Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Abate, CoreyAttending LaBarge, Nathan JAttending
Agbeke, Mawuli JAttending LaFond, Julie AAttending
Aho, Christopher AAttending LaForest, Daniel JAttending
Alcorn, Justin DAttending Lagowski, Arick JAttending
Alessi, Matthew VAttending Lalonde, Leslie DAttending
Alexander, Mikhail GNot Attending Landry, Jacqueline CAttending
Allan, Jinan NAttending Lane, Jani WAttending
Allen, Cameron MAttending Lank, Kelsey SAttending
Allen, Kathryn MAttending Larson, James PAttending
Alshammari, Mansour TAttending Larson, Michael HAttending
Altscheffel, Hannah EAttending Latuszek, Nicholas MNot Attending
Alvarez, Alexis BAttending Lauer, Izaak GAttending
Anderson, Alex MAttending Laxo, Adam NAttending
Anderson, Britta LAttending Learmont, Kaitlin MAttending
Anderson, Logan MAttending Ledvina, Jared FAttending
Anderson, Shane MAttending Leggs, Tevin PAttending
Andor, Molli JAttending Lemmen, ErikAttending
Andrew, Alysse MAttending Leonarduzzi, Devin GAttending
Angerer, Erik CAttending LeRolland-Wagner, Sean PAttending
Antinossi, Marc AAttending LeSage, Ethan JAttending
Armstrong, Samantha DAttending Leslie, Erik SAttending
Atkinson, Alexander CAttending Levande, Justin GAttending
Auguston, Taylor RAttending Li, CaihangAttending
Bailey, Marshall BAttending Li, ChenAttending
Bainbridge, Sophia MAttending Li, DianAttending
Bajek, Evan MAttending Li, XiaoheAttending
Baker, Ashlee MAttending Lindeman, Carissa JAttending
Baker, Jason AAttending Lindquist, Christopher SAttending
Baker, Jeffrey NAttending Lippus, Robert WAttending
Baker, Megan MAttending Liu, YutingAttending
Bakowski, Kara AAttending Livernois, Daniel MAttending
Bancroft, Alexander AAttending Locher, Jordan TAttending
Barber, Beau NAttending Loew, Pattrick DAttending
Barber, Braden LAttending Long, Troy LAttending
Barry, Zachary JAttending Lord, Nicholas CAttending
Bartelt, Bryan RAttending Loubser, ChrisAttending
Bartlett, Alexandria EAttending Louis, Parrisha JAttending
Bartosik, Hunter BAttending Lynch, Laura LAttending
Bateson, Caitlin MAttending Ma, AlexanderAttending
Baumeister, RexAttending Ma, TengAttending
Bautch, Matthew SAttending Mackey, Sean AAttending
Baxter, Jacob CAttending Mahar, Brady RAttending
Beirne, Jolene AAttending Mahowald, Jonathan LAttending
Bell, Cody LNot Attending Maley, Jonathon EAttending
Bell, Ethan NAttending Malinowski, Zachary BAttending
Bell, Jacob CNot Attending Mancewicz, Joel RAttending
Bell, Tyler JNot Attending Manderfield, Nathan PAttending
Belmore, Jenna LAttending Manshaem, Rebecca JAttending
Belongia, Jacob RAttending Marcinkowski, Brian JAttending
Benaglio, Kristopher RAttending Marks, Tamara EAttending
Bennett, Daryl WAttending Marriott, Clayton EAttending
Bennett, John RNot Attending Martin, Madelaina SAttending
Berestetsky, GalinaNot Attending Martin, MichaelAttending
Berhow, Ryan JNot Attending Marut, Kristopher JAttending
Berry, James WAttending Mashak, John MAttending
Bersine, Louis AAttending Massey, Sean DAttending
Betham, Neil RAttending Matiash, Joshua NAttending
Bigelow, Lynzee MAttending Mattonen, Tanja SAttending
Bilski, Corey MAttending Maye, Caroline NAttending
Bingle, Dylan TAttending McCall, Abigail MAttending
Birkett, Evan PAttending McCole, Joshua TAttending
Birr, Trevor RAttending McDonald, Jacob SAttending
Blanchet, Christopher MAttending McDonnell, Timothy SAttending
Blaney, Emily LAttending McInnis, Ryan EAttending
