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Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Ackerman, Nathan LAttending Maat, Benjamin JAttending
Aerts, Andrew MAttending Mackey, Nichole SAttending
Alkuait, Saif AAttending MacMillan, Isaac LAttending
Allard, Evonne MAttending Maetzold, Shaye KAttending
Allison, Jayson DAttending Mager, JacobAttending
Anderson, Dakota JAttending Mahler, Alexander NNot Attending
Anderson, Eli ANot Attending Majeski, Seth TAttending
Anderson, Evan CAttending Maki, Nathaniel JAttending
Anderson, Heidi KAttending Mallos, Demitrius MAttending
Anderson, Rosalie JAttending Marciniak, Amanda EAttending
Archibald, Taylor RAttending Marciniak, Emily GAttending
Ashburn, Henry WAttending Marcyan, Steven EAttending
Aufdemberge, Zachary PAttending Mares, Seth PAttending
Augustyniak, Adam JAttending Marsh, Kaitlin JAttending
Austin, George GAttending Marshall, Lewis GAttending
Bahle, Paul AAttending Martin, Miles RAttending
Baker, James RAttending Mashevsky, Michael MAttending
Baker, Jennie MAttending Mason, Eric CAttending
Bakowski, Michael RAttending Massar, Robert SAttending
Balcom, Joshua TAttending Massoglia, Crystal AAttending
Baldwin, Ian RAttending Mayrose, Joseph WAttending
Baldwin, Nathan LNot Attending Mccann, Brendan JNot Attending
Baldwin, PaulNot Attending McCann, Eric MAttending
Ball, Alex RAttending McCue, Christopher DAttending
Ballard, Brandon JAttending McDonald, Meghan RAttending
Ballou, Derek JAttending McGhee, James CAttending
Barber, Elizabeth AAttending McGinley, Travis OAttending
Barker, Jeremy MAttending McGuire, Shelby BAttending
Barker, Zane RAttending McInerney, Alexander RAttending
Bassette, Louis JAttending McKenney, Curtis JAttending
Bast, Daniel RAttending McKenzie, Erin EAttending
Batchelor, Melanie KAttending McNamara, Chase HAttending
Batdorff, Crystal DAttending McNease, Diane LAttending
Beach, Peter BAttending Meados, George DAttending
Beachy, Emma RAttending Meeks, Erik PAttending
Beavers, Ethan JAttending Melka, Travis JAttending
Bedford, Stephanie MAttending Meuers, Emily RAttending
Bednar, Noah HAttending Meyer, Andrew SAttending
Bednarczyk, Philip JAttending Michaud, Cole JNot Attending
Begeman, BeauAttending Mielke, Jacqueline KAttending
Beine, Sara MAttending Mietelka, George MAttending
Belopavlovich, Kendall YAttending Mikrut, Theodore FAttending
Belter, Jeff MNot Attending Miller, Matthew TAttending
Benner, Darien TAttending Miron, Nils AAttending
Bennett, Braden WAttending Mitchell, Carl DAttending
Bennett, James LAttending Mittig, Joyanne KNot Attending
Bentley, Neva RAttending Modolo, Karry AAttending
Berg, Andrew JNot Attending Modrak, Peter JAttending
Bergquist, Alexandra VAttending Monette, Nicholas JAttending
Berndt, Conor TAttending Montano, Jose MAttending
Berner, William KAttending Moore, Andrew JAttending
Berriel, Sasha NAttending Moore, Christopher WAttending
Bialy, ThomasAttending Moore, Eric JAttending
Blakely, Graeme JAttending Moore, Nicholas JAttending
Bland, William RNot Attending Morath, Patrick RAttending
Blaszak, Nathan JAttending Morehouse, Jennifer AAttending
Bledsoe, Celicia JAttending Moreman, Matthew OAttending
Blevins, Christopher LAttending Morford, Mitchell AAttending
Bliven, Nicole VAttending Morley, Madelyn MAttending
Bloch, Elizabeth GAttending Mosher, Dominic CAttending
Blum, Sarah MAttending Mouton, Cody DAttending
Bodnar, Gavin KAttending Mozzam, AfrozNot Attending
