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Apply to Graduate

Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate students must submit an online graduation application. The form needs to be filled out by all prospective graduates—including those who do not plan to participate in the commencement ceremony. A separate application is required for each undergraduate degree.

Apply for Graduation

This application should be submitted two semesters prior to graduation.

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony, students must:

  • be registered in the course(s) that will complete all outstanding program requirements
  • have an approved audit on file with the academic advisor for each academic program in which enrolled
  • have a graduation application on file for each degree and certificate in which enrolled in the Registrar's Office two semesters prior to the expected graduation term

Participation in a commencement ceremony is not equivalent to graduation. Since the ceremony may occur before final grades are submitted, it is not possible to determine if all degree requirements have been met at that time. Graduation becomes official after all grades are received and the degree notation is placed on the academic record.

If you are participating in the ceremony and want your name listed in the program, you must submit your application for graduation no later than Friday, October 28, 2016.

Once your graduation application is on file with Degree Services, your name will be added to the undergraduate candidates list (updated weekly on the commencement website).

If your attendance plans change from what you indicated on your graduation application, please contact Degree Services (

If you cannot participate in commencement as scheduled and would like to ask permission to attend an earlier (or later) ceremony, contact Degree Services in the Registrar’s Office.

Graduate Students

All graduate (master's and PhD) students must submit a Commencement Application form 10 weeks before commencement.

Apply for Graduation
Graduate Student Commencement Ceremony Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony, students must:

  • Submit a Commencement Application to the Graduate School asking to participate in commencement.
  • Contact the Graduate School ( if your plans change and you are not completing your degree this or next semester.
  • When your commencement application is on file with the Graduate School, your name will be added the graduate candidates list (updated weekly).

If you want to participate in a ceremony that is earlier or later than your expected commencement ceremony, please contact Nancy Byers-Sprague, or 906-487-2755.


For information regarding diplomas, please visit the Diploma Information page.