Kerri Mayra

Kerri Mayra

Hometown: Hancock, Mich.
Class: fourth year
Areas of interest: social work and gerontology

Postgraduation plans: enroll in a graduate program focusing on social work and gerontology, most likely at an institute on aging

On-campus involvement: Association of Psychology Students; Psi Chi; Women’s Leadership Council; Relay for Life; Young Women’s Leaders Program; Dial Help Campus Victim Response Team co-coordinator and volunteer

Other Activities: Dial Help Crisis Line worker and Victim Service Team volunteer; Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly volunteer

Kerri Says . . .

  • What do you love most about psychology, and why did you choose it for your major?
    To me, psychology is synonymous with helping people. You can do so much with a psychology degree. I love learning about people, explaining why they are the way they are, and advancing the knowledge that will help people in the future.
  • How would you describe your experience at Michigan Tech so far?
    It’s been great. I love the department—I think we have one of the best faculties on campus. And being involved in student organizations and activities is fun, especially our psychology group—we’re like a family.
  • What do you feel is unique about the psychology program at Tech?
    Because it’s such a small department, our faculty have the opportunity to get to know students personally—you’re not just another face in the crowd. When they recognize what you’re interested in, they are willing to help you out with what you’d like to pursue and the steps to take to get there.
  • What do you like most about being a psychology ambassador?
    I love working with people in general. Being able to tell prospective students about my experiences and share my knowledge is enjoyable.
  • What advice do you have for prospective psychology students?
    Get involved with your department and student organizations—get to know fellow students and the faculty. They will provide you with a great networking resource, for job seeking or applying to graduate school. Networking is key to success.