Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Agbeke, Mawuli JNot Attending Larsen, William SAttending
Agen, Tanner DAttending Larson, Grant CAttending
Aicher, Sean AAttending Lawson, Joshua CAttending
Allison, Claire AAttending Lee, SunHoAttending
AlShammari, Nasser TAttending LeSage, Annie EAttending
Andersen, Patricia JAttending Lesatz, Ellie EAttending
Arden, Robert GAttending Leskinen, Joshua RAttending
Babcock, Jack AAttending Lesko, Catrina EAttending
Bachman, Evan AAttending Lester, Monica AAttending
Bakkila, Taylor JAttending Liermann, Alex MAttending
Bartlett, Mitchell AAttending Liu, SongkaiAttending
Bauer, Matthew JNot Attending Liubakka, Jessica LAttending
Baumeister, RexAttending Looper, Alexander MAttending
Beesley, Kody ANot Attending Loper, Holly JAttending
BeFay, Frank JAttending Lorenz, Jonathon MAttending
Beirne, Jolene AAttending Lueck, Kevin MNot Attending
Bennett, Reyna LAttending Lunsford, Sierra KAttending
Benzik, Matthew SAttending Luo, XiaoAttending
Bergsma, Neil AAttending Maki, Christopher JAttending
Bernia, Heather LAttending Maki, Edward MNot Attending
Bersano, Christian SAttending Makled, JenanAttending
Betzinger, Kaylee AAttending Mannion, Brianna ENot Attending
Bigalke, Alec JAttending Marshall, Stephanie EAttending
Black, Thomas WAttending Martinac, Lindsey LAttending
Blessing, Christopher LAttending Matchinski, Cassandra RAttending
Blodgett, Katherin NAttending Mazurek, Daniel HAttending
Bonen, Lillian AAttending Mead, Garrett RAttending
Brisson, Ethan WAttending Meisel, Abigail AAttending
Bromann, Benjamin TAttending Messer, Jessica DNot Attending
Brooks, Emily AAttending Meyers, Charles RAttending
Bufanda, Randall EAttending Michaelson, Kyle RAttending
Byrne, Daniel JAttending Milbrath, Tyler JAttending
Carbary, Colleen RAttending Mordorski, Eric RAttending
Carder, Dmitri JAttending Moua, PangteuAttending
Carlson, Nicholas JAttending Mundell, Elizabeth ANot Attending
Carter, RobertNot Attending Nault, Tyler JAttending
Cattelino, Jason PAttending Nelson, Brittany LAttending
Charles, Jacob ENot Attending Nelson, John WAttending
Chen, TaifuAttending Newman, AmeliaAttending
Chizek, Patrick TAttending Nixon, Emily JAttending
Chrisman, Connor JAttending Novak, Payton FAttending
Christin, Gerald RNot Attending Nurse, Michael DAttending
Claflin, Tiffany NNot Attending Nyakundi, David MAttending
Claremboux, Victor JAttending Parker, Seth RAttending
Claxton, Erienne DAttending Penhale, Miles BAttending
Combs, Christopher TAttending Perreault, Courtney RNot Attending
Conley, Andrew TAttending Pew, Mason DNot Attending
Cook, Cole WAttending Phelps, JennaAttending
Coon, Kelsey AAttending Philamalee, Sarah NAttending
Coon, Nicholas LAttending Pietila, Benjamin MAttending
Correia Silva dos Santos, FelipeAttending Postma, MarkAttending
Cory, Kyle JAttending Potrykus, Scott LNot Attending
Crispo, Angelena MAttending Powers, Hannah DAttending
Curtin, Cody JAttending Raatz, Haley AAttending
Dal Pra, Nicholas RAttending Rademacher, Nicholas DAttending
Dapra, Melissa SAttending Radke, Daniel LAttending
De Cramer, Courtney KAttending Rajala, Trent JNot Attending
Delsman, Luke RAttending Range, Allison RAttending
Donahue, Kara RAttending Rappi, Tyler ANot Attending
Dudek, Robert JAttending Richard, Robert PAttending
Dulak, Nicholas TAttending Rickard, Courtney ANot Attending
Ehrhardt, GenevieveAttending Riedl, Janelle AAttending
Elliott, Chase BAttending Roberts, Luke MNot Attending
Englund, Ellen MAttending Rochow, Christopher JAttending
Erkkila, Kevin RAttending Rouse, Kelly CAttending
Ernest, Tyler DAttending Rupp, Brian AAttending
Fabbri, DominicAttending Sawle, Ryan AAttending
Fata, Zachary CAttending Scherzer, Kenton JAttending
Ferris, Derek CAttending Schmidt, Charles EAttending
Firlik, Spencer AAttending Schmidt, Lauren MNot Attending
Fish, Breanne AAttending Schmitt, Bernard JAttending
Fisk, Garrett MAttending Schnack, Amelia KAttending
Fleming, Michael KAttending Schreifels, David JAttending
Fletcher, Alexander SAttending Schumaker, Courtney LAttending
Foster, Geoffrey MNot Attending Selvig, Lindsey JAttending