Boehler, Bradley SAttending Muggio, Nicholas JAttending
Boelcke, Jessica AAttending Muhammad Luqman NulHakim, FNU BAttending
Boettner, Ian TAttending Muonio, Jessica LAttending
Borman, Alex PAttending Murdoch, Erin LAttending
Borseth, KC PAttending Murphy, Evan JAttending
Bosko, Paul TNot Attending Murray, Caryn DAttending
Bostwick, Rebecca LAttending Nadarajah, Nalen SAttending
Boucher, Cheyanne MNot Attending Nance, Brian AAttending
Bowman, Cade JAttending Nelson, Anna MAttending
Brandt, Timothy AAttending Nelson, Casey NAttending
Brasseur, Joshua DAttending Nelson, Jonathan DAttending
Bray, Kyle PAttending Nelson, Seth RNot Attending
Brayman, Samuel LAttending Nelson, Zachary MAttending
Brehob, Meredith MAttending Neuman, Colin MAttending
Brick, Sean DAttending Newhouse, Lorne SAttending
Brienen, Devin JAttending Nieskes, Abigail GAttending
Brinks, Randal AAttending Nordstrom, Neal CAttending
Brisson, Hunter GAttending Norman, Bradley MAttending
Brouwer, Mark EAttending Norton, Andrea NAttending
Brown, April EAttending O'Brien, Brennan BAttending
Brown, Chad CAttending Ogryzek, Amanda MAttending
Brown, Ethan PAttending Olinger, Nicholas ANot Attending
Brown, Grant MAttending Oliver, Michael CAttending
Brown, Janna LAttending Olson, Neil BAttending
Brown, Natalie AAttending Opel, Brett DAttending
Brunson Jr., BruceAttending Oshe, Ryan NAttending
Buczkowski, Kayla JAttending Owen, Derek JAttending
Buhl, Grant MAttending Pagel, Jesse JAttending
Bull, Kristen EAttending Palmer, Kyle DAttending
Burek, Jackson TAttending Pap, Adam DNot Attending
Burek, Olivia SAttending Papciak, Zachary GAttending
Burfeind, Matthew RAttending Pardy, Jacob WAttending
Burke, Jonathan RAttending Paris, Mitchell BAttending
Burkwald, Cory CAttending Paris, Zachary GAttending
Burrell, Derek JAttending Parker, Zakarie RAttending
Buske, Ryan WAttending Parra Alvarez, NataliaAttending
Bye, Thomas KAttending Parzuchowski, Jonathon PAttending
Campbell, Meghan AAttending Patel, Tanay KAttending
Cannon, Harrison LAttending Patrick, Marcella MAttending
Carley, Jacob CAttending Patronik, Kathleen LAttending
Carlson, Alex JAttending Patterson, Alexander SAttending
Carter, Mackenzie RAttending Payne, Abigail KAttending
Cary, Adam DNot Attending Pedersen, Cooper JAttending
Casamer, Mark DAttending Pederson, Scott AAttending
Casanova, Michael PNot Attending Peltier, Steven MAttending
Cass, Phillip DAttending Perry, Darcy AAttending
Catalanotto, Nicholas ZAttending Person, Alex SNot Attending
Cecchettini, Cassandra KNot Attending Perz, Vincent GAttending
Chamberlin, Trent ANot Attending Peterson, Joseph TAttending
Charbonneau, Morgan LAttending Peterson, Leah LAttending
Chatman, AveryNot Attending Pflug, Christopher RAttending
Chaurasiya, Chetan KumarAttending Phipps, Rebecca MAttending
Chen, XingAttending Pieprzak, Catherine AAttending
Chibirev, IlliyaAttending Pierce, Meghan CAttending
Childers, Kristopher KAttending Pietila, Carl AAttending
Choiniere, MichaelAttending Pietila, Ryan HAttending
Christensen, Hanna IAttending Pietrzyk, Joseph MAttending
Churchill, Christopher JNot Attending Pineda, Michael AAttending
Clark, Lauren EAttending Pinson, Alexis CAttending
Cole, Kelsey VAttending Pitlik, Taylor MAttending
Colegrove, Stephen DAttending Planaj, DenadaAttending
Cook, Aaron MAttending Podkul, Zachary RAttending
Cook, Elaine LAttending Potter, Cameron JAttending
Coon, Eric EAttending Powdhar, Ana-Lisia AAttending
Corona, Maria LAttending Powers, Jordan DAttending
