Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Abajay, Douglas GNot Attending Mack, Melissa AAttending
Abernathy, David RAttending Madson, Kevin DAttending
Adam, Tyler JAttending Magnuson, Carolynn EAttending
Agarwal, ShiwangAttending Maiville, Joshua AAttending
Alabbad, Jehad MAttending Mandalari, Michael DAttending
Anderson, Cameron DAttending Manderfield, Samantha FAttending
Anderson, Patrick JAttending Martinez, Gabriel MAttending
Anderson, Tyler LAttending McAuliffe, Andrew SAttending
Atang, Alexander PAttending McCole, Joshua TAttending
Augustyn, Thomas RAttending McGee, Alan FAttending
Baeckeroot, Katherine LAttending McNeil, Maegan MAttending
Bai, WanbingAttending Messina, Matt RAttending
Baker, Leala MAttending Michels, Samuel JAttending
Balbierz, Steven JAttending Miller, Michael RAttending
Bassett, KenAttending Mills, James PAttending
Baugher, Curtis LAttending Minteer, Martin JAttending
Bennett, Kevin HAttending Moore, Brent SAttending
Benzer, Steven SNot Attending Nagelkirk, Austin JAttending
Bergstrom, Melissa MAttending Nelson, AustinAttending
Berhow, Ryan JAttending Netcha Tokam, CarineAttending
Beyers, Nathan TAttending Niemi, Mark JAttending
Bickel, Korbin LNot Attending North, Michael JAttending
Boerma, Justin LAttending Norton, Erin MAttending
Bonner, Donald JAttending Oberholtzer, Gary DAttending
Bork, John LAttending Occhietti, Deanna LAttending
Borns, EstefaniaAttending Olsen, Tyler JAttending
Brouillette, Misty RAttending Olson, Ethan MAttending
Brown, Alex GAttending Pearson, Britta AAttending
Bruening, Rigel MAttending Peng, JieAttending
Brusso, Kristin MAttending Pennala, Bradley TAttending
Burmeister, Douglas CAttending Perigo, Ross TAttending
Burns, William RNot Attending Perkowski, Annette LAttending
Byington, Dylan AAttending Perram, Alexander JAttending
Cargo, David KNot Attending Peterson, Chase WAttending
Carpenter, Erik ENot Attending Peterson, Riley DAttending
Castle, Joel ANot Attending Pierce, Philip MAttending
Cathey, Brandon LAttending Pietila, Eric MAttending
Cayemberg, Luke JAttending Pilkington, Joseph AAttending
Chartier, Aaron AAttending Poli, Erika LAttending
Chartrand, Anthony GAttending Porter, Matthew CAttending
Chittenden, Rianne MAttending Prinz, Chad TAttending
Chizmadia, Alex RAttending Ren, ZhehaoAttending
Chosa, Robin LAttending Reynolds, John WAttending
Christensen, Zachary DAttending Rice, Joseph SAttending
Christin, Gerald RAttending Riederer, Adam DAttending
Clement, Daniel JAttending Robbins, Samantha JAttending
Clifford, Shane RAttending Roberts, Adam JAttending
Cline, Ashley MAttending Roberts, Greg MAttending
Clough, Riggs EAttending Roberts, Wade LAttending
Collar, Derek RAttending Roche, Erica EAttending
Cone, Krista MAttending Rodriguez, PedroAttending
Cooper, Kyle RAttending Roell, Christopher DAttending
Costanza, Danielle JAttending Rosen, David PAttending
Cota, Kaile ANot Attending Rouleau, Hailey EAttending
Crane, Garvie CAttending Rummel-Chadderdon, StephenNot Attending
Croft, Dillon JAttending Schemp, Heather RAttending
Croschere, Jayde MNot Attending Schenk, Tyler DAttending
Custer, Matthew TNot Attending Schlosser, Andrew JAttending
Dahlbacka, Ali JAttending Scipioni, Andrew JNot Attending
Dai, WeikeAttending Seaberg, Colby JAttending
Dallmann, William EAttending Seigfreid, Beau AAttending
Dalrymple-Kelly, Justin MAttending Sexton, Tyler WAttending
DeBenedetti, Rachelle NAttending Shaw, Christopher JAttending
Deering, Andrew JNot Attending Shawbitz, Kevin PAttending
DeFord, Brendan ANot Attending Shepherd, Douglas BAttending
Dennis, Ashley EAttending Shortz, Cameron MAttending
Deshetsky, Ethan DAttending Sian, Courtney EAttending
Diao, XinAttending Smith, Alyssa MAttending
Diers, Cassandra AAttending Smith, Cole DNot Attending
Dornbos, Jordon JAttending Smith, Matthew WNot Attending
DuMez, Tyler JAttending Smith, Patrick TNot Attending
Dvorak, Zachary OAttending Snow, Nicholas AAttending
Dziuda, Brandon JAttending Sobczak, NicholasAttending