Bloomer, Brandon JAttending McKeehan, Shaun MAttending
Blumberg, Krista AAttending McMahon, Kailyn RAttending
Boardman, Katherine RAttending McQuay, Matthew TAttending
Bock, Daniel RAttending Means, Elizabeth AAttending
Boelter, Kaitlyn MAttending Mehlhose, Madison DAttending
Bolsenga, Joseph NAttending Menard, Derek AAttending
Bonanno, Nina MAttending Mendoza, Roth RAttending
Booth, Charles MAttending Meng, LongAttending
Booth, Gregory GAttending Merzlyakov, Andrey SAttending
Boston, Kervis LNot Attending Messer, Jessica DAttending
Bowden, Harrison SAttending Mets, Marie RAttending
Boyden, Zachary CAttending Meulemans, Mareah AAttending
Bradley, Creighton FNot Attending Meyers, Chad MAttending
Brammer, Gunnar CAttending Meyers, Jacob RAttending
Brandt, DerekAttending Meyers, Jordan JAttending
Brandt, Jannah RAttending Middlebrook, Tyler RNot Attending
Branner, Sean RAttending Middleton, Philip JAttending
Braun, Michael DAttending Militello, Matthew AAttending
Bray, Caycie NAttending Miller, Bret MAttending
Braykovich, Jacob PAttending Miller, Gregory NAttending
Brettschneider, Matthew MAttending Mills, Kyle DAttending
Briseno, Michael JAttending Mills, Rebecca LAttending
Brock, Aaron JAttending Miltenberger, Alexander TAttending
Brodeur, Michael JAttending Mims, Jeremy AAttending
Brown, Thomas LAttending Mitchell, Destin JAttending
Brown, Tyler JAttending Montgomery, Stuart DAttending
Browne, Austin JAttending Morgan, Cameron DAttending
Browne, Zachary JAttending Morgan, Zachary JAttending
Buck, Jessica LAttending Morley, Erica LAttending
Buckardt, Anna CAttending Morris, Eric DAttending
Buhr, Michael WAttending Morrisette, Rikky DAttending
Burg, DanielAttending Morrison, Michael BNot Attending
Bush, Christopher EAttending Mott, Rion LNot Attending
Cai, MiaoAttending Muraske, Julie RAttending
Calkins, Cory DAttending Murillo, Charles SAttending
Calverley, Adam CAttending Musser, Nathaniel AAttending
Calverley, Benjamin MAttending Myers, Alyssa MAttending
Campbell, Anthony WAttending Myszka, Amber RAttending
Campbell, Brett MAttending Myszka, Kyle EAttending
Campo, Matthew JAttending Nan, QiuyuanAttending
Carefoot, Christopher JAttending Nault, Tyler JAttending
Caren, Michael JAttending Nelson, DeShawn DAttending
Carley, Anthony JAttending Nelson, Kali EAttending
Carli, Ryan MAttending Nelson, Morgan AAttending
Cassel, Dylan JAttending Nesky, Kaden RAttending
Castelic, Courtney AAttending Nichols, Justin DAttending
Cavins, Zachary AAttending Niemi, Ivan RAttending
Cereska, Alexandra MAttending Nightingale, Ellen EAttending
Cerne, Gregor MAttending Nitz, Calvin AAttending
Chan, Gerri JAttending Nordstrom, Brian JAttending
Chapin, Vienna RAttending Norton, Chloe PAttending
Chapman, Alyssa LAttending Novak, John AAttending
Charles, Jacob EAttending O'Brien, Kelsey AAttending
Chen, YiAttending O'Connor, Austin DAttending
Chen, YinanAttending O'Dea, Austin TAttending
Chiamulera, Kyle JNot Attending O'Hair, Douglas BAttending
Chmielewski, Jeanine AAttending O'Malley, Jason MAttending
Chomic, Kyle MAttending Obeada, Joshua SAttending
Chosa, Christopher JAttending Oelke, Christopher CAttending
Chosa, Robin LAttending Olson, Samantha AAttending
Christin, Gerald RAttending Olson, Spencer WAttending
Clark, Andrew BAttending Olson, Stephen JAttending
Cochrane, Dustin TAttending Ortiz, Jade EAttending
Cochrane, Graham RAttending Oshaben, Nicholas DAttending
Coel, Matthew TAttending Page, Brian RAttending
