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Appendix A: Options and Frequently Asked Questions

Students have a number of options to consider when they have been involved in sexual and/or relationship misconduct incident. A student can choose any and all of the options listed here. The options are noted as follows:

Reporting options that include

  1. Michigan Tech's Title IX policy violation:
  2. Academic and Community Conduct,
  3. Public Safety and Police Services and Local Law Enforcement,
  4. option for civil suit.

Options for Medical Attention 

What physical medical attention should I consider after a sexual assault?

What is a RAPE Kit? What happens during the medical exam?

Where can I go to get this medical exam?  UP Health System - Portage Hospital - Emergency Room 500 Campus Drive, Hancock, MI 39930

How do I get to the hospital?  A Public Safety and Police Services officer can take you to the hospital. Or, you can get a ride from a friend, call a taxi, or go alone in your vehicle. You can have a friend/family member/ stay with you through the exam. Counselors or local rape crisis advocates can be called to assist you.

How much does it cost? How long will it take?,4612,7-132-54783_54853_54855-347195--,00.html The exam will take two to three hours. 

Do I have to go to the hospital? You are not required to seek medical attention. However, even if you don't want to prosecute now, collecting the evidence is important in case you change your mind later. Medical attention is also important because some injuries may not be immediately apparent or realized. 

Is the medical exam confidential? You must sign a release for the medical exam to be completed. Once signed, the hospital is required to notify the police, but it is up to you if you want to talk to the police when they arrive.

What are Date Rape drugs? Are there ways to tell if I have been drugged?
What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Options for Reporting

Student Code of Community Conduct

"No Contact" Conditions

Criminal Prosecution Option

Civil Suit Option

Civil Restraining Order/Personal Protective Orders

Advocacy Options

Counseling/Healing/Living Options