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Guest Blog: Life in a Galaxy Not So Far Away

Oxygen is not a major component of Titan’s atmosphere, which is composed mainly of
      methane and nitrogen. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Stéphane Le Mouélic, University of
      Nantes, Virginia Pasek, University of Arizona

Many wonder if there really is life beyond Earth. Instead of "in a galaxy far, far away," student writer Alyssa Abbas shares that alien microbial life forms may be only three planets away — on Saturn’s moon, Titan. . . . Read More

Guest Blog: What a Hackathon is Like

Hacking marathons, or hack-a-thons, challenge participants to think from new perspectives
      and use their skills to work on unfamiliar problems.

In her guest blog, graduate student Brooke Poyhonen shares her work in health, user experience (UX), innovation and overcoming doubt during the Texas Healthcare Challenge: Virtual Hackathon. . . . Read More

Be Brief: Lightning

Lightning streaks across the sky in a thunderstorm above Baltic in Houghton County,
      Michigan. Image Credit: David Archambeau

As global temperatures rise, lightning strikes in the Arctic are becoming more frequent. A Michigan Tech detection station played a key role in gathering the data. . . . Read More

Michigan Tech Enterprise Makes SENSE

The SENSE Enterprise Team rendezvoused with the US Coast Guard at Houghton County
      Memorial Airport to hear mission stories and collaborate with pilots, mechanics and
      swimmers about the mass rescue craft the team is designing.

Meet SENSE — Strategic Education through Naval Systems Experiences — an undergraduate research team with on-the-job skills up their sleeves and maritime tech projects under their belts. . . . Read More

Forests of our Future

Those who enter the forest to observe the trees and to hike through the wilderness
      learn this: The jack pine is no less valuable to the warbler than the apple blossom
      is to the bee.

Krause, recent Master of Forestry graduate and outreach assistant for the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, explores diversity through the language of forests. . . . Read More

Helping Others Up the Ladder

Allyship and increasing excellence in research often go hand in hand.

Carsten Külheim, an associate professor in the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, reflects on how increased diversity and allyship in academia changed his life. . . . Read More

Guest Blog: The Effort to Embed Diversity into Daily Life

A close-up photo of autumn sunlight hitting a tree's yellow leaves. In the background
      are the dark shadows of other tree trunks.

David Flaspohler is a professor in Michigan Technological University's College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science . In his guest blog, he reflects on the benefits of seeking out the new and different, and the effort it takes to do so. . . . Read More