Center for Student Mental Health and Well-being

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Wellness Mission

Wellness is devoted to improving the overall student wellness at Michigan Tech during their years of study and after graduation, so that all students can live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Wellness Vision

Refine the mission and programming of Student Wellness at Michigan Tech to deliver effective, relevant, and timely wellness education to our students with the end goal of creating a prevention-conscious culture at Michigan Tech.

Goal One

Produce an evidence-informed practice for all health and wellness programming:

  • Hold a literature review of student health and wellness materials yearly
  • Consistently assess programs, presentations, and student staff
  • Adapt and improve the Peer Health Advocate training
  • Redefine student health and wellness and what our team provides

Goal Two

Create a culture of continuing professional development and service within the Wellness team:

  • Have student health and wellness staff participate in professional development opportunities yearly
  • Look at benchmark institutions for programming structure and ideas
  • Encourage Peer Health Advocates to present at a recognized conference