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Yonee E. Bryant-Kuiphoff
The Experience of Research, Growth, Development and Leadership of the MiTEP Program

Eduardo J. Cabret
Incorporating Stimulating Quick-Write Prompts Within a Secondary Science Classroom: A Case Study in Lesotho

Isaac D. Crouch
On the Effect of Virtual Reality On Student Understanding of and Interest in Physics

Angela L. Ernstes
Michigan Teacher Excellence Program: A Catalyst for Change

Joshua D. Ernstes
Michigan Teacher Excellence Program: Providing the Confidence to Drive Changes in Education

Lorentyna M. Harkness
Incorporating Real Science into the Secondary Classroom: Aerosols and Climate Change

Dawn M. Kahler
DRTA Accompanying SQ3R Collaborative Action Research and Reflection on MiTEP Program

Heather L. Simpson
Integrating History and Geography: A Case Study


Michael Hammar
Teaching The Gas Properties and Gas Laws: An Inquiry Unit With Alternative Assessment

Eric C. Abbott
The Effect of Eastern Kentucky Coal Fires on Local Air Quality and Personal Health

Stacey L. Frankenstein-Markon
Teaching Menstrual Health and Hygiene to Young Women in Eastern Uganda with Reusable Menstrual Pads

Joseph Heflin
The Effects of Web-Based Technological Resources in a Rural Science Classroom

Tracy L. Hunter
Supporting Learning for Navajo Students Through Ethnomathematics

Daniel W. Kilpela
The Effects of Modeling Instruction on Student Learning of a Newtonian Force Concept

Anthony G. Markon
Perspectives on ICT Adoption in Ugandan Schools


R. Douglas Damery
An Investigation of the Effect of Using Data Collection Technology on Students' Attitudes to Science Instruction


John Asiala
A Comparison of the Effects of Inquiry-Based Cooperative Learning and Demonstrations in Science Education

Wendelien K. Benya
Is Virtuality Close Enough to Reality? A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Simulations with Traditional Laboratory Activities in a High School Biology Class

Deborah Corriveau
The Effects of Instructional Changes on Student Learning of Electrochemistry in an IB Chemistry Course

Paul J. Dubé
Attempting to Improve Standardized Test Results Using Study Islands' Web-Based Mastery Program

Nichole Olszowy
Improving Learning by Connecting Chemistry Curriculum to Students' Experiences

Tony Schwaller
Occasional White Boarding: Examining the Effects on Physics Students' Understanding of Motion Graphs

Michele Svoboda
Looking at the Effectiveness of an Earth Science Unit Designed Using the Understanding by Design Process

Erich Ziegler
Improving Sixth Grade Student Knowledge of Ecology Using Fish Rearing and Release as a Real-World Context


Emily Curry
Clean Water in the Classroom: Understanding the Importance of Water Quality

Marguerite R. Parino
Utilizing the "Engineering the Future" Curriculum as a Social Skills Training Device for Emotionally Disabled Students

Sarah Storm
"Engineering a Fit" The Effect of Engineering-Based Projects on Eighth Grade Student Attitudes and Achievement in Science

Sarah Van Baale
Teaching and Aligning Upper Level Mathematics Classes to Michigan High School Content Expectations in an Alternative Educational Setting: Approaches and Issues


Paula M. McElroy
Integrating Social Studies into an Earth Science Soil Analysis Unit: A Historical Impact Study 2009

Victoria L. McPeak
Improving High School Students' Knowledge of and Attitudes about Water Quality, Treatment and Conservation

Denise A. Payment
Controversial Topics in the Classroom: An Investigation of Teaching Strategies and Instructional Environments for Promoting Critical Thinking in a Middle School Earth Science Curriculum

Eric Ruckert
Assessment of a High School Geological Field Course

Kim Samson
A Model for the Effective Design of Field-Based Courses: Analysis of Pre-Course and Post-Course Test Results from the Geology of Utah's National Parks and Monuments Course for Years 1999 to 2008


Jennifer Carlson
Effect of Theme-Based, Guided Inquiry Instruction on Science Literacy in Ecology


Jennifer Lovell (Krebs)
A Ninth Grade Introduction to the Nanotech Biosensor Project

Amy Muzzarelli
The effect of Implementing Project Based Education High School Physics:File Folder Bridge Engineering

Annikka Chrestensen
Real-World Context, Interest, Understanding, and Retention

Debra Zolynsky
Motivating Students to Become Scientifically Literate Through Inquiry


Deborah Sage
Inquiry and Understanding: Educational Research with Middle Level Science Students

Angela Teubert
The Effect of an Inquiry Based Curriculum and Experiential Education on Middle School Student's Attitudes in Science


Michael Dean Dallavalle
Teaching Bacteria for Understanding

Melissa D. Maxson
Teaching Water Quality through Inquiry

Charles Schepke
A Qualitative Study Using Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula's Paleomagnetic Past as a Resource for Teaching Secondary Science

Kris L. Kropp
An Introduction to Engineering Course for High School Students


Jean L. Dunstan
Educational Applications of Investigating Groundwater Resources and Uranium Concentrations in Stanton Township, Houghton County, Michigan

Megan R. Palen
Cultural Exchanges in Education and their Applications to the Classroom: Enhancing Learning Outside the Comfort Zone

Jennifer Toivonen
Using GIS and Inquiry Based Education to Teach Hominid Evolution

Todd D. Waurio
A Proposed Model for Measuring the Effectiveness of Using and Activity-Based Unit in Learning Statistics


Heather L. Luoto
Study of the Cranberry lake Bog with Secondary Classroom Applications

Kristin L. Schourek
A Veteran Teacher's Travels in Search of Excellence


Marek Ulicny
Student Research of Local Water Treatment Trends and Predictions