Well-being Advisory Board

The Well-being Advisory Board seeks to understand and improve mental health and well-being of students and employees, provide connections and resources across campus and to share data and recommendations to all stakeholders. 

The Well-being Advisory Board:

  • understands that campus mental health and well-being play a critical role in recruitment and retention of students and employees, workplace innovation & satisfaction, student success, and lifelong health and happiness. 
  • serves as a connection for all well-being programs, benefits and policies for students, staff, and faculty at Michigan Tech. 
  • seeks to understand the current state of well-being at Michigan Tech and provide data to stakeholders.
  • is charged with identifying opportunities for growth in the area of well-being and creating evidence-based programs & policy changes to enhance the culture of well-being at Michigan Tech. 
  • will share data, analyses, and recommendations with MTU administrators, stakeholders and community. 

Well-being Definition:

At Michigan Tech, we define well-being as a holistic approach to a well-balanced life, with a focus on mental health, physical & sexual health, academic and career success, and social fulfillment. 

Well-being Advisory Board Team: 

Chair - Dayna Browning, Assistant Director of Outreach & Education, Center for Student Mental Health & Well-being

USG Representative - Hunter Malinowski, Computer Science/Psychology and Cheyenne Scott, Biomedical Engineering and Social Science 

GSG Representative - Alexandra Watral, Cognitive & Learning Sciences

HR Representative - Heather Guilbault, Manager of Benefits

Faculty Representative & IdeaHUB - Brett Hamlin, Engineering Fundamentals

Faculty Representative - Steven Elmer, KIP

Faculty Representative -  Erich Petushek, Cognitive Science

Advisor - Travis Wakeham, Biological Sciences

Housing - Julia Barnes, Senior Resident Assistant

Admissions - Jen Van Essen, Regional Admissions Manager

CDI - Wesley McGowan, CDI Intern