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Preparing for Career Fair

The Michigan Tech Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to network with hundreds of companies visiting our campus. For the Career Services staff, this is one of the busiest days of the year. Dozens of employees, assistants, and students help to make this event the success it is every semester. We take pride in the helping hand we are able to give to the students of Michigan Tech.

Career Fair Tips

It is important to prepare for the Career Fair before attending. Your efforts to secure an interview, make a new job contact by networking, and find full-time employment can be enhanced by how you prepare yourself.

Logging onto HuskyJOBS is one of the most important ways to prepare. Employers post information sessions, interview sessions, and job openings through HuskyJOBS. See what has been posted before attending.

You should also consider these words of advice before attending the Career Fair:

Tips: Preparing for the Career Fair

  • Research what companies are attending, who they are looking to hire, and where their booths are located.
  • Prepare by attending some of the Career Education events
  • Identify what companies you are interested in and think about why you want to work for them. This will go a long way when talking with a recruiter.
  • Develop a plan. Who do you want to talk to? In what order?
  • Visit the websites of the companies that you plan to speak with to learn more about them.
  • Print at least 20 flawless resumes with the intent to hand them all out.

Once you are at the Career Fair, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the students, employees, and company representatives. Remember to remain calm and confident and follow your plan. Career Services staff will be on hand if you need any assistance.

Tips: Attending the Career Fair

  • Try to get to the job fair as early as possible.
  • Plan on spending a few hours visiting the different companies.
  • Bring your schedule with you, so you know when you’re available for interviews.
  • Look presentable and professional.
  • Don't be afraid to walk right up to company representatives.
  • Introduce yourself with confidence.
  • Don't be afraid to take the material—that's why it's there.

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