Please Limit Foot Traffic Near Testing Tent

As was reported in Monday's Tech Today, a large tent has been set up between the Chem Sci Building and the EERC to be used as a COVID-19 testing site. This week, work is being done in and near the tent to install electricity, lighting, WIFI and equipment to get the tent ready. Testing will begin with RAs on Wednesday (Aug. 12).

From now until the tent is taken down at the end of the month, employees are asked to minimize foot traffic near the tent and avoid congregating in the area while construction work, and eventually testing, is going on.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Graduate Assistant Cost Share Program Eligibility Changes

Eligibility for matching funds under the Graduate Assistant Cost Share (GACS) program have been modified effective Monday (Aug. 10).

Externally funded projects budgeted at the full applicable Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rate and include a stipend and the associated fringe benefits are able to receive matching funds for tuition support for up to 2 PhD students per proposed project/program at a maximum level of three credits per student in Fall and Spring Semesters and one credit in Summer Semester.

In order to be eligible for matching funds, projects or proposed programs must meet the following criteria:

  • The proposed program or project includes a significant graduate student training component
  • Institutional commitment/cost share is required or considered to be essential to the competitiveness of the proposal 
  • The project team includes at least one non-tenured faculty member as a Co-PI or Key Personnel

An application form can be downloaded here. Commitments made previously under prior eligibility requirements will continue to be honored.

Trista Vick-Majors Named to 2 National Boards

Trista Vick-Majors (BioSci) was appointed to the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Planetary Protection. The CoPP will monitor progress implementing the planetary protection guidelines associated with priority programs and missions identified in the National Academies’ planetary science decadal surveys. The CoPP will serve as a source of advice on measures undertaken to protect the biological and environmental integrity of extraterrestrial bodies and to preserve the integrity of Earth’s biosphere.

Additionally, Vick-Majors was appointed to the U.S. Ice Drilling Program Science Advisory Board. The IDP convenes the Science Advisory Board for the purpose of forming and updating a Long Range Science Plan that addresses multiple aspects of ice core and other ice science and associated technology.

Virtual Alumni Reunion 2020

Experience a taste of alumni reunion through virtual content starting today. Even though the in-person 2020 Michigan Tech Alumni Reunion was canceled, we’ve planned several ways for you to see what’s going on at Tech, connect with your classmates, and rekindle memories of the Copper Country.

Virtual content will be posted at Aug. 6-8.

Naturally Slim Registration Starting Soon

The next round of the Naturally Slim Program will begin again on Sept. 14 for active, benefits-eligible employees. Space is limited so look for the Tech Today article during the week of Aug. 17 for how to apply for the Naturally Slim Program.

Naturally Slim is an online program that helps you change how you eat, instead of what you eat. It is not a diet, there are no points to count, calories to track or prepackaged meals. It teaches mindful eating techniques and helps you lose weight and improve your health.

For more information on Naturally Slim visit the Benefits website, contact the Benefits Office or call 7-2517.

Summer Volleyball Tournament

The fall semester is quickly approaching and summer is winding down. What better way to celebrate than with a Volleyball Tournament?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate Student Government (GSG) made the decision to cancel our regularly scheduled Summer Softball League. We know this was disappointing to a lot of people, so with student feedback we have come up with a solution.

The tournament will take place Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 15/16 at the SDC sand courts. It is open to anyone at Michigan Tech (students, faculty, and staff) and only 50% of your team needs to be affiliated with Michigan Tech, so family and friends are invited as well.

We will be following proper COVID-19 precautions and all participants will be asked to wear a mask. Full rules and registration can be found on our website. Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. this Friday (Aug. 7).

Biomedical Engineering Seminar

There will be a biomedical engineering seminar at 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13 via Zoom. David Li will present "Phase-changing Contrast Agents for Ultrasound Imagine and Therapy." Li is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Washington.

Perfluorocarbon (PFC) microbubbles are FDA approved contrast agents used to enhance the vasculature for diagnostic ultrasound imaging. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in extending the use of microbubbles towards therapeutic applications.

However, microbubbles suffer from relatively short recirculation times (~30 min) and are constrained to intravascular applications due to its relatively large size (~1 μm in diameter). Synthesizing nanobubbles small enough to diffuse across vessel walls and accumulate in diseased tissues remains a challenge.

Moreover, reducing the size compromises acoustic performance and stability of the nanobubbles. Liquid PFC nanodroplets are an alternative ultrasound contrast agent that can be produced with an identical chemical composition to currently FDA approved gas-based microbubbles.