Edwards, Jacob MAttending Song, HanqingAttending
Ehredt, Trevor MAttending Spedowski, BethAttending
Ekstrum, Kyle WAttending Splittstoesser, Thomas JAttending
Eliason, Chais TAttending Steffel, James KAttending
Ellenwood, Wesley VNot Attending Stroup, Thomas JNot Attending
Elston, Jason ANot Attending Sun, HaoAttending
Enderby, Jonathan JNot Attending Sun, ZhaogengAttending
Erva, Taylor DNot Attending Swisz, Anthony JAttending
Ferry, John MAttending Szabo, Brittney LAttending
Florinki, Haley MAttending Szajna, Andrew JAttending
Ford, Benjamin RNot Attending Tateosian, Alexandra LAttending
Fowe, Romerdos SAttending Tauchen, Benjamin JNot Attending
Freeman, Sandra MAttending Telford, Jared TAttending
Freitag, Matthew LAttending Thole, Craig PAttending
Frey, Kathryn MAttending Tillmans, William JAttending
Frontera, Joseph MAttending Tippett, Timothy JAttending
Fruin, Coleen MAttending Torres, Mark AAttending
Genord, Samuel CAttending Trevino, Christopher AAttending
Gilreath, Sarah EAttending Truong, Nghia GAttending
Gleason, Colin PAttending Tuff, Adam CAttending
Gong, XinAttending Tupancy, Adam GAttending
Gorectke, Charles RNot Attending Ulrich, Jason GAttending
Gramlich, Nathan DAttending Vadnais, Sarah KAttending
Green, Steven MAttending Van Wagner, Timothy AAttending
Grietsell, Alec MAttending Vana, James SAttending
Griffith, Erik KNot Attending VanDommelen, Derek RAttending
Grindatti, Chelsea AAttending VanDuyn, Zachary DAttending
Guo, XiaojunAttending Vertin, Matthew NAttending
Hages, Joshua AAttending Villa, Andrew BAttending
Hanson, Seth JAttending Vortriede, Marshal CAttending
Harry, Tyler PAttending Vrana, Eva AAttending
Hart, Claira MAttending Vue, LongAttending
Haugen, Kyle DAttending Waggener, Jordan LAttending
Haywood, Joshua RAttending Wagner, Ronnie AAttending
Hecht, Troy GNot Attending Walter, Olivia KAttending
Heenan, Ryan JAttending Walters, Tyler SAttending
Hergert, Michael JAttending Wambold, Scott EAttending
Hill, Erik TAttending Wang, HuimingAttending
Hill, Shawn CNot Attending Wang, MengchanAttending
Hillaker, John KAttending Wang, QianmanNot Attending
Himmel, Duane JAttending Wang, ZhenAttending
Hodges, Cole RAttending Webber, James WAttending
Holl, Gregory TAttending Wells, Melanie JNot Attending
Hunter, Benjamin PAttending Wenzel, Steven JAttending
Isaacson, Judy BNot Attending Wetelainen, Amanda LNot Attending
Jacobson, Wesley EAttending Wienke, Nelson RAttending
Jagusch, Christopher JAttending Wilkins, Caitlin MAttending
Janowiak, Jordan JAttending Will, Stuart DAttending
Jarvey, Anne EAttending Wlodarczak, Connor GAttending
Jaskolski, JesseAttending Ye, HaoAttending
Jaszczak, Ben JNot Attending Ylitalo, Ted JAttending
Johnson, Neal RAttending Yovich, Faryn MAttending
Jurek, Courtney LAttending Zarn, Brian JAttending
Jurmu, Nathaniel PAttending Ziolkowski, Taylor RAttending
Kafczynski, JosephNot Attending  
Kaiser, Andrew CNot Attending  
Kalenauskas, Kurt DAttending  
Kampe, Frank JAttending  
Kangas, Ben WAttending  
Keech, Amanda MAttending  
Kennedy, Kiri AAttending  
Killian, Brandon LAttending  
Kirschner, Allyssa AAttending  
Kitchen, Alexandra KNot Attending  
Klimczyk, BenjaminAttending  
Kolesar, Samuel JAttending  
Koskiniemi, Noah DAttending  
Kosmowski, Justen GAttending  
Krueger, Kyle KAttending  
Krugh, Andrew CAttending  
Krzyske, Evan JAttending  
Kuiper, Micah JAttending  
Laajala, Abbie SAttending  
LaBaere, Christopher MAttending  
LaFave, Chase CAttending  
Larsen, Stuart CAttending  
Larson, Daniel JAttending  
Larson, Kay MAttending  
Lee, Aaron MAttending  
Lee, Justin AAttending  
Leer, Christopher JAttending  
Leffingwell, Charles CAttending  
Lentovich, Paige EAttending  
Lewis, Andrew JAttending  
Li, MingziAttending  
Li, ZhongshiNot Attending  
Linebarger, Jesse DAttending  
Linn, Colleen EAttending  
Littlefield, John WAttending  
Littlefield, Kelley MAttending  
Liu, JiaxunAttending  
Loew, Pattrick DAttending  
Long, XiangNot Attending  
Lutze, Andrew FAttending