Frequently Asked Questions



Can I, and how do I, negotiate the salary in my offer?

You can ask your employer if they’re willing to negotiate the salary offered. If they are, be ready with the amount you want and reason you should receive that amount. A career advisor provides you with industry-standard salary rate and can help you ask for a match to other salaries you’ve received.


Do I have to include my GPA on my résumé; it’s not as high as I’d like it to be?

Yes; some employers have company-wide minimum GPA requirements. Even if a company doesn’t, recruiters tell us it is inconvenient and uncomfortable asking for a student’s grade point average. If it’s improving, list a department GPA or one from the last two semesters.


Do I submit a cover letter when I apply for jobs online?

Yes, unless specified to submit résumé only. Even if it’s noted as optional, it’s a good idea to write and submit a cover letter.


How can I find a job in a company or industry that doesn’t come to campus or our career fairs to recruit, or one in a special location, like Colorado or Oregon?

Schedule an appointment with Career Services. We’ll help you identify the best strategies for a specialized job search. We have regional contacts who help us make connections in your targeted location. You’ll need an effective LinkedIn profile—it’s becoming the one of the best ways to network.


How do I sign up for a co-op?

A student checklist, student information form, and cooperative education agreement are required for co-op registration. These are available online or in person at Career Services and need to be completed and returned. Also send Career Services a copy of your offer letter, including definitive start and end dates.


I have a job offer deadline coming up, but I’m still waiting for offers from other companies. Can I get an extension on my first offer deadline?

You can call or email to ask for more time before you give an answer. Ask for two weeks, add that to your original date, and tell them the exact date that you’ll respond. Most companies will give you extra time, but you may want to contact the companies you’re waiting on to tell them you have an offer.


If I don’t know what questions I’m going to be asked, how can I prepare for an interview?

You may not know the exact questions you’ll be asked, but you can prepare detailed stories of your experiences focusing on your strengths, accomplishments, problem-solving skills, and teamwork and leadership skills. Another great approach to interviews is to determine three points you want to make about yourself; find opportunities during the interview to share those. It’s very important to research the company and have a couple questions prepared regarding the company and/or position. Schedule a mock interview with Career Services to practice.


I’m just a college student – do I need to be on LinkedIn?

It’s highly recommended you create an effective LinkedIn profile while you’re in college. Establish a professional image and start building a network now. Ninety-three percent of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find and hire talent.


My recruiter told me I would hear back from them two weeks after my interview, but it’s been three weeks and I haven’t heard from him. What should I do?

Definitely call to follow-up. Tell him that you’re still very interested in the position and ask if there’s anything you can do to help move forward to joining his team/company. Your follow-up efforts will impress your recruiter and may make a difference.


What if I received more than one offer for an internship or co-op?

You’ll have to decide which one to accept, but ensure you contact the other company to respectfully decline their offer. Ask if you can stay in contact with them in case there may be a possibility for you to work for them in the future. Most companies are happy to consider you again; the key is to stay in touch.