Career Development Foundations: UN2525

Career Development Foundations—UN2525 focuses on the process of career development and planning. The 1-credit course covers the topics of personal assessment, job search strategies, and contemporary workplace issues. Students will develop skills that, along with their education, can lead to achieving personal goals and career success.

Sample Course Assignments
Week 2Prepare an infomercial(20pts.)
Week 3Create a Resume
Write a Cover Letter
Week 4Perform a Mock Interview
Write a Thank-You Letter
Week 5Attend Job Fair
Attend an Information Session
Week 6One page paper summarizing experience at Career Fair
Half page paper summarizing experience at an Information Session you attended

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Week 8Complete Emotional Intelligence Assignment(10pts.)
Week 9Complete the "MyPlan" Personality Assessment(20pts.)
  1. Go to the MyPlan page.
  2. Follow the directions on this page very carefully, then create a MyPlan account for yourself.
  3. In the "Assessment" box on the MyPlan homepage, click on Personality Assessment
  4. Complete the assessment and send an email to instructor simply stating that you completed the assessment
Week 10Complete the "MyPlan" Interest Assessment
Complete the "MyPlan" Values Assessment
Week 11My Plan Skills Assessment(20pts.)
Week 12Complete "Occupations Suggested by your MyPlan Composite Score" Assignment(30pts.)
Week 13None 
Week 14None 
Week 15Final Project (See Options)(50pts.)