On-Campus Interviews

Each year Career Services coordinates thousands of on-campus interviews. Michigan Tech students have the opportunity to interview with hundreds of companies that travel to campus on a regular basis for recruitment purposes. There will never be an easier opportunity to have an interview and get a job than there is right here on campus.

On-campus interviews are a means for recruiters to screen candidates. These first interviews, while sometimes leading to job offers, normally lead to plant trips or second interviews. Most on-campus interviews last for a half hour and are conducted in various rooms around campus.

How well you do in the interview will determine if you be forwarded in the hiring process, so you'll want to be prepared! If the company hosts an informational meeting on campus, make sure to attend and find out everything you can before the interview. This meeting offers you the chance to talk with recruiters.

Sign-Up Instructions

During the Career Fair, companies may offer you an opportunity for an interview while they are still on campus. Company representatives may sign you up for a specific interview time- most likely the next day. (Know your class/work schedule!) Many times you'll be called after the career fair. Be sure to write the location and time, as Career Services doesn't have your specific detailed information. (Sometimes companies are split up for interviews in completely different buildings.)

There are also instances when you will be invited by a company to "sign-up" for an interview slot for an upcoming visit. You'll do this through HuskyJOBS.

The HuskyJOBS system allows quick access to company job opportunities, giving you the chance to apply for the position before and after the Career Fair.

On rare occasions, companies set an "open interview" schedule in HuskyJOBS where any student can sign up for on-campus interviews that are available.

Missed-Interview Procedure

Can’t make it to an interview? This section outlines the steps you need to take if you can’t make it to an interview or you’ve already missed your appointment. Remember to plan your schedules and interviews carefully.

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