October 20, 2015, Vol. 22, No. 4

Raining on the Parade

Campus 20151006006

Not really. It’s more of a metaphoric rain.

The weekend before last was Homecoming, you see, and it’s also the time of year when that persistent, damp drizzle can hang around for days at a time. It didn’t this year—which was great—and was in fact plenty warm enough for cardboard boats to mostly float and the fall colors to almost be at their peak.

And for anyone who has been here, just to the area even once, we all know how important Lake Superior is to us. The Great Lakes Research Center is a hub of water investigation. It made me realize just how centered around H2O our celebrations are.

K-Day is at McLain State Park, one of a very small handful of my favorite places on the planet—Great Sand Bay, Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver are also on that list—makes for a beautiful backdrop to a cacophony of student activities. The salt freighter came through the Keweenaw Waterway last week, a kind of annual landmark for the end of summer, hundreds of feet worth of ship dropping off what we need for when the water it glides on becomes ice on the ground and in the air.

And then Homecoming, with cardboard boat races, and Winter Carnival, with everything, celebrate this same molecule. When Alumni Reunion comes around, boat cruises are a popular affair. It reminds me of what we value here: hard work, new ideas, and making the absolute best use of the materials we have. It’s part of being remote, part of being within an environment. But somehow, it’s a deeper thing than that. And it’s something I’m reminded of each morning, over the bridge—which has its own festival, let’s not forget—as I watch that ribbon extend to the sun and slowly turn to ice.


I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it: so many people who come to school here would love to stay. Of course we would. The inevitable problem has been the small size of our community—it’s tough to support a lot of the industries our majors fall into with our location.

But that’s changing.

I got an email from David Rowe at Systems Control yesterday, highlighting the fact that they’re expanding their Iron Mountain facility in addition to moving into the Michigan Tech Smartzone offices here in Houghton not too long ago. It’s a trend we’re seeing more and more: the employers are coming to us now.

David and I have exchanged a few emails over the last little while about the local job market, and with the way Career Fair is overflowing more and more each time and Systems Control is expanding, I wanted to share this part of his message with you:

Given our markets, and the nature of our business, we could be located anywhere in the USA. Our decision to open an office in Houghton was largely driven by our desire to provide an opportunity for MTU students, who have interned/co-op’d with us in Iron Mountain, to continue to work for us on a part time basis when they return to school at Tech. We also want to attract more Tech graduates for full time employment with us, either in Houghton, Iron Mountain, or Pewaukee, WI.

Many people come to Tech seeking a quality education and find themselves falling in love with the area. They seek ways to stay here or return here. I spent the majority of my professional career growing a group of business based primarily in Denver, CO. Upon my return to the area a couple of years ago, I was pleased to find a growing and vibrant hi-tech business environment blossoming in the Copper Country. We seek to add to that growth.

With our graduate enrollment increasing and plans for further increases, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us become a high-tech outpost up here. I’m trying to think of a name that hasn’t been taken already. Maybe the Silicon Tundra?

We’re just past midterm season if you can believe it. I’ve watched my students doing their best to survive calculus and chemistry exams. I’ll freely admit to not envying them. It’s intense, not something I think I could do at this point.

It’s also the hard grind now to Thanksgiving, what I think is probably the longest stretch of putting heads down and getting to it we have during the school year. If you know a current student, now’s probably the time for any encouragement or advice you can offer.

And finally, I was thinking of the map that is outside of International Programs and Services here in Admin. It has pins in it representing each place in the world where our students have come from. I’d love to build a second map. All of the places our students have gone after their time at Tech. Barring that, are there any places you’ve been that you never could have imagined?

Thanks for reading.

At Tech


Tech Students Challenge Themselves on Extreme Vacations

What did you do this summer? Many students at Michigan Technological University enjoyed going back home, working an internship or continuing to take classes. But, what about the others? Some of their summer vacations were a bit more extreme. One biked across the country to help build affordable housing. Another explored a new country, and . . . [ Full Story ]


Michigan Tech Makes Capital Outlay Proposals to State

At its regular meeting on Oct. 16, 2015, Michigan Technological University’s Board of Trustees approved three capital outlay proposals for fiscal year 2017.  The proposals are for

A Health Sciences and Medical Engineering Building. Student-maker spaces to encourage students to actively participate in hands-on design, construction, characterization and testing of products and materials, and . . . [ Full Story ]


From Meru to Mavis: Something for Everyone at the 41 North Film Festival

Mountaineer and photographer Jimmy Chin will present the opening night film at this year’s 41 North Film Festival with his award-winning film Meru. The festival runs from October 23 to the 25th in the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts and will showcase 17 independent films from all over the world, two featured filmmakers, and . . . [ Full Story ]


High School Students Host Computer Programming Workshop for Middle School Girls

Two local high school students, themselves winners of national Aspirations in Computing awards, are paying their enthusiasm for computing forward by teaching middle-school girls to program. Miriam Eikenberry-Ureel a sophomore at Houghton High School, and Caitlyn McKenzie a senior, hosted “Code Ninja,” a one-day computer-programming workshop for Houghton County middle school girls.

