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Research Heats Up with HITEMMP

Next generation heat exchangers will be 3D printed, low-cost, ultra-compact and able
      to withstand high-temperature, high-pressure environments.

HITEMMP stands for High Intensity Thermal Exchange through Materials and Manufacturing Processes, a new initiative through the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). . . . Read More

Be Brief: Pangolin

Tree pangolins are a little studied and little understood native of Equatorial Guinea.
      Michigan Tech doctoral student Tiff DeGroot plans to survey tree, long-tailed and
      giant pangolins using camera trapping and DNA metabarcoding in summer 2020. Image
      Credit: Tiff DeGroot

Feb. 15 is World Pangolin Day. Michigan Tech wildlife ecologists are working to conserve pangolin habitat in Equatorial Guinea. . . . Read More

Guest Blog: New Decade, New Virus

Ebenezer Tumban runs a virology lab at Michigan Tech.

Virologist Ebenezer Tumban studies infectious diseases. In this guest blog, he offers insight on starting a new decade with a brand-new coronavirus. . . . Read More

The Supreme Court of Concrete

Tess Ahlborn serves on the American Concrete Institute's Committee 318, which oversees
      reinforced concrete codes.

It’s something most of us take for granted. We enter our home, workplace and countless other buildings made of concrete and steel, feeling confident they won’t come crashing down upon us. . . . Read More