Coffey, Ronald FAttending Pahlow, Brock DAttending
Connors, Tori LAttending Panasiewicz, Blake SAttending
Cooley, Robert JAttending Parks, Macrae SAttending
Cote, Axel SAttending Pasma, Luke AAttending
Cousino, Brent GAttending Passariello, Antonio AAttending
Crepeau, Andrew RAttending Patchel, Alison MAttending
Crumb, Jake TAttending Pate, Alexander JAttending
D'Angelo, Michael JAttending Patrick, Ryan JAttending
D'Augustino, Kimberly AAttending Patton, Joshua EAttending
Daavettila, David PAttending Paul, Andrea CAttending
Daavettila, Robert JAttending Paxton, Jacob VAttending
Dahlquist, Ann LAttending Pearson, Eric SAttending
Dalton, Luke MAttending Pennala, Ross MAttending
Damiani, Maria EAttending Penny, Stephen RAttending
Davies, Joshua TAttending Pentis, Jonathan CAttending
Dawson, Danielle EAttending Peterson, Sarah NAttending
DeGroot, Christopher DAttending Peterson, Zachary SAttending
Demarais, Jacob SAttending Pew, Mason DAttending
Demro, Zachary JAttending Pfeifer, Kyle AAttending
DePottey, Austin MAttending Pierce, Derek PAttending
Dery, Michael CAttending Pietila, Benjamin MAttending
Diehn, Dominic DAttending Pietila, Blake CAttending
Dietz, Adam MAttending Pietila, Jana MAttending
Dinsmoor, Alexander RAttending Pietila, Paul AAttending
Dixon, Ryan AAttending Piron, Adrienne LAttending
Doebel, Jebbediah JAttending Pitlik, Austin JAttending
Doering, Kristen MAttending Poli, Erika LAttending
Doering, Morgan JNot Attending Pontoni, Jordan GAttending
Doskey, Luke CAttending Popa, Nicolas MAttending
Doughty, Brian WNot Attending Post, Evan PAttending
Dow, Stephanie KAttending Price, William JAttending
Downing, Corey JAttending Prince, Russell SNot Attending
Driscoll, Taylor JAttending Pristov, Michael AAttending
Drummond, Timothy AAttending Proctor, Jenna HAttending
Dubie, Garrett MAttending Pullen, Tyler JAttending
Dubiel, Zachary EAttending Putters, Colin TAttending
Dubreuil, Chelsea LAttending Putzig, Renata MAttending
Dumminger, Joshua JAttending Qiu, GaosihaoAttending
Dupras, Brett AAttending Qualey, John JAttending
Dupre, Aaron CAttending Radtke, Jacob JAttending
Dusseau, Brandon JAttending Ragland, Parry GAttending
Dzwigalski, Michael JAttending Ramalia, Michael WAttending
Eckert, Zachary JAttending Rappi, Tyler AAttending
Edwards, Christopher NAttending Raspel, Megan LAttending
Edwards, Jenna CAttending Rau, Noah JAttending
Edwards, LoganAttending Rausch, Jay RAttending
Ekkens, David WNot Attending Rautio, Ethan TAttending
Elegeert, Alyssa NAttending Rebbeck, Bridgett AAttending
Ellis, Cole AAttending Regentik, Otto AAttending
Ellis, Roger MAttending Richards, Helen SAttending
Engman, Brittany AAttending Rickard, Courtney AAttending
Entingh, David SAttending Rickli, Jonathan CAttending
Erkkila, Kevin RAttending Ritchie, Jillian HAttending
Eskola, Laura HAttending Rizzo, Sophia MAttending
Ettinger, Joel JAttending Roberts, Luke MAttending
Evenson, Karl EAttending Roche, Alexandra CAttending
Falk, Kyle MNot Attending Roehm, Paul MNot Attending
Falk, Peter FAttending Roush, Robert EAttending
Farrell, Maxwell JAttending Roy, Alex MAttending
Farrish, Megan EAttending Rudy, Laura EAttending
Faucett, Michael AAttending Rueff, Amanda JAttending
Fayssa, Kareem AAttending Rupkalvis, Janelle MAttending
Feng, Amy QAttending Rusin, Lauren AAttending
Ferguson, Alex SAttending Russ, AnthonyAttending
Ferragut, Sylvia DAttending Saavedra, Matthaeus AAttending
Ferrier, Brent AAttending Sague, Jari WAttending
