Q&A with SATAVIA: Climate and Contrails

Contrails are the biggest contributor to aviation’s climate impact. The company SATAVIA
      works on data analysis software to help airlines avoid long-lasting contrail formation.
      Credit: Conor Farrington, SATAVIA

Adam Durant ’06 ’07 joins physics professor Raymond Shaw to discuss green aviation and how updating flight plans to prevent long-lasting contrails can reduce climate impacts. . . . Read More

Guest Blog: Life in a Galaxy Not So Far Away

Oxygen is not a major component of Titan’s atmosphere, which is composed mainly of
      methane and nitrogen. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Stéphane Le Mouélic, University of
      Nantes, Virginia Pasek, University of Arizona

Many wonder if there really is life beyond Earth. Instead of "in a galaxy far, far away," student writer Alyssa Abbas shares that alien microbial life forms may be only three planets away — on Saturn’s moon, Titan. . . . Read More