Pet Therapy

*NOTE: We do NOT provide documentation for emotional support animals*

Interacting with a pet can have a variety of positive effects on one’s health and well-being. 

According to the APA, pets can have positive effects on “everyday people” who are not suffering from any particular health challenge by providing them with sources of social and emotional support. 

Here are some resources regarding how COVID-19 affects animals and how to be safe when interacting with them:

CDC - COVID-19 and Pets

World Health Organization FAQs

Leaving a family pet when going to college can be difficult. However, there are resources that can help. Research has found that watching live animal feeds can make people happier. 

Live Animal Feeds: 

Emotional Support Animals*

An emotional support animal is considered any type of animal that provides comfort to a person and is able to relieve a symptom or effect of a disability. To get an emotional support animal, you need a letter signed by a mental health professional or doctor stating that you have a mental health condition where your pet helps you deal with it. 

Go to MTU's Disability Services page for more information. 

Benefits of certifying your pet to be an emotional support animal include being able to live in a place with a no-pet policy, not being required to pay pet deposits or monthly fees, and having free airline travel with the pet flying in-cabin. Though, it should be noted that emotional support animals do not receive the same accommodations as service animals and are generally not allowed in public spaces that prohibit animals.

Tips: How to Know if an Emotional Support Animal Would Help

  • Do you have a mental disability such as depression, anxiety, or another psychological disorder?
  • Can you handle the physical, mental, and financial responsibilities associated with caring for an animal? 
    • Emotional support animals are not limited to dogs. Cats, fish, and other animals could be a lower maintenance alternative to a dog
    • You could also try alternatives such as stuffed animals or plants 
  • Here is a quiz to help determine if having an emotional support animal could be beneficial: Should I Have an ESA - Quiz

*Please note that we do not provide documentation for emotional support animals. 

If you are unable to care for a pet, consider the following resources:

Alternatives to Owning a Pet

  • Volunteer at a local humane society
  • You can help us provide pet therapy by emailing us here:
  • Look for different events MTU hosts throughout the semester with therapy dogs
  • Consider joining the Pet Partners-Keweenaw Chapter
  • Watch live animal feeds 

Pet Partners-Keweenaw Chapter

Interested in learning more about Pet Partners-Keweenaw Chapter? Email and ask to be added to the Pet Partners-Keweenaw chapter group to stay updated on news and events.

Meet the Handlers and Pet Partners

Garth Beyette


Garth Beyette
Pet Partner since 2017

Pet Partner


Pet Partner since 2017
DOB: February 27, 2012
Rescue, came from a breeder

Pet Partner Activities

  • Portage Lake District "Read to Me"
  • Michigan Tech Finals Week Pet Therapy
  • Michigan Tech Health Fair
  • Michigan Tech Bookstore Pet Therapy
  • Other Michigan Tech events as needed