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Applied Science and Mathematics

Applied Science and Mathematics Track: 
For In-Service Teachers

Earn a Master of Science in Applied Science Education while updating your teaching skills, focusing on improving your content knowledge in science and mathematics, and applying these subjects in the classroom. Michigan Tech’s program emphasizes meeting the educational needs of students in grades 6–12, equipping teachers with the expertise to incorporate innovative applications, inquiry, and practical examples into their lessons.

The applied science and mathematics track is designed for professional educators who are certified to teach science or math at the secondary level and who possess at least one year of teaching experience. Our graduate program will support your professional development through summer institutes at Michigan Tech and online course work during the school year.

Gain Professional Certification

An advanced degree is a smart choice for teachers who wish to transition from provisional to professional certification. Teachers receive financial and career benefits from an application-focused master’s degree; however, the most rewarding outcome of your training will be the positive impact you have on your students’ learning.

An Innovative, Experiential Curriculum

Our master’s degree curriculum design is based on the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Upon receipt of your degree, you will be able to demonstrate advanced ability to integrate technological literacy and real-world applications into mathematics and science curricula for secondary-school students. This skill set is a priority in the national conversation about reform in secondary education.

Teachers in our program interact with world-class faculty in science education, science, and engineering—benefiting from their classroom experiences and successes—and receive training in innovative teaching methods and applications. Join an inquiry-based graduate community that supports your professional development and addresses your students’ needs.

The Michigan Tech Teacher Preparation Program is nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Degree Components 

Science Education Core Courses, 6 credits

Offered as online distance learning courses during the academic year

ED 5700 Introduction to Education Research2 credits
ED 5730 STEM Learning Materials, Inquiry and Assessment2 credits
ED 5740 Designing Education Research2 credits

Applied Science Core Courses, 12 credits

Offered as intensive institutes during the summer

Take ENG 5100:

ENG 5100 The Engineering Process4 credits

Take two of the following three:

ENG 5200 Engineering Applications in the Physical Sciences4 credits
ENG 5300 Engineering Applications in the Earth Sciences4 credits
ENG 5400 Engineering Applications in the Life Sciences4 credits

Industry or Research Internship, 3-6 credits

The internship is a full time one- or two-month summer position doing applied science or mathematics.

ED 5800 Applied Internship for Educatorsvariable to 6 credits

Graduate Research Report, 2 credits

Enrollment in this course is mandatory at the time of completion and presentation of the report to your committee.

ED 5900 Graduate Research in Educationvariable to 6 credits

Elective Science/Math Education, Mathematics and/or Science Courses, 4-7 credits

Only credits approved by the department will be accepted.

University Degree Requirements

Report Option

This option requires a report describing the results of an independent study project. The scope of the research topic should be defined in such a way that a full-time student could complete the requirements for a master’s degree in twelve months or three semesters following the completion of course work by regularly scheduling graduate research credits. The report must be prepared following the current procedures.

At least two weeks prior to the oral examination, students must

The Degree schedule form must be approved before a defense is scheduled.

Students must also report the results of the oral examination and submit the final report to the Graduate School using the current procedures.

Of the minimum total of 30 credits, at least 24 must be earned in course work other than the project.

Course work 24 credits
Report 2–6 credits
Total (minimum) 30 credits
Distribution of course work credit  
5000–6000 series (minimum) 12 credits
3000–4000 level (maximum) 12 credits
For additional requirements, see the MS-ASE Handbook.