or is planning an educational program and would like more information—we are here to offer support.

  • Our staff members are available to conduct informational, educational, and Q&A sessions with faculty, staff, and students, including classes.
  • We welcome invitations to present on topics that meet the specific needs and interests of departments, classes, and work areas.
  • We’re ready to discuss the "What if…?" scenarios that may arise on campus. Sometimes it is helpful for us to meet with small groups and discuss circumstances that are arising specifically in your area, e.g., "What if a student worker encounters a student who may have a learning difference?" or "What if a student informs me of his or her disability?"
  • If you would like to discuss ideas for making a class or an assignment more universally accessible, we can meet with you.
  • If a student worker with a disability has caused you to have questions about how to remove a barrier in the work environment—for example, an AD/HD student is doing well with customer service but is having trouble remembering important details—we can discuss ideas for increasing the student’s success.

SDS is always open to requests for support and welcomes feedback/ideas for how to better serve the community. If you would like to discuss ideas or have a request, please call us at 906-487-2212 or email us.