Feuerstein, Kailey AAttending Sahu, ArshAttending
Finn, Ashleigh KAttending Sallie, Charles EAttending
Fisher, Christopher DAttending Salmon, Cody JAttending
Flanders, Alice LAttending Samokyszyn, Nicholas RAttending
Flannery, Alex RAttending Sanders, Jonathan WNot Attending
Flickinger, Kristin NAttending Santerre, Cassaundra DAttending
Florek, Joel TAttending Santti, Matthew SAttending
Fluck, David AAttending Sawall, David GAttending
Fluegge, Chad AAttending Scanlon, Taylor JAttending
Ford, Benjamin RNot Attending Scarlett, Tyler PAttending
Ford, Nathaniel WAttending Scarpelli, Tia RAttending
Foster, Timothy DAttending Schalk, Adam RAttending
Foster, Travis SAttending Schaub, Martin FAttending
Foster, Troy JAttending Scheetz, Nathaniel PNot Attending
Fouts, Rachel AAttending Schlicker, Karl DAttending
Fox, Marshall DAttending Schlorke, Nicole MAttending
Fredrickson, Zachary DAttending Schlueter, Matthew JAttending
Freitag, Matthew LAttending Schober, Kyle JAttending
Frick, Leah DAttending Schroeder, Luke AAttending
Frick, MariaAttending Schuman, John MNot Attending
Fuller, Thaine WNot Attending Schwalen, Matthew TAttending
Fumbanks, Alesha RAttending Scott, Samuel JAttending
Ganhs, Nathan ANot Attending Sekely, Clay MAttending
Garlitz, Joshua MAttending Seltzer-Johnston, Samuel BAttending
Garrod, Andrew CAttending Shaieb, Nicholas JAttending
Gasco, Matthew ANot Attending Shan, RuiAttending
Gast, Rebecca EAttending Shanahan, Kelly RAttending
Gauthier, Austin MAttending Shananaquet, Justin JAttending
Gayeski, Mark AAttending Sharp, Kienna RAttending
George, Clayton MAttending Shaw, Garrett WAttending
George, Ryan TAttending Shawbitz, Halley EAttending
Gerdt, Jacob CAttending Shi, YundongAttending
Gertjejansen, Milo QAttending Shull, David SAttending
Giancarlo, Joseph MNot Attending Sidnam, Gregory ANot Attending
Giddens, Jonathan TAttending Sieberg, Alex CAttending
Gielda, William JAttending Siler, Joshua AAttending
Giles, Autumn NAttending Sill, Nicholas ANot Attending
Gillean, Kyle LAttending Simon, Eric MAttending
Gillom, Donte AAttending Simonsen, Thomas LAttending
Ginnow, Benjamin FAttending Sirdenis, Nikko TAttending
Glover, Alexandra GAttending Sirotti, Dominick PAttending
Goeman, William NAttending Slabaugh, Hannah DAttending
Gong, XinNot Attending Slooter, Travis WAttending
Gorman, Michael TAttending Small, Mick DAttending
Gossman, Carl DAttending Smith, Grant GAttending
Grady, Kelly CAttending Smith, Ian SAttending
Grady, Ryan TAttending Smith, Joseph CNot Attending
Green, Rebecca LAttending Smith, Kealy JAttending
Greutman, Stephen KAttending Smith, Kenneth RNot Attending
Grider, Jordan MAttending Smith, Kevin MAttending
Grieves, Thomas AAttending Smith, Matthew WAttending
Grigg, Kimberly RAttending Sokol, Benjamin JNot Attending
Grimes, Michael AAttending Solis, Charles DNot Attending
Groeneveld, Andrew BAttending Southerton, Lee SAttending
Grosskopf, Richelle EAttending Sprague, Alexander RAttending
Gruber, Matthew CAttending Sproule, David WAttending
Grzecki, Evan MAttending Stafford, Damon SAttending
Guess, Austin BAttending Stanke, Kimberly MAttending
Guo, YuqingAttending Stankowski, Kyle GAttending
Hackman, Jennifer MAttending Stanley, Michael AAttending
Haechrel, Megan AAttending Stark, Robert FNot Attending
Hagadone, Paul CAttending Starkey, Travis RAttending
Hagman, Noah RAttending Stawicki, Daniel JAttending
Haight, Catherine AAttending Steeg, Aaron MAttending
