Faculty Recognition

The Michigan Tech Distinguished Teaching Award is presented annually. Since 1982, an Award has been given in each category: 

  1. Associate Professor or Professor
  2. Lecturer, Professor of Practice, or Assistant Professor


Associate Professor or Professor

Lecturer, Professor of Practice, or Assistant Professor

2014Theresa (Tess) Ahlborn  -  Civil and Environmental EngineeringScott Miers - Mechanical Engineering•Engineering Mechanics
2013Nilufer Onder - Computer ScienceThomas Werner - Biological Sciences
2012Will Cantrell - PhysicsRoger Woods - Business and Economics
2011Brian Barkdoll - Civil and Environmental EngineeringMichael Meyer - Physics
2010Blair Orr - School of Forest Resources and Environmental ScienceCharles Margraves - Mechanical Engineering•Engineering Mechanics
2009Dean Johnson - Business and EconomicsSean Clancey - Chemical Engineering
2008Randall Freisinger - HumanitiesRobert Mark - Business and Economics
2007Bryan Suits - PhysicsGuy Hembroff - School of Technology
2006John Sandell - Chemical EngineeringHeidi Bostic - Humanities
2005Charles W. Nelson - HumanitiesBrian T. Davis - Electrical & Computer Engineering
2004Terry S. Reynolds - Social SciencesAnn Humes - School of Technology
2003Mary Ann Beckwith - Fine ArtsJoel C. Tuoriniemi - School of Business and Economics
2002William J. Sproule - Civil and Environmental EngineeringDavid J. Flaspohler - Forestry and Wood Products
2001Michael J. Irish - Fine ArtsGordon G. Parker - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics

Anne F. Wysocki - Humanities
2000Martin F. Jurgensen - Forestry and Wood ProductsDean L. Johnson - Business and Economics
1999Ashok K. Ambardar - Electrical EngineeringDavid A. Olson - Mathematical Sciences
1998Madhukar Vable - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering MechanicsDonna Michalek - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1997Fredrick Williams - ChemistryDennis Lewandowski - Mathematical Sciences
1996Robert Stebler - School of TechnologyMary Ann Beckwith - Fine Arts
1995Jimmy Diehl - Geological Engineering and SciencesAllan Struthers - Mathematical Sciences
1994Donald Daavettila - Physics

Janice Glime - Biological Sciences
Ghatu Subhash - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1993Peck Cho - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering MechanicsJeffrey Bell-Hanson - Fine Arts
1992Warren Weingarten - School of TechnologyJohn Sutherland - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1991Edmund Vandette - Social SciencesPeck Cho - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1990Mark Plichta - Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringPanayiotis Charalambides - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1989C. Edwin Haltenhoff - Civil and Environmental EngineeringCharles Van Karsen - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1988Sidney Graham - Mathematical SciencesSteven Loughrin-Sacco - Humanities
1987Robert Weidman - PhysicsMichael Ohadi - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Mechanics
1986Billie Wahlstrom - HumanitiesWilliam Bulleit - Civil Engineering
1985Paul Lewis - Electrical EngineeringGeorge Meese - Humanities
1984William Predebon - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering MechanicsWilliam Gregg - Geological Engineering
1983Duane Abata - Mechanical Engineering / Engineering MechanicsAshok Ambardar - Electrical Engineering
1982Ralph Horvath - Electrical EngineeringCheryl DePuydt - Physical Education
Grace Swartz - Chemistry

From 1952-1981, only one Distinguished Teaching Award was given each year.


Award Winner

1981Anton Pintar - Chemical Engineering
1980Gene Hesterberg - Forestry
1979Bertwell Whitten - Biological Sciences
1978Helmuth Steinhilb - Forestry
1977Harold Evensen - Mechanical Engineering/ Engineering Mechanics
1976Jack Holland - Biological Sciences
1975Vernon Johnson - Forestry
1974Howard Anderson - Mathematics
1973Frederic Erbish - Biological Sciences
1972Carmen DelliQuadri - Business and Engineering Administration
1971Myron Berry - Chemistry
1970Kiril Spiroff - Geology and Mineralogy
1969M. D. Laitinen - Metallurgical Engineering
1968D. O. Wyble - Physics
1967Gene Ortner - Mathematics
1966George Young - Civil Engineering
1965Clyde Work - Engineering Mechanics
1964Edgar Wiedenhoefer - Civil Engineering
1963C. Ernest Kemp - Geology (Sault Ste. Marie Branch)
1962Janis Inveiss - Mechanical Engineering
1961Arthur Weaver - Engineering Mechanics
1960Thomas Vichich - Mathematics
1959Gilbert Boyd - Metallurgical Engineering
1958Raymond Chelberg - Chemistry (Sault Ste. Marie Branch)
1957Walter Anderson - Electrical Engineering
1956David Chimino - Physics Walter Koepp - Institute of Wood Research
1955U. John Noblet - Forestry
1954B. Franz Schubert - Music
1953Edwin Niemi - Mechanical Engineering
1952William Longacre - Physics