On-Campus Interviews

There will never be an easier opportunity to have an interview and get a job than there is right here on campus. Each year Career Services coordinates thousands of on-campus interviews. Michigan Tech students have the opportunity to interview with hundreds of companies that travel to campus on a regular basis for recruitment purposes.

Up to 4,500 interviews are scheduled right after the fall and spring Career Fairs, but there are interviews conducted almost every week of the semesters. Most on-campus interviews last for a half hour and are conducted in various rooms around campus.

How well you do in the interview will determine if you be forwarded in the hiring process, so you'll want to be prepared! Check out our Interview Skills resources, and practice with a Learning Center Coach or Career Advisor. Be sure to do your research - learn about their products, services, location, competition, etc. before your interview. BE sure to attend any info session or networking event the company conducts to learn even more and meet recruiters.

On Campus Interview Process