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PhD Assistantship for RPCV in ACSHF
Apply for a PhD assistantship in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors for Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Begins Fall Semester 2015.

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From the Director

Susan L. Amato-Henderson

Susan L. Amato-Henderson

PhD, Applied Experimental Psychology


Meese Center 103



Motivation Science
Impact of Values on Behavior
Cognitive Dissonance
Individual Differences in STEM Learning

Thank you for considering the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors. These degree programs prepare students to be successful scientists and practitioners capable of improving the performance, safety and/or wellbeing in human-centered systems.

We offer specialization in five different focus areas (cognitive engineering and decision making; individual differences in human performance; physical ergonomics; human-centered design; educational technology) that span the interests of multiple faculty and research groups, which include The Applied Cognition & Expertise (ACE) Laboratory, Cognitive Modeling and Experimentation (CME) Lab, Human Factors and Systems Modeling Lab, Integrated Physiology Lab, Mind Music and Machine Lab, Motor Behavior Lab, and Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Lab.

The ACSHF program is a research-intensive interdisciplinary program that spans multiple disciplines, including psychology, engineering, human-computer interaction and usability. Research focuses on bridging the gap between basic and applied science with an emphasis on addressing real-world problems.

Gina Goudge

Gina Goudge

Department Coordinator
Graduate Program Assistant

Meese Center 108