Teacher Education Faculty Listing

Bradley H. Baltensperger

Department Chair, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Meese Center 107

Research Interests

  • STEM Learning and Teaching
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Earth Science Education

Joan Chadde-Schumaker

Education Program Coordinator

Instructor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • Great Lakes education and stewardship
  • Watershed management ; stream monitoring
  • Environmental education
  • Elementary engineering education
  • K-12 science education
  • K-12 teacher professional development
  • Communicating Science to a lay audience

Chipo Hungwe

Instructor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Meese Center 204

Kedmon N. Hungwe

Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Research Interests

  • Sociocultural development perspectives in various contexts, including work, school, and informal settings. My current focus is on youth and adolescent development in relation to societal change.
  • Science education
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Development of spatial visualization abilities

William A. Kennedy

Associate Professor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Research Interests

  • Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
  • Educational Reform and Redesign
  • Persuasion and Attitude Change

Rebecca Helminen Middlebrook

Communications Coach, School of Business and Economics

Instructor, Educational Technology, Perspectives, Engineering Enterprise

202 Meese Center

Teaching Interests

  • Instructional technology
  • Writing
  • Blended learning/Hybrid instruction

Research Interests

  • Re-mediation of pedagogical practices in hybrid courses
  • Instructional technology integration
  • Blended/hybrid course development, design, and implementation

Shawn Oppliger

Director, Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics & Environmental Education


Links of Interest

Shari L. Stockero

Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

205 Meese Center

Areas of Expertise

  • Preservice Mathematics Teacher Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Teacher Noticing
  • Teacher Learning
  • Use of Video Cases in Teacher Education

Carla Strome

Instructor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

John T. Uren

Lecturer, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Meese Center 111

William Yarroch

Associate Professor, Cognitive and Learning Sciences

Meese Center 209