Q&A with Teaching Award Winner Kyle Griffin

Kyle Griffin in bioprocessing lab

Kyle Griffin is the recipient of Michigan Technological University’s 2023 Distinguished Teaching Award in the Teaching Professor/Professor of Practice/Assistant Professor category.

“The biggest factor in a successful learning experience is making connections between the lecture material and the real world,” says Griffin of his teaching approach. “The topics we discuss can seem esoteric on paper, but when the students can sit down and see how they look and work in the lab and can play with the equipment, they begin to realize that the equations we learned aren’t just math equations, they’re borne out of real, natural processes and they have meaning.”

Read more about his approach to teaching at Michigan Tech News.

Capital Collaborations: MTU Researchers Meet and Greet DC Colleagues

Researchers from two universities sit at a table and gather in groups around a room where food is set out, getting to know each other and envisioning collaborations.

More than 20 faculty from Michigan Tech visited with faculty at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) during the University's annual research-focused trip to Washington, D.C.

The networking event on the UDC campus laid the groundwork for potential collaborations as part of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with UDC signed in February 2023. In addition to mutual research endeavors, the MOU’s scope includes student exchanges, graduate study articulations, visiting professorships, joint funding proposals and philanthropy, and cross-mentorships in which each institution shares its unique capabilities with the other.

Learn more about the meet-and-greet in the latest post on Michigan Tech's Unscripted Research Blog.

Job Postings

Job Posting for Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Postdoctoral Scholar, Chemical Engineering. Apply online.

Advisor for Cooperative Education and Professional Development, Career Services. Apply online.

Advisor for Career Readiness and Professional Development, Career Services. Apply online.

Coordinator of Transition and Success, Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success. Apply online.

Administrative Aide 8, Registrar's Office (UAW posting dates June 8 to June 14, 2023 — external applicants are encouraged to apply; however, internal UAW applicants are given first consideration if they apply during the internal UAW posting dates). Apply online.

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In Print

Victoria Walters (AC) and Yu Cai (AC/IC/ICC) are the authors of an article published in PenTest Magazine.

The article is titled "Exploring the Boundaries: Legal and Ethical Considerations of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Penetration Testing and the CFAA."

In the News

Spencer Tassone (BioSci) was quoted by Virginia’s Franklin News-Post in a story about the new Beaver Creek Trail on the grounds of Patrick & Henry Community College. The trail opening coincided with the college’s National Trails Day celebration, which featured Tassone as the keynote speaker. The story was picked up from the Martinsville Bulletin.


Pennsylvania State University mentioned Michigan Tech in a story announcing Carter Paprocki ’20 ’22 (B.S. M.S. Mechanical Engineering) as a recipient of the Rickover Fellowship in Nuclear Engineering. Paprocki is a doctoral student in acoustics at Penn State.


The Keweenaw Report mentioned the effort by Michigan Tech track and field veteran Clayton Sayen ’22 ’23 (B.S. Marketing/Engineering Management, MBA) to set a new Upper Peninsula fastest mile record at Houghton High School’s community track night yesterday (June 7).


Former Husky wide receiver Bobby Slowik was quoted by Sports Radio 610 KILT-AM in Texas in a story about the Houston Texans’ efforts to revamp their offense. Slowik was hired as the team’s offensive coordinator early this year.

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