Cotera Berndt, DenzilAttending Prast, MichaelAttending
Couture, Claire MAttending Prins, Jacob AAttending
Creutz, Melissa GAttending Prochnow, Jacob AAttending
Crewdson, Stuart AAttending Prystalski, Kassia JNot Attending
Crider, Austin CAttending Pudas, Sarah EAttending
Cruikshank, Owen DAttending Raboin, Steven MAttending
Cuda, Sarah EAttending Radosevich, Nevin PAttending
Cunningham, HannahAttending Ramon, Marco AAttending
Cunningham, Nicholas AAttending Rasner, Kane MAttending
Cvetanovic, SandraAttending Renaldi, David MAttending
Daavettila, Hannah MAttending Rennell, Joshua PAttending
Daavettila, Mark RAttending Rens, Dustin EAttending
Daley, EamonnAttending Revett, Rebecca LAttending
Damiani, Jacob JAttending Richard, Bryce EAttending
David, Alexander JAttending Richards, Jared AAttending
Davis, Carter AAttending Rietveld, Cody JAttending
de Luca, Savannah RAttending Riipi, Austin JAttending
Deal, Devin PAttending Ringle, Andre TAttending
DeBus, Julie AAttending Ringler, Cameron JAttending
Deckebach, Reid HNot Attending Riutta, Cal DAttending
DeGroot, Matthew RAttending Robacker, Cynthia MAttending
DeKraker, Zachary BAttending Roland, William JAttending
Dekutoski, Kelli MAttending Romanski, Erik JAttending
Del Preto, Dustin JNot Attending Ronnei, Evan TAttending
Del Signore, MichaelAttending Roose, Gina MAttending
DeLeeuw, Cy AAttending Root, Ryan AAttending
Denhof, Jocelyne RAttending Rosati, Michael AAttending
Denys, Benjamin JAttending Rose, Brant MAttending
Deprekel, Kirsten EAttending Ross, Chad SAttending
Deur, Conner SAttending Ross, David JAttending
DeVault, Austin LAttending Ross, Garrett TAttending
DeVries, Daniel JAttending Rottschafer, Seth MAttending
Dhamankar, Shveta VAttending Rudlaff, James KAttending
Diehl, Madison AAttending Rudolph, Bailey HAttending
Dietrich, Stephanie LAttending Rule, Joshua JAttending
Ditlow, Leslie JAttending Ruppen, Brendan PAttending
Diver, Derrick AAttending Russcher, Davis TAttending
Docherty, Lauren KAttending Russell, Sawyer CAttending
Dolinski, Lindsey FAttending Ryan, Michael LAttending
Domas, Kyle DAttending Ryan, Mitchell MAttending
Domitrovich, Daniel JNot Attending Rzeppa, Joshua RAttending
Dong, TaoAttending Sabourin, Kaitlyn MAttending
Dorn, Joshua PAttending Saladin, Kelsey TAttending
Dubay, Andrew GAttending Sampson, Matthew WAttending
Dulong, Cameron RAttending Saraza, Cathleen AAttending
Duong, Thao NAttending Saum, Brendan TAttending
Dupuis, Beau PAttending Scaife, Elizabeth SAttending
Dykstra, James KNot Attending Schaedig, Benjamin DAttending
Dziewit, Jeremy JAttending Schank, Austin JAttending
Eickmeyer, Nathan HAttending Schatz, Taran JNot Attending
Eikenberry, Rachel JAttending Schelske, Quinn HAttending
Eisenga, Devon CNot Attending Scherdt, Shelby NAttending
Eliasen, Valerie NAttending Schneiderwent, Karrah BAttending
Emmert, Lauren EAttending Schoenborn, Jacob LAttending
English, Morgan EAttending Scholten, Dylan JAttending
Erickson, Jordan CAttending Scholzen, Zachary RAttending
Erxleben, Trevor AAttending Schultz, Christopher SAttending
Etzel, Austin JAttending Schulz, JonathanAttending
Evans, Zachary LAttending Schulz, Luke DNot Attending
Eyrich, Holly EAttending Schweikart, Amelia MAttending
Ezinga, Tyler KAttending Seablom, Matthew KAttending
Fabian, Jacob DAttending Sedlar, Andrew WAttending
Fabian, Mona MAttending Sell, Joshua LAttending
Falzon, John PAttending Senczyszyn, Lukas CAttending
