May 9, 2017, Vol. 23, No. 18

Share Your Michigan Tech Pride

Commencement 201704290072

Congratulations to our newest Husky graduates! Nearly 1,000 Michigan Tech students received their degrees on April 29.

They join the family of Michigan Tech alumni and friends.

And we are so proud of them.

And, that got us thinking.

How do you share your Michigan Tech Husky pride with others?

License plates. Sweatshirts. Pens. Pickled egg recipes. Cheer Huskies to victory at sporting events.

Share your story or photo.


At Tech


New Era of Research at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech’s research enterprise has been expanding steadily, hitting .5 million in research expenditures in fiscal year 2016, he reported.

What is the next step?  “Everyone says we need to reach the next level as a research institution,” Reed said.   He defined “the next level” as being the primary institution on an increasing number of . . . [ Full Story ]


Fantastic Fruit Flies and Where to Find Them

Thomas Werner, an assistant professor of biology at Michigan Technological University, has been collaborating on the project for nearly five years with John