Dissertation Defense: Power and Possibilities in the Center

 PhD candidate in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture program, William De Herder III, will present his dissertation, titled, "Power and Possibilities in the Center: An Articulation Theory Tool for Writing Center Work" at 1 p.m. on Monday Aug. 17 via Zoom.

Those interested in attending can access the event through this link.

In Print

The paper "Monotonicity properties of the Poisson approximation to the binomial distribution" by Iosif Pinelis (Math) has been accepted for publication in Statistics and Probability Letters. A preprint version of the paper can be downloaded.


Mark Rhodes (SS) coauthored "Coal dust in the wind: Interpreting the industrial past of South Wales" in the journal, Tourism Geographies.

On the Road

 Freeman and Jarvie-Eggart to Present at 36th Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference

Michelle Jarvie-Eggart (EF/CLS) and Thom Freeman (CTL/CLS) will virtually present a session titled "A Case Study Examining the Effects of Online Instructor Training'' at the 36th Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference at 12:45  p.m. Friday (Aug. 7)

Know as DT&L to those in the online learning community, it is the longest-running and most prestigious conference centered around innovations in, and advancement of, quality online learning and distance education.

It has been held annually in Madison by the University of Wisconsin, Madison. This year's conference is a fully online event Aug. 3-7, 2020.

In the News

Sustainability at Michigan Tech and The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering were featured in Study International.


Joshua Pearce (MSE/ECE) and ECE teaching assistant Aliaksei Petsiuk were featured in the article "MTU’s Joshua Pearce develops open-source, computer vision-based print correction algorithm," in 3D Printing Industry.


Michigan Tech Sports Hall of Fame inductee Matt Trombley (men's basketball) was featured in the story "BURNEY’S BYTES: The top players in Greg Esler’s 33 years on the bench at De La Salle, Lakeshore" on State Champs Sports Network.


The April 2020 "Showcase" newsletter of the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum announcing the appointment of John Jaszczak as the museum's new Director and Curator, was reprinted in the July/August 2020 issue of the journal Mineralogical Record. The Showcase was written by former Executive Director and Interim Curator Ted Bornhorst. Jaszczak's appointment was also announced in the July/August 2020 issue of the journal Rocks & Minerals.

Today's Campus Events

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Junior League Ends

Junior League Ends


Virtual Alumni Reunion 2020

Experience a little taste of alumni reunion through virtual content to be posted August 6-8. Even though the in-person 2020 Michigan Tech Alumni Reunion was canceled, we’ve...


Board of Trustees Meeting

The regular meeting of the Michigan Tech Board of Trustees A note for those attending: due to the format of the zoom webinar and to maintain a secure environment, non-Board...


Master's Defense: Radhika Sitaraman

Mechanical Engineering Co-advisors: Mahdi Shahbakhti and Jeffrey Naber Identification of Heat Release Rate Classifiers and Combustion Phasing Control of RCCI Engine Attend...


PhD Defense: Elizabeth Barnes

Forest Science Advisor: Andrew Burton Severe Thunderstorms Create Windfall of Opportunity for Ecosystem-Based Management of Mixed Northern Hardwoods Attend Virtually:...


Master's Defense: Evan Lanese

Geology Co-advisors: John Gierke and Blair Orr The Effect of Spacing of Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon Zizanioides) Hedgerows on Hillslope Erosion in Eastern Region, Ghana ...


PhD Defense: Haitao Cao

Geophysics Advisor: Roohollah Askari Physical Modeling of the Krauklis Waves: Insights from Two Experimental Apparatuses Attend Virtually:...


PhD Defense: Rattapol Pinnaratip

Biomedical Engineering Co-advisors: Bruce Lee and Rupak Rajachar Study of Silica Nanoparticle Composite on Silica-Hydrogen Peroxide Complexations and their Effects in...


Classroom Tech Training Session

Thursday, August 6 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM


Remote Instruction Training Session

Wednesday, August 5, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


APS Virtual Poster Showcase

The Association for Psychological Science will be hosting a Virtual Poster Showcase from June 1, 2020 to September 1, 2020. Participants will be able to view the latest...


Kites and Community! Outdoor Sculpture 2020

Kites & Community Outdoor Sculpture students spent last week making kites and holding a community (physically-distanced) picnic. Faculty member Lisa Gordillo designed this...


Outside – apart – together

Online Sculpture Walk Outside – apart – together, the Outdoor Sculpture class’s online sculpture exhibit, opens today. The exhibit is an online sculpture walk, and it...