Fantene, Anthony RAttending Severn, Shane MAttending
Farquhar, Sophia GAttending Severson, Derek LAttending
Faust-Smith, Max SNot Attending Shaiyen, Nathan NAttending
Fergan, Robert JAttending Shamberg, Marcus DAttending
Ferguson, Kira JAttending Sheffield, Cassidy MAttending
Ferrier, Alexis LAttending Shortt, Madeline PAttending
Fischer, Blake AAttending Siebarth, Chelsea MAttending
Fischer, Ian PAttending Simmering, Gabriel CAttending
Fisher, Andrew SAttending Sjerven, Cason MAttending
Fisher, Anthony PAttending Skogfeldt, Erik AAttending
Fisher, Nicholas AAttending Slater, Drake DAttending
Fitzpatrick, Alexis MAttending Sleeman, Ginger LNot Attending
Fitzpatrick, Connor TAttending Smaby, Sarah EAttending
Flatt, Tanner CAttending Smeberg, Katharine AAttending
Fleming, Zachary TAttending Smies, Joseph FAttending
Flood, Mary LAttending Smies, Joshua FAttending
Forbush, Emmitt KAttending Smit, Julia CNot Attending
Foreman, Christopher JAttending Smith, Alexander JAttending
Fox, Andrew VAttending Smith, Alexander JAttending
Francis, Adam DAttending Smith, Derrick LAttending
Fredericks, Jessica RAttending Smith, Eric EAttending
Freed, Daniel SNot Attending Smith, Erinn MAttending
Friesema, Stefan LAttending Smith, Theodor GAttending
Friske, Meghan EAttending Southward, Charles DAttending
Gabe, Alex JAttending Sovinski, Benjamin JAttending
Gabriel, Julian JAttending Spaulding, Melissa AAttending
Gamm, Emily KAttending Spaulding, Ryan WAttending
Garbe, Taylor JAttending Spezia, Caroline EAttending
Gardner, Peter NNot Attending Spikberg, Garand AAttending
Gast, Erin EAttending Sprague, Megan RAttending
Gault, Tristan TAttending Sprague, Tessa CAttending
Gburek, Kendra MAttending Stahl, Daniel RAttending
Gheller, Derek LAttending Stampfly, Ian JAttending
Giddings, John GAttending Stanaway, Amber MAttending
Gietek, Alexander MAttending Staten, Jeffrey BAttending
Gildersleeve, Tyler MNot Attending Staublin, Philip DAttending
Glazko, Phoebe EAttending Staudacher, Collin EAttending
Goering, Nathan JAttending Steigerwald, Catherine TAttending
Goldsworthy, Cody CAttending Steman, Dylan JAttending
Gongos, Austin JNot Attending Stern, Rachel CAttending
Gooding, James EAttending Stevens, Hannah NAttending
Goodreau, Cody JAttending Stickney, Kelsey MNot Attending
Gorcyca, Alexander JAttending Stites, Rachel LAttending
Gordon, Dillon SAttending Stokes, Samantha FAttending
Gorshenin, RomanAttending Strahl, Austin JAttending
Gould, Jacob CAttending Straw, James NAttending
Grathoff, Kevin JAttending Stroven, Riley LAttending
Graziano, Mario MAttending Stuve, Nicholas CAttending
Grazulis, Antanas JAttending Su, MikeAttending
Griffin, Gabriel AAttending Sullivan, Mary CNot Attending
Gronseth, Dillon CAttending Suozzi, Kevin AAttending
Grossmann, Micaiah JAttending Sutela, Kyle NAttending
Groustra, Sean MNot Attending Swanson, Andrew MAttending
Grulke, Stephen JAttending Swanson, Jacob ANot Attending
Gryzwa, Michael AAttending Swanson, Tyler SAttending
Gurtler, Shallen AAttending Swanson, Victoria AAttending
Gust, Jacob TAttending Swanton, Devon JAttending
Guthrie, Jill AAttending Swindell, Conner TAttending
Haferman, Christopher AAttending Talaska, Brandon TAttending
Haisma, Jason DAttending Tangen, Alexander CAttending
Hall, De'Jah UAttending Taylor, Jessalyn NAttending
Hall, Zachary CAttending Taylor, Marisa RAttending
Halonen, Chet JAttending Terry, Brian MAttending
Hannon, Jennifer NAttending Thompson, Alexa RAttending