Halagan, Kevin WAttending Steinbrueck, Alexander EAttending
Hallmann, Melissa MAttending Steinmetz, Timothy MAttending
Hamilton, HurricaneAttending Stelzer, Benjamin CAttending
Hamilton, Kyle AAttending Stemberger, Kayla MAttending
Hammond, Brigitta RAttending Stetter, Raymond JAttending
Han, LeAttending Stevens, Richard DAttending
Hand, Alexandra LNot Attending Stieler, David CAttending
Hanley, Alex JAttending Stingle, Ryan GAttending
Hannah, James FAttending Straughen, Donald JAttending
Hansen, Jay NAttending Strebel, Alyssa AAttending
Hansen, Shawn WAttending Stroven, Benjamin WAttending
Hanson, Andrew MAttending Studer, Stacie LAttending
Hanson, Lucas KAttending Stuhldreher, Spencer KAttending
Harmon, Andrew KAttending Stukel, Patrick RAttending
Harrington, Mindy LAttending Suchanek, Jessica AAttending
Harris, Bret WAttending Sullivan, Cory RAttending
Harris, Laura JAttending Sun, HaoNot Attending
Harry, Tyler PNot Attending Suneson, Andrew JAttending
Harter, Kayla RAttending Szajna, Andrew JAttending
Haselhuhn, Stephanie GAttending Szatkowski, Michael JAttending
Haupt, Brian CAttending Tabor, Veronica AAttending
Hawthorne, Jonathan RAttending Taglione, Richard DAttending
Hayes, Sean JAttending Taglione, Valerie JAttending
Haywood, Tyler DNot Attending Tanskanen, Lauren NAttending
Hebert, Anthony RAttending Teall, Travis JAttending
Heiden, Kellie NAttending Tebelman, Bruce RAttending
Hella, Anthony DAttending Tefft, David PNot Attending
Hemmila, Cora RAttending Theis, Alec MAttending
Henris, James HAttending Thiel, Lindsey MAttending
Heras, Kevin CAttending Thill, Jacob CAttending
Herman, James DAttending Thoemke, Jessica CAttending
Herzog, Benjamin TAttending Thomas, Paul SAttending
Hicks, Jack FAttending Thomas, William RAttending
Hicks, Reginald MAttending Thompson, Patricia AAttending
Hietala, Blake AAttending Thorson, Taylor JAttending
Hill, Maxwell OAttending Thorstenson, Richard KAttending
Hill, Spencer HAttending Tissue, Tyler DAttending
Hingst, James EAttending Tomasi, Julie MAttending
Hintz, Marissa JAttending Tomasoski, Alex JAttending
Hischke, Alex MNot Attending Toomey, Nicholas SAttending
Hoekje, Colin DNot Attending Trafelet, Alexa NAttending
Hoffmann, Jeremy WAttending Tresnak, Jacob PAttending
Hollars, Jaclyn MAttending Trierweiler, Micah TAttending
Hollis, Steven MAttending Tromp, Nathan RAttending
Holmes, Samuel KAttending Trotter, Katherine EAttending
Holtz, Benjamin JAttending Troutt, Kyle GAttending
Holzer, Patrick MAttending Turner, Benjamin SAttending
Hood, Arthur WAttending Tuttle, William FAttending
Hooker, Matthew AAttending Uljala, Riina RAttending
Hopper, Cameron NAttending Unertl, Karl NNot Attending
Hopper, Zachary ANot Attending Van Aken, Kelsey NAttending
Horan, Katherine EAttending VanderWood, Cullen DAttending
Horn, Kaleb JAttending Vang, MyderAttending
Horsell, Jaclyn AAttending VanGills, Aaron LAttending
Howe, Quincy AAttending VanLaanen, Melissa AAttending
Hubbard, Trace AAttending VanSteenburgh, Austin MAttending
Hubbell, Sarah MAttending VanTimmeren, Ian MAttending
Hurd, Sean MAttending Veenstra, Benjamin DAttending
Hurst, Ellyn ANot Attending Veltman, Benjamin JAttending
Hutchison, David RAttending Veltman, Emily AAttending
Icard, Joel RAttending Vermeer, Levi SAttending
Idema, Sara RAttending Vincent, Tyler GAttending
Ikeda, Kathleen MAttending Vuorenmaa, Trevor DAttending
Ingold, Sarah EAttending Wachlin, Erik DAttending
