November 4, 2014, Vol. 21, No. 5

Safehouse—a Fun Fall Tradition


I am on medical leave for a while. I will miss you all, but a group of stellar Michigan Tech personalities have stepped up to write guest columns while I am away.  Today, Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement Les Cook tells us about Safehouse. —Dennis

The screams, hollers and cheers could be heard throughout the Keweenaw on Saturday, Oct. 25, and it wasn’t just because Huskies hockey swept number 8 ranked Ferris State in front of a sold-out crowd at the Ewegleben Ice Arena. These shrieks were heard throughout the residence halls as Tech students hosted more than 1,000 local kids at the 26th annual Safehouse.

In 1988—in response to the 1980’s Halloween candy scare and out of concern for children’s safety—the Douglass Houghton Hall Council worked to establish the tradition that we now affectionately know as Safehouse. Its purpose was to provide a safe alternative to trick or treating on the streets, while giving our students an opportunity to engage with the community.

And engage they did!  A record 48 houses (living groups within the residence halls) and more than 100 volunteers entertained hordes of little ghouls, super heroes, witches and star athletes that Saturday.  Each guest had the option of touring either a fun or scary path, depending on the child’s age as well as their threshold for fear.  Depending on their mood or desire, they could take a stroll through Candyland, immersing themselves in the Lego Movie or “UP,” or perhaps diving into the creepy or demonic hospital, zombie attacks or the forbidden forest. There were many shrieks and screams, plenty of laughter, looks of fear, and I’m guessing a few tears—not only from the little visitors, but also the students entertaining them.

I remember when we first moved to Houghton, taking my own kids through Safehouse.  It was like the best of everything in a big city all smashed into one.  My kids couldn’t believe all the different options on the fun and scary paths, nor could they believe that they could have one additional night to be entertained and get free candy.

One of Michigan Tech’s values is to inspire community.  This was truly evident the weekend of Oct. 25 not only from Safehouse and Huskies hockey, but all of the other sporting events, the annual film festival and more than 500 volunteers out performing community service for national Make a Difference Day.  Perhaps all the screaming and cheering wasn’t just for hockey or Safehouse; it may have been those who were recipients of our students’ efforts raking lawns, chopping/stacking wood and doing good things for our community.

Les Cook, vice president for student affairs and advancement

At Tech


Doing Research in a War Zone

Engineers and scientists at Michigan Technological University run into all kinds of roadblocks as they work to move their research from concept to actuality, but exploding rockets aren’t usually one of them.

When Jeremy Goldman took his family to Israel to work on his research on bioabsorbable cardiovascular stents, missiles flying overhead were just one . . . [ Full Story ]


Undead U at Michigan Tech Thursday

Don’t be alarmed if you see zombies roaming the Michigan Technological University campus on Thursday night. They’re not looking for tricks or treats; they’re probably  attending Undead U: A Zombie Symposium.

Michigan Tech hosted the first Undead U symposium last year, and Undead U returns to campus on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. . . . [ Full Story ]


Film Festival Brings Award-Winning Films and Filmmakers to the Rozsa Oct. 23–26

The 41 North Film Festival (formerly Northern Lights Film Festival) celebrates its 10th anniversary with a name change and an outstanding slate of recent award-winning films and special guests. It will be held Oct. 23-26 in the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts.

The 41 North Film Festival showcases award-winning independent films and filmmakers from . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World


West Michigan Pasty Prize Winner!

The West Michigan Alumni Chapter has an extra special incentive for folks to pre-register online for chapter events! Everyone who pre-registers is entered in a drawing for a shipment of pasties from Pasty Central in Calumet, MI.  Congratulations to Vic Forester ‘74 the West Michigan Fall Pasty Prize winner!

2014 Hockey at Ferris - the littlest Husky

Cheering on the Hockey Huskies!

Alumni and friends of all ages gathered to cheer on our Hockey Huskies at Ferris.  The group met up at The Gate for a Hockey Pre-Game social where special guest Coach Pearson addressed the group.

Many thanks to our West Michigan Chapter volunteers for organizing the event!

For more information on the West Michigan . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World- Awards

Tell Us About Exceptional Alumni!

The Michigan Tech Alumni Association is now accepting nominations for our 2015 awards. We encourage you to reach out to your alumni network to spread the word. Honor your fellow alumni by nominating them for their achievements! Our five awards are described below.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
Presented to alumni under the age of . . . [ Full Story ]

L to R back row:  Brandon Veale, William Francis, Corey Bacon, Don Kuiper,
Robert Ross, Dan Maki, David Waisanen, Dean Woodbeck, Roger Kieckhafer

L to R front row:  Laura Mahon, Ardys Maki, Candi Peterson, Linda Baker, Carol Ekstrom, Barb McTaggart, Glenda Bierman, Amy Schrank, Jayden Mahon, Marja Salani, Vicki Usitalo, Carla Johnson

Copper Country Chorale Celebrating 50 Years!

