Two students at Winter Carnival

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Broomball?

Broomball is a sport that is played very similarly to hockey, with the exception that the goalie is on their knees and the goal is actually a box. Players have to move across the ice in their street shoes and use their duct tape covered broomsticks to hit a small ball into the goal. Only six players, per team, are allowed on the ice.


What is the All-nighter?

The All-nighter is the last night to complete statues. The campus is alive with participants putting on the final touches to their month-long statues, preparing for the judges review the following morning. Other brave souls are there to start and complete a statue in just one night for the one-nighter competition. You can expect music, broomball, food, and a buzz of activity into the wee hours of the morning.


When should I book a hotel room?

Rooms can fill up fast. If you know you want to come to Winter Carnival, don't wait. Getting a hotel room within 3–6 months of the event is highly recommended.


How can I sponsor or support Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech?

Learn how you can become a donor or sponsor.


What other events can I expect at Winter Carnival?

Winter Carnival has a flood of events, from broomball and the beards competition, to the Human Dog Sled races and Ice Fishing competition. You can also enjoy skiing and skating. And of course, don't forget about Winter Carnival Stage Revue, which often shows at two times. The earlier show is recommended for families and the later show is for those who enjoy a more boisterous scene.