Career Path Guidance

Undecided about your career pathway or graduate school? Fret not. Feel like your resume is circling the drain in job applicant pools? We can help you update your presence on paper—and give you other tips to revitalize your job search. Ready for a career change? You’ve come to the right place.

Career Services provides guidance for every career stage, including selecting a major and a profession, searching for a position, or reevaluating a chosen career and planning for the future. These resources are intended to assist Michigan Tech students and alumni in leading a fulfilling professional life.

Career Planning and Development

Planning for your future career begins with identifying your interests and skills, researching occupations, and selecting a major. Throughout your college career, you will continue to prepare for your chosen profession. Some of the resources provided below also support career development and assessment.


MyPlan is a career planning service offering online skill assessment tests, an interest inventory, and personality tests. Once you sign up for a free account, you will have lifetime access to these tools. You can also meet with a Career Services advisor to discuss your results.

All current Michigan Tech students, alumni, staff, and faculty may use MyPlan at no charge. You will need to register with your Michigan Tech email address.

Selecting Your Ideal Major

Do you know if you are majoring in a field you will enjoy? Researching potential career options early on in college can help you decide whether you are in the right major. We recommend the following sources of occupational information:

Take the MyPlan interest inventory to begin narrowing your search. Participate in an internship or co-op to test the waters of your chosen field. Get involved with undergraduate research and the Enterprise Program. Talk with your academic advisor or a Career Services advisor.

Career Development Foundations Course

Career Development Foundations UN2525 focuses on the process of career development and planning. The 1-credit course covers the topics of personal assessment, job search strategies, and contemporary workplace issues. Students will develop skills that, along with their education, can lead to achieving personal goals and career success.

The Job Search and Application Process

We can assist you with everything from preparing your application materials to practicing interview responses to finding that perfect position.

Crafting a Resume and Cover Letter

Get advice on crafting your resume and cover letter. Each semester, Career Services offers multiple resume blitzes, where you can get your resume reviewed by career advisors, faculty, staff, and corporate representatives. Check the calendar of events for more information.

Interview Skills Practice

Career Services dedicates an entire week to interview skills each semester. Get a one-on-one appointment, and learn how to answer those tough questions, practice your responses in a mock interview, and get vital feedback that will help you prepare for that all-important interview. Check the calendar of events for more information.

Career Fairs

Fall and Spring Career Fairs provide an excellent opportunity for students to interact with hundreds of companies visiting the Michigan Tech campus. Company representatives recruit students for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions. Even if you aren’t currently searching for a position, consider going to learn how to approach and talk with recruiters.


HuskyJOBS is the online software used at Michigan Tech for job postings, on-campus interviewing, and employer research. Employers and job seekers can network through this online service.

Did you know the majority of companies who come to our career fairs and recruit on campus use this software? They search Michigan Tech for students who have posted resumes. If you want to be found on HuskyJOBS, you need to publish your resume in resume books.

Employer Visits to Campus

Between career fairs, companies and organizations routinely come to campus to recruit students. Career Services announces those visits each week in Tech Today.

Internships and Co-ops

Career Services offers support for students seeking co-ops and internships. We provide resources to help you find a position that fits into your college schedule and career plan. More and more companies are looking for internship and co-op experiences on resumes.

Applying to Graduate School

If you plan to further your education with a graduate degree, you will want to apply to a program early, especially if you need funding. If you plan to apply to graduate school at Michigan Tech, consult with both your department’s academic advisor and staff in the Graduate School. You will likely need to take the general GRE and possibly major-specific tests, so plan accordingly. 

International Student Resources

International students have added challenges to their job search because of immigration status.  While a number of companies who actively recruit at Michigan Tech hire our top-talent international students, there are also other companies throughout the country who do, as well.  Visit for a listing of those companies.