On-Campus Interviews

There will never be an easier opportunity to have an interview and get a job than there is right here on campus. Each year Career Services coordinates thousands of on-campus interviews. Michigan Tech students have the opportunity to interview with hundreds of companies that travel to campus on a regular basis for recruitment purposes.

Up to 4,500 interviews are scheduled right after the fall and spring Career Fairs, but there are interviews conducted almost every week of the semesters. Most on-campus interviews last for a half hour and are conducted in various rooms around campus.

How well you do in the interview will determine if you be forwarded in the hiring process, so you'll want to be prepared! Check out our Interview Skills resources, and practice with a Learning Center Coach or Career Advisor. Be sure to do your research - learn about their products, services, location, competition, etc. before your interview. BE sure to attend any info session or networking event the company conducts to learn even more and meet recruiters.

On Campus Interview Process

Career Fair

You may be invited by a company rep in the hours right after the Career Fair to interview the next day. Be sure to write down the location and time they give you. These interviews are completely organized by the company - they do not report this information to Career Services.

You might be invited to interview during the Career Fair - know your schedule and be sure to write down the location and time.

Post Career Fair

Sometimes companies will return a week or two after the Career Fair to conduct their interviews. if you don't hear from your favorite company the night of the Career Fair, you may still be invited to interview.

Outside Career Fair Times

A company recruiting on campus at times outside of the Career Fair may ask you to "sign-up" for an interview slot on their preselect interview schedule. A job (posted on HuskyJOBS) flagged with a "P" indicates that a company is currently accepting applications for a job positng, and the employer will invite slected candidates to interview through HuskyJOBS. Be sure to check your HuskyJOBS account often for an invitation under "Interview Requests". You will be directed to a schedule to select an available time that works for you.

Or... The employer may call to schedule?

A job flagged with an "O" allows any candidate who meets major, year, GPA, etc. requirements to sign-up for an interview.

  • Click on the company's name
  • Select an interview slot (Date is noted above list)
  • Ensure your preferred resume is selected and submit

Checking Your Interview Schedule

After applying for a "P" job opportunity or you've signed up for an "O" interview schedule, you can check your status on your interviews tab.

Missed-Interview Procedure

Interviews are serious and important events both for you and our employers. They've traveled a long way to campus to interview you - an expensive in both time and money.

It's expected that you attend all interviews you've scheduled. However, there may be a time when unavoidable circumstances arise that prevent you from attending an interview. If this happens please:

  1. Call the company representative (if they called you to set up an interview you have their number)
  2. Try cancelling your interview through HuskyJOBS
  3. If it is too late to cancel an interview through  HuskyJOBS, call Career Services at 906-487-2313, to tell them you're unable to attend.
  4. Please give as much notice as possible so that another student can fill your interview slot.

If a company reports you as "no-show", your HuskyJOBS account and ability to interview on campus will be put on hold until you:

  1. Write a letter of apology to the company explaining what happened.
  2. Bring a copy of your letter and a stamped, address envelope to Career Services.
  3. After reviewing your letter, our staff will mail your letter, and you will be able to sign up for future interviews.

Be diligent about planning and managing your interview schedule! Your professional reputation and successes hinges on it.

  • Double-check your interview times carefully to be sure you do not mix up the day or time and miss an interview. Put the appointments into your personal calendar and/ or set an alarm/ reminder on your phone/computer
  • Set your personal HuskyJOBS settings to send you an email reminder the day before an interview.
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