Foundry Day

 Materials Day

September 12th 

Foundry Day 2015

Foundry Day 2015 featured the following companies: Waupaca Foundry, Roberts Sinto, EJ, CWC Textron, Applied Process Inc., Neenah Foundry

In close collaboration with Waupaca Foundry, a cupola was installed in the center of campus.  Students were given the opportunity to scratch out their own molds in sand.  This provided the unique opportunity to take home a souvenir from the day.  There is no way to truly appreciate the heat, sights, sounds, and smells of the Foundry without visiting one.  By bringing one to campus, students had a chance to witness liquid metal, pouring, and the creation of new iron.


Here are links to some different media to give you a better understanding of Foundry Day.