Consumer Products Day

January 26-28, 2017

Consumer Products Day returns for another year! This "Shark-Tank style" event features your team - the entrepreneurs,  and the "sharks" - company representatives, who want to challenge you to come up with a re-purposed, re-designed idea for their company-supplied products.

Don't miss this opportunity to pitch your idea to industry representatives and win cash!

To Get Started..

• Gather your friends and classmates to be a part of a team. See the box to the right to register your team!

• Design, create or re-purpose a product using company-supplied materials. Students will pick the company of their choice, although supplies are limited so have a back-up company in mind. Companies in attendance will be listed below upon confirmation.

• Come up with an idea that will make the judges want to award you the top prize! Pitch your idea in a presentation and Q&A format to company reps and an opportunity to advance to the finals.

• Points are awarded to each team for innovation, functionality, sustainability, slogan, marketing for target audience, & societal impact and a technical report. Pick your teammates (by major) wisely.

Contest Format

Thursday, January 26

5 - 7 PM: Information Packet Pickup and Meet and Greet - MUB 2nd Floor - Alumni Lounge
Join us for a sneak peek at the weekend event and get any of your questions answered by the event planners. For those who do not have a team yet, this is a great time to come and meet others  who may also be looking for a team. Attendance is optional at this session.

Friday, January 27

12 - 1 PM: Meet the "Sharks" - Fisher 135
Meet the "Sharks' - the representatives, who are bringing the products, judging the event and representing their companies. Attendance optional.

1 - 3 PM Event Kickoff...Which company will you choose? - Van Pelt & Opie Library- East Reading Room
Take time to research what products are available from each company and start brainstorming your ideas. Products will be limited, so visit more than one company. Safety Data Sheets will be provided. Attendance is optional at this session, but be prepared for the next step where attendance is mandatory by at least one team member.

3 - 4 PM Team Registration and Product pick-up - Van Pelt & Opie Library-East Reading Room
Complete the team registration process and pick up your product (supplies are limited so have a back up plan in case your 1st choice is not available).
Pick a time slot for your Saturday semi-final presentation to company reps.
Mandatory attendance is required by at least one team member during this time frame, preferably your team captain.

4 PM (Jan.27) until 1 PM (Jan.28)
This is your time to re-design, re-purpose or re-invent your idea!
The Makerspace will be available for mini-workshops, supplies and opportunities to create a prototype for your idea.
Special Makerspace hours during this event:
Friday, January 27 | 4pm-midnight
Saturday, January 28 | 8am-12noon
Drop-in for these mini-workshops at the Makerspace.

Friday, January 27
4pm (45 minutes) - Empathy & Observation - consider the human factor in your design.

9pm (45 minutes) - Prototyping Techniques - create a prototype of your idea
Saturday, January 28
10am (45 minutes) - Make an Effective Pitch to the Judges

Saturday, January 28

9:30 AM- Technical Abstract
Your, one-page maximum, technical abstract is due at 9:30 am via email. The abstract must have the following content:

1. What is the product?
2. What materials are used in (or by) the product?
3. How ill the product be used?

1-4PM- Pitch your idea to Company Reps - Fisher Hall
Show up at your designated time to pitch your idea to your designated company reps. Presentation time limits will be determined shortly.

5-8PM- THE FINALS- Fisher 135
All teams participating will report to Fisher 135 to see who advances to the Finals. The top 8 teams (2 from each company) will be called up, by a random draw, and will give their presentation to the final judges. Winning teams will be announced immediately following all presentations and judge's tallying.


Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 teams.

  • 1st Place Team - $3,300
  • 2nd Place Team - $2,400
  • 3rd Place Team - $1,300

Companies Participating


Dow, 3M, Amway, Kimberly-Clark