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Computational Science and Engineering—PhD

Tackle Emerging Problems

This distinctive degree tackles emerging problems in engineering and science through the investigation and application of current software and hardware technologies. This degree's flexibility, unique status as “non-departmental”, and interdisciplinary breadth gives students the resources and environment to explore challenges in:

  • Energy efficiency—combustion processes and emissions
  • Environmental studies—ground, water, and air pollution
  • Molecular Dynamics—simulation of atom and molecule behavior
  • Computational Chemistry—simulation of chemical processes
  • Bioinformatics—genetic sequencing and recombinant studies
  • Weather forecasting
  • National Defense—bio/chemical terrorism, intelligence

Projects include Hewlett-Packard UPC technology development project, earth and space sciences support for NASA high performance computing and communication program, retrieval of chlorophyll in concentration in using SeaWiFs satellite data, and evolution of non-evaporating fuel sprays.

Computational Science and Engineering Research Institute

CSERI was created in 2002 as a home for researchers to collaborate on computational problems and techniques of common interest, to facilitate the development of long-range research programs, to support the CS&E PhD program. CSERI provides access to medium- and large-scale computational facilities that would not otherwise be available.