“Code Ninja” was . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World


Tumor Killing Injections

Gerard Caneba is focusing his research on creating solutions for cancer. He is developing injections that cut the tumor off from nutrients, eventually killing it. This method of tumor control would put patients at a much lower risk for negative side affects.


Tell Us About Exceptional Alumni!

The Michigan Tech Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for the board of directors and the 2016 awards. We encourage you to reach out to your alumni network to spread the word. Honor your fellow alumni by nominating them for their achievements! Our five awards are:

Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award
Honorary Alumnus/a Award
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Alumni Profile

Rev. Larry Golin P.T. ’58


Larry Golin is at Michigan Tech for his fiftieth class reunion, and he confesses that he hasn't seen many familiar faces on campus. This is probably because most members of the Class of '58 aren't from Bangladesh, or Bengal, or Brazil, and most of them have two reasonably good legs.Golin is walking a different road, . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports


Tech-Ferris Football Game Saturday Televised

HOUGHTON, Mich. — Saturday’s (Oct. 24) football matchup featuring two nationally-ranked teams, Michigan Tech and Ferris State, will be broadcasted live on national television.

The Bulldogs will host the tilt against the Huskies at Top Taggart Field and can be viewed across the country by the American Sports Network (ASN) in partnership with the NCAA. The . . . [ Full Story ]


Grand Valley Hands Huskies First Loss

Oct 17, 2015

ALLENDALE, Mich. — No. 9-ranked Michigan Tech suffered its first loss of the season at No. 18 Grand Valley State 38-21 today at Lubbers Stadium. The Lakers scored 17 unanswered points in the second quarter for the difference in the game.


. . . [ Full Story ]

Hockey to Play in 2017 Ice Breaker Tournament

Oct 17, 2015

DULUTH, Minn. – The Michigan Tech hockey team is set to take part in college hockey’s signature opening weekend event in 2017 at a location close to Houghton.

The Huskies will travel to Duluth, Minn., Oct. 6-7, 2017 to play in

. . . [ Full Story ]

Women’s Tennis Takes Down Lake Superior State, 7-2

Oct 16, 2015

HOUGHTON, Mich. – Four singles players won their matches and Michigan Tech swept the doubles competition to help the Huskies cruise to a 7-2 win over Lake Superior State today (Oct. 16) in a women’s tennis match at Gates Tennis Center.

. . . [ Full Story ]


No. 4 Grand Valley Defeats Tech 7-0

Oct 16, 2015

ALLENDALE, Mich. — Defending national champion Grand Valley State upended Michigan Tech 7-0 in GLIAC women’s soccer on GVSU’s campus tonight. The No. 4-ranked Lakers improved to 13-1 overall and 9-0 in league play while the Huskies fell to 7-4-1 overall and 4-3-1 in

. . . [ Full Story ]

Fill in the Blanks


1st and 10

Not terribly difficult to identify anyone in this photo thanks to the caption, but I guess I didn’t realize that we had a football team that predated the forward pass. I do know that the football field used to be down here on the main part of campus, though.

So let’s go through some sports . . . [ Full Story ]

From the Email Bag

Going Formal at the MUB


As a member of the Union Board and an off-campus student I virtually lived in the Union my junior and senior years at Tech. I particularly liked to take a mid-afternoon nap on the couch that was on the top floor just outside the ballrooms. The top floor was usually deserted in the middle . . . [ Full Story ]


Corrections on the Correction

A correction to all our memories of MTU “high rise buildings”. I spent the summer of 1969 running tests for a chemistry PhD candidate that had a 10 or 15 minute cycle time.  I had a ring-side seat in one of the upper story ChemMet building labs to observe the construction of the ME-EM building. . . . [ Full Story ]

And More Mail!

We connected an audio oscillator to a 100 watt stereo and found the resonant frequency of the dorm interior doors. This caused all of them to vibrate up and down the halls.  Pretty low frequency as I recall which didn’t do the speakers any good.  That activity shook up the RA and we had to . . . [ Full Story ]

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