In February, 1965 James Pharis, a Tech student formed a community based male barbershop singing group.  After several rehearsals, poor attendance became a problem so they decided to invite their girlfriends and wives to sing with them. Thus, the Copper Country Chorale was born.  Edward O’Connor was named President and with increased membership and music . . . [ Full Story ]

DPhiE fall

Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

It’s not too late to participate in the Outdoor Nation Challenge, Michigan Tech is currently in second place. Get outdoors, have fun, and get counted, the contest runs until November 22!

This entry is from Sarah Stoolmiller ’16. The Delta Phi Epsilon women are having some fun in the leaves after a fall . . . [ Full Story ]


Registration Now Open for the Alumni Broomball Invitational!

Wishing you could play broomball outdoors like back when you were a student? Now’s your chance! The Alumni-Student Broomball Invitational will be held during Winter Carnival 2015 on the outdoor broomball rinks. Dust off your gear and gather up your team for this action-packed event! Team space is limited, so don’t delay.

Register Now

Alumni Profile

Dr. Iver Anderson ’75


Iver Anderson '75 was named 2006 Inventor of the Year by the Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association. The award is given to an inventor who has made the most outstanding contribution to Iowa through his or her invention. Anderson is a senior metallurgist at Ames Laboratory and an Iowa State University adjunct professor of materials . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports


Huskies 6-0 After Sweep of Michigan

Another sold out crowd at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena saw the No. 17-ranked Michigan Tech Huskies defeat No. 15 Michigan, 6-2, to earn a non-conference sweep of the Wolverines and remain unbeaten at 6-0. Tech scored four power play goals and has its best start since the 1972-73 season.

The last time Tech . . . [ Full Story ]


Where Are They Now—Dan Farrell

Dan Farrell played hockey for Michigan Tech from 1957-60 and served as an assistant coach under John MacInnes from 1968-73. He was inducted into the Michigan Tech Sports Hall of Fame in 2011.

A native of Hamilton, Ont., Farrell scored 19 goals and tallied 11 assists in 84 career games as a Husky. He was . . . [ Full Story ]

Fill in the Blanks

UofM at Michigan Tech

Pack the Mac

Tech played U of M last weekend at a sold-out John MacInnes Student Ice Arena. Remember any crazy crowds or amazing games? Email us.

From the Email Bag


First Snowfall

I attended Da Tech (Forestry) from 1972 to graduation (MS) 1978.  In five of those years I saw snow flurries on 21 Sept.  This was not necessarily the first snow of each season, but very close. In my first year, there were 100 days in a row that snow fell out of the sky.  I . . . [ Full Story ]

Google on Mackinac

Not many people on the island, but one of the shots caught my wife Karen and myself in it by Sanders east of the Lilac Tree Hotel, where we were celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.

Dave Smith ‘87

Editor’s Note: This is in reference to Mackinac on Google from last week’s issue.


Mike Zuke

Enjoyed your article on Mike Zuke.  There are so many more.  When I moved to Philadelphia in 1979, I was watching a commercial on TV and said that guy looks a lot like Steve Coates.  Coatsy was in the Flyers organization and was doing commercial and radio for the Flyers.  Do a story on . . . [ Full Story ]


Safehouse Memories

We started it. DHH, 1985, IIRC (must have been, as 1986 I was back in GCS).
The weather was supposed to be cruddier than usual for Halloween, we had custodial/kitchen crew with little kids, and we had a new RC (Kathy, whose last name I do not remember).  RJ (Leonard, the dorm administrator) was . . . [ Full Story ]

Bosch beer at North Fork Brewery

Bosch Beer Spotted

The North Fork Brewery (microbrewery, pizzeria, beer shrine and wedding chapel) is on the Mount Baker Highway, not far from Bellingham, WA where I live. My wife Ruth and I like to go there for a beer and a grinder (a New England sub). Last time, I was checking out the wall of fame and discovered that it . . . [ Full Story ]

MTU Winter Fever

MTU in Warren Miller’s 1979 Film “Winter Fever”

I was recently watching an old Warren Miller movie from 1979 called Winter Fever and noticed a Michigan Tech jacket. The shot is from the Junior Olympics at Lake Tahoe. Any clue who it might be?

I just thought it was cool to see MTU represented in a classic ski movie.

Dave Wingard ‘08

REL News

Here is a link some news about the founders of REL (Robert Loukus ‘71, Josh Loukus ’96, ‘00 and Adam Loukus ’01, 04). All are MTU mechanical engineering graduates.  Josh and Adam have PhDs in ME from Tech.  We employ 42 people in Calumet, MI, many of who are Tech graduates.  More at

. . . [ Full Story ]

Michigan Tech Magazine

We just received the Fall 2014 issue of the MTU Magazine.

We LOVED it. Read it front to back. Good spread of topics. Will pass it on to friends.

Had trouble accessing the site for the magazine and the site for feedback——-SOOO please pass these comments to the other hard working folks.

Hope to visit . . . [ Full Story ]

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