Frank, Barrett JAttending Shan, RuiNot Attending
Frontera, Christopher DAttending Shull, Catherine EAttending
Furlich, Jon EAttending Sidock, Valerie CAttending
Furmanski, Elyssa RAttending Siecinski, Taylor AAttending
Gaedke, Michelle ANot Attending Skeels, Zachary MAttending
Gagnon, William JAttending Skoog, Jason ENot Attending
Garringer, Kelly EAttending Smith, Rachel MAttending
Gary, Emerald FAttending Sohlden, Shannon SAttending
Gast, Rebecca ENot Attending Spaun, Jessica YNot Attending
Gerarden, Molly JAttending Sreenivasan, KeerthanaNot Attending
Gerth, Rebecca JAttending St. Arnaud, Dustin JAttending
Gervais, Brett MAttending Steinhoff, Steven SAttending
Griffith, Zachary SAttending Sternik, Kori MAttending
Grossman, Kendra SAttending Stevens, Chase ANot Attending
Grossmann, Luke AAttending Storteboom, Autumn JAttending
Guenther, Ashley NAttending Sui, RanNot Attending
Haggenmiller, Tyler JNot Attending Sun, HaoNot Attending
Halagan, Kevin WNot Attending Suthijindawong, ArissaraAttending
Hall, Scott FAttending Swanson, Haley AAttending
Hall, Teague FAttending Sweeney, Riley TNot Attending
Hamilton, Jonathon DAttending Taff, Tania CAttending
Hank, Donald SAttending Tarvainen, Alexander TAttending
Hartl, Michael GAttending Taylor, Jake CAttending
Hayes, Charles EAttending Tefft, David PNot Attending
Hayes, Matthew SNot Attending Templeton, Jacob MAttending
Hayes, Sean JAttending Testa, Gina MAttending
He, YuanchengAttending Tetzloff, Alexander PNot Attending
Hecker, Eric JAttending Therrian, Cody DNot Attending
Heinrich, Mark EAttending Thiery, Micaela MAttending
Henker, Justin BAttending Thill, Jacob CAttending
Henry, Andrea KAttending Thomas, Chelsea AAttending
Herdegen, Scott GAttending Thomas, John RAttending
Heydenburg, Zedekiah MAttending Thomas, Joseph RAttending
Hoensheid, Taylor WAttending Timmer, Jared MAttending
Holt, Michael DAttending Tran, Theresa KAttending
Horsch, Rebeka MAttending Tschoeke, Nicholas AAttending
Howland, Austin AAttending Turenne, Andrew RAttending
Huang, FangliuAttending Valo, David TNot Attending
Huang, YikunAttending Van Duzer, Alexandria SAttending
Hudson, John GAttending Van Goethem, Ryan RAttending
Huempfner, Rachael EAttending Vang, KueAttending
Humphries, Leah MAttending Vanlandschoot, Ryan JAttending
Hunt, Holden JAttending Velosa, AndreaAttending
Hutchings, Bryton RAttending Villeneuve, Bradley JAttending
Jaeger, Jake LAttending Voet, Kaitlyn EAttending
Jakobson, Taylor SAttending Vruwink, Frank AAttending
Jensen, Nicholas LAttending Wallander, Travis JAttending
Johnson, Brandon SAttending Walter, David LAttending
Johnson, Heath SNot Attending Walters, Kevin JNot Attending
Johnson, Matthew TNot Attending Wang, ZichaoAttending
Johnston, Zebadiah CNot Attending Ware, John WAttending
Jokela, Cory RAttending Webb, Andrew TAttending
Jones, Shelby KAttending Weis, StacieAttending
Jones, Taylor EAttending Wells, Alex AAttending
Kaare, Lacey MAttending Wescott, Garret TAttending
Kacynski, Nicholas JAttending Wiegand, Shawn ENot Attending
Kallio, Frances GAttending Wienold, Nicholas GAttending
Kanka, James NAttending Winkler, Nicolas LAttending
Karsten, Zachary TNot Attending Winn, Teresa EAttending
Kassabian, Marvin LNot Attending Wisniewski, Stefan GNot Attending
Kearly, Kyle TAttending Woiderski, Jade MAttending
Keavey, Phillip AAttending Wronski, Samuel RAttending
Kemppainen, Marshall TAttending Wu, YingxinAttending
Kent, Kyle DAttending Wu, ZhouquanAttending
Ketterhagen, Austin TAttending Xia, DongNot Attending
Kimmes, Jonah MAttending Xie, ShixiongAttending
King, Justin CAttending Xie, XinAttending
Kissinger, Garrett JNot Attending Xing, YaojunAttending
Klaski, Ethan AAttending Xu, WenyuAttending
Klass, Richelle LNot Attending Yan, YanAttending
Klosek, Alexander TNot Attending Young, Clifford TNot Attending
Knecht, Carlo AAttending Yuan, MuNot Attending
Koenig, Nathaniel RAttending Zhang, ChangAttending
Kovach, Adam LAttending Zhang, MengqiaoAttending
Kralapp, Charles WAttending Zhao, QisongNot Attending
Krycka, Anthony RAttending Zhao, XingyuAttending
Kush, Ryan DAttending Zuiderveen, KaylaAttending