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Banner Frequently Asked Questions


Which Banner form (FZIBDST, FZAREBL, FZAPDBL) do I use to look up a balance for an index (fund/organization combination)?

FZIBDST is used for any year to date (YTD) index. FZAREBL is used for a research (RSCH) index. FZAPDBL is used for a project to date (PTD) index. If you are unsure which type of index, you can run the Discoverer report FINANCE.FYGCHT002. For each index (fund/organization combination), the Report Type column will indicate the type of index.


Which Banner form do I use to find the balance available in Supplies and Services for a General Fund index?

Banner form FZIGFST shows the balance in Supplies and Services for General Fund indexes.


How much financial data is available?

All financial transactions processed since July 1, 1993 are accessible via Banner, Discoverer, or Oracle Reports. Use the fiscal year and accounting period or date parameters to select the desired data.


How do I display a journal (IB) after it is posted?

Use form FGIDOCR. For additional information, please see page 35 of the Banner Finance Form Documentation.


How do I determine what journals (IBs) are pending (either complete and waiting for approval or incomplete)?

Use form FGIJVCD. For additional information, please see page 2 of the Interaccount Bill Form Documentation.


How do I determine the owner of incomplete journals (IBs)?

Run Discoverer Report FINANCE.FYGJVO001 - Incomplete Journals.