Hanover, Drew JAttending Thomson, Ellen SAttending
Hanson, Alex MAttending Thurston, Audra JAttending
Hargas, Matthew JAttending Tillman, Kevin JAttending
Harmala, Alina MAttending To, Ethan HAttending
Harrington, Keegan GAttending Toczynski, Gabriel TAttending
Hart, Halie MAttending Tollefson, Max AAttending
Hartmanis, Alexander IAttending Torborg, Jack TAttending
Hartz, Andrew JAttending Tovar-Prince, Quentin AAttending
Hatch, Charles PAttending Townsend, Hannah KAttending
Hattis, Hal MAttending Tracy, Robert JAttending
Hauswirth, Brett MAttending Travis, Amanda LAttending
Haxton, Dustin JAttending Treend, Pierce WNot Attending
Hayes, Cody EAttending Troin, Jackson DAttending
Haynesworth, SulgeeAttending Tuski, Michael JAttending
Hebert, Jacob JAttending Tyo, Ariana GAttending
Heckel, Charles EAttending Tyrewala, Daanish SAttending
Heil, Justin MAttending Undlin, Alexander PAttending
Heinonen, Ellen JAttending Unsworth, Garrett DAttending
Heinonen, Tyler WNot Attending Uren, Tanner JAttending
Heltsley, Joseph RAttending Usimaki, Ryan MAttending
Henning, Ryan KAttending Van Den Boom, Allen DAttending
Herrick, Robert JAttending Van Laarhoven, Kelvyn EAttending
Herzog, Morgan MAttending VanBergen, David MAttending
Heyrman, Tehya AAttending VanDenBerg, Matthew JAttending
Hibbard, Cameron KAttending Vanderlaan, Isabel OAttending
Hildebrandt, Magdalina LAttending Vanderlin, Samuel DAttending
Hillstead, Kyle DAttending VanDoornik, Jason LAttending
Hitch, Emma CAttending VanSumeren, Alexandra OAttending
Hitchings, Dustin SAttending Vasu, AjayNot Attending
Hoffman, Brock DAttending Vaughn, Ayla LAttending
Hogue, Preston CAttending Verbrigghe, Derek RAttending
Hohnstadt, Anna MAttending Videtich, Ashley NAttending
Holdburg, David MAttending Viegut, Tanner GAttending
Holm, Alec MAttending Vigil, Emily AAttending
Hopper, Ryan DAttending Vuillemot, Jacob RAttending
Horan, Jordan TNot Attending Wagner, McKenna ANot Attending
Horns, Zoe NAttending Walker, Codey MNot Attending
Horton, Reginald NAttending Walker, Kyle TAttending
Houle, Brett RNot Attending Wallace, Michael TAttending
Hower, Austin CAttending Waslawski, Trevor JAttending
Hubbard, Kenneth RAttending Weaver, Patrick TAttending
Hulet, Matthew RAttending Weber, Adam GAttending
Hunter, Logan EAttending Weber, Alex MAttending
Hupf, Eric DAttending Webster, Benjamin HAttending
Huyser, Kyle MAttending Wehmanen, Kyle WNot Attending
Ilenich, Mark DAttending Weick, Austin LAttending
Ilenich, Matthew DAttending Weidner, Luke MAttending
Ingrassia, SalvatoreAttending Weiss, Matthew KAttending
Isaacs, Eric OAttending Wellman, Kyle MAttending
Iwaniec, Haley IAttending Wendling, Marie EAttending
Jackson, Robin AAttending Wendrick, Trevan JAttending
Jacobs, Laura EAttending Wesley, Jason MAttending
Jaehnig, Johnathan LAttending Weston, Thomas HAttending
Janny, Scott AAttending Westphal, Zachary SAttending
Janowicz, Kyle WAttending White, Anne EAttending
Jencks, Danielle EAttending Wieber, Teresa HAttending
Jensen, Dane LNot Attending Wielgus, Kayla MAttending
Jensen, Zachary BAttending Wiersma, Nicholas PAttending
Jenstrom, Kai MAttending Wigstrom, Travis PAttending
Jepsen, Joel EAttending Will, Connor CAttending
Johnson, Daniel JAttending Williams, Bryce EAttending
Johnson, Erin NAttending Williams, Carson FAttending
Johnson, Lillian AAttending Williams, Cory KAttending
Johnson, Michael DAttending Williams, John MAttending
Jolma, Carl HAttending Williams, Justin DAttending
Jones, Cedric LAttending Williams, Lily AAttending
Jones, Reis GAttending Williams-Boone, Jaylyn DAttending
Jons, Morgan MAttending Wilson, Eric JAttending
Jorgenson, Andrew SAttending Wilson, Kayla MAttending
Joseph, Carly AAttending Wilson, Madison AAttending
Journet-Brizuela, AndresNot Attending Wilson, Ryan ENot Attending
Judge, Timothy HAttending Wiltse, Darren KAttending
Jurmu, Elisa MAttending Winquist, Keeli NAttending
Kaiser, Coleman MAttending Winter, Lindsay MAttending
Kangas, Carl EAttending Witteveen, Eric DAttending
Kaster, Jason CAttending Wojcik-Wilson, Paige NAttending
Kaub, Christiana IAttending Wolfe, Charles EAttending
Kearby, Luke WAttending Wolk, Sara JAttending
Keenan, Lauren MAttending Wollner, Theodore JAttending
Kelliher, Elizabeth LAttending Woloschek, Jacob WAttending
Kent, William WAttending Woloshik, Holly NAttending
Kero, Devin DAttending Wolowiec, Andrew RNot Attending
Keyes, Justin SAttending Wood, Casey PAttending
Kibler, Ryan JAttending Wright, Joachim VAttending
Kiekhaefer, Katlyn SAttending Wu, YifeiAttending
Kiekintveld, Matthew DAttending Wyman, Phillip JAttending
Killick, Daniel JAttending Xie, WeihuangNot Attending
Kimminau, Leah MAttending Xiong, ScottAttending
Kinney, Marissa EAttending Yang, YaqiAttending
Kipke, Henry JAttending Yates, Kevin MAttending
Kiszelik, Tyler JAttending Yax, Christopher NNot Attending
Kita, Thomas AAttending Yin, YipengAttending
Kitts, Samuel JAttending Yin, ZeyuNot Attending
Kitzmiller, Scott DAttending Young, Christopher GAttending
Klida, Ryan MAttending Young, Mikayla MAttending
Klier, Steven AAttending Youngblood, JackAttending
Klingerman, Brittany KAttending Zainuddin, Hassan AAttending
Knight, Alexander GAttending Zamaites, Jonathan AAttending
Koenitzer, Shelbie LNot Attending Zambon, Philip JAttending
Kolb, Tristan JAttending Zayan, Nicholas MAttending
Korstad, Sterling GAttending Zhu, ZijianAttending
Koskiniemi, Hannah MAttending Zipple, Emily JAttending
Kostick, Nicholas AAttending Zost, Harrison LAttending
Kostrzewa, Aaron JAttending  
Kozminski, Eleia BAttending  
Kramer, Ian TAttending  
Krawczyk, Matthew TAttending  
Kroepfl, Matthew JAttending  
Krompetz, Kalvin WAttending  
Kuehn, Alex JAttending  
Kuemin, Emilia RAttending  
Kukuk, Mina CAttending  
Kulkarni, Joseph PAttending  
Kunkel, Matthew CAttending  
Kuta, Lucas RAttending  
Kutchek, Kyle AAttending  
L'Esperance, Joel DAttending  
L'Italien, Zachery OAttending  
Laabs, Eric MAttending  
Lacy, Spencer BAttending  
Lahnanen, Jacquelyn CAttending  
Lake, Christopher AAttending  
Lake, Kayleigh AAttending  
Lakenen, Haylee NAttending  
Lammers, Tony CAttending  
LaPonse, Jacob AAttending  
Larson, Dylan JAttending  
Larson, Ryan MAttending  
Lassila, Jesse LAttending  
Laux, Ashley SAttending  
Lazzari, JosephAttending  
Leach, Alyssa LAttending  
Lemley, Keith RAttending  
Len, Jacob NAttending  
Lenardson, Baron BAttending  
Lettinga, DylanAttending  
Leverton, Tyler AAttending  
Lewis, Charles AAttending  
Lewsley, Yvonne MAttending  
Li, LuyaoAttending  
Lin, KaiyuNot Attending  
Linck, Richard FAttending  
Lindberg, Drake MAttending  
Lindemann, Taylor RAttending  
Lindgren, Wynter SAttending  
Lipe, Russell WAttending  
Long, Dustin MAttending  
Lord, Gary AAttending  
Los, John EAttending  
Lowery, Kristin BAttending  
Lubitz, Charles AAttending  
Ludkey, Matthew PAttending  
Ludwig, Kyle WAttending  
Lund, Erik TAttending  
Lyle, Thomas JAttending