Inman, Tyler LAttending Wachlin, Leah JAttending
Irwin, Deedra BAttending Wakeham, Travis RAttending
Itchue, Sarah MAttending Waldorf, Derek JAttending
Iutzi, Nicole MAttending Walitalo, Jessica PAttending
Jackels, Nathan JAttending Wallace, William RAttending
Jackola, Jordan TAttending Waller, Anna BAttending
Jackson, James EAttending Wallis, Andrew MAttending
Jansen, Kyle DAttending Wallis, Christopher BAttending
Jauquet, Bryce KAttending Walsh, Megan AAttending
Jauquet, Jasmine KAttending Wang, KaiquanAttending
Jendrusina, Joseph ANot Attending Wang, YakunAttending
Jensen, Benjamin TAttending Warsko, Kayla MAttending
Jewett, Laura MAttending Waters, David VAttending
Joffre, Dagny MAttending Waters, Elizabeth AAttending
Johnson, Eric LAttending Watz, Morgan IAttending
Johnson, Greg RNot Attending Waypa, Ryan TAttending
Johnson, Jesse AAttending Weidner, AdamAttending
Johnson, Joseph CAttending Wesoloski, Colton JAttending
Johnston, Kyle ANot Attending Westcott, Zachary DAttending
Jordon, MacKenzie KAttending Westdorp, Sarah EAttending
Kallman, Samantha MAttending Weston, John CAttending
Kampf, Alexander CAttending Wetherbee, Brian TAttending
Kangas, Nicole MAttending Weyland, Benjamin HAttending
Karsten, Zachary TAttending Whalen, Stephen AAttending
Keithly, Dean RAttending Wheatley, Jonathon WAttending
Keller, John WAttending White, Kayleigh RAttending
Kelly, Christopher MAttending Whitney, Rebecca DAttending
Kelly, Sarah MAttending Whittaker, Dylan TAttending
Kemmer, Rayah JAttending Wiens, Nikoli RAttending
Kendrick, Thomas JAttending Wilhelm, Michael JAttending
Kennedy, Andrew JAttending Wilkening, Eric LAttending
Kenney, James AAttending Wilkins, Dillon JAttending
Keranen, Mark LAttending Williams, Megan MAttending
Kern, AshleyAttending Wilson, Jordan DAttending
Kero, Tanner JAttending Winkel, Nicklaus RAttending
Kesler, Brandon CAttending Winter, Audra CAttending
Kesti, Warren AAttending Wojcik, Douglas MNot Attending
Kinney, Erich LNot Attending Wotruba, Caitlin MAttending
Kinnunen, Joy LAttending Wozniak, Courtney MAttending
Kinnunen, Tyler JAttending Wright, Caleb ANot Attending
Kirby, Jane MAttending Wright, Samantha LAttending
Kirby, Paul RAttending Wu, BoyangAttending
Kita, Michael JAttending Wyrzykowski, Joseph ZAttending
Kittel, Ross AAttending Xie, JiyuanAttending
Kizer, Joshua DAttending Xu, WenyeAttending
Kleiman, Shane CAttending Yagley, Joshua MAttending
Klimczyk, BenjaminNot Attending Yan, ShiAttending
Klotz, Maverick JAttending Yan, YihengAttending
Knapp, Brian JAttending Yarusso, Kyle JAttending
Knapp, Cameron LNot Attending Yates, Keegan MAttending
Kohler, Marc AAttending Young, Jonathan WAttending
Kolb, Benjamin SAttending Yuan, YiAttending
Kolean, Jesse TAttending Zaio, Bethany MAttending
Koning, Rebekah JAttending Zehfus, Holly LAttending
Kostopolus, LeeNot Attending Zehnpfennig, Alexandra RAttending
Kragenbrink, Tanner JAttending Zenker, Eponine EAttending
Krommendyk, Nicklas AAttending Zeug, Brady RAttending
Krudy, Daniel JAttending Zhan, HaoAttending
Kruse, Theodore PNot Attending Zhang, JianfengAttending
Kubisiak, Jacob SAttending Zhao, QisongAttending
Kubista, Jordan WAttending Zheng, DaAttending
Kuchta, Sean WAttending Zheng, QichenAttending
Kuffel, Alex NAttending Ziems, Madison BAttending
Kuoppala, Paul HAttending Zimmer, Eric HAttending
Kurt, Rebecca LAttending Zochowski, Nicholas MAttending
Kussow, Cassandra EAttending Zou, JunAttending
Kuyper, Tyler JAttending