The Chem Stores

We place orders through our vendors for chemicals, lab equipment, and scientific supplies on behalf of authorized faculty and students who are affiliated with any department at Michigan Tech. We also keep an inventory of chemicals and supplies available for purchase by members of the campus community.

Announcements and Promotions

Check our website weekly for new announcements, sales flyers, and promotions offered by Chem Stores and our vendors.


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Why order through the Chem Stores?

There are many reasons for ordering your supplies through us:

  1. As a bulk purchaser of chemical supplies with long-standing relationships with many of our suppliers, we are able to get prices that are lower than advertised.
  2. Your order turnaround time will be faster—from order to delivery to addition into MSDSonline, our on-campus inventory tracking system.
  3. We automatically log your purchases in MSDSonline. If the vendor makes an error in processing your order, we'll make sure your return is handled properly.
  4. We have professionals on hand to receive shipments and adhere to OSHA regulations, so you can have your chemicals shipped directly to us. We'll even handle the paperwork for you. What could be easier?

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of chemicals or other items at the Chem Stores, contact Don Wareham, manager of the Chem Stores. If you are looking for research equipment, please see the online TechFinder tool.

Order Authorization Policies

Prior authorization is required to make a purchase from Chem Stores. To obtain authorization, submit a written letter or email to Don Wareham. Requests must include the following:

  • Person(s) to be authorized
  • Department
  • Length of authorization period
  • Any account number(s) the person may use to purchase items

Note: Only department chairs, department coordinators, or the account custodian may give authorization on accounts. No chemicals or supplies are sold to individuals not authorized or not affiliated with Michigan Technological University.

Our Vendors

In additional to purchasing chemicals, lab equipment, and scientific supplies on hand at Chem Stores, you can also ask us to order something for you through our vendors. Browse our vendors' online catalogs, or stop by Chem Stores and look through printed catalogs. We're located in the basement of the Chemical Sciences Building, room B002. You'll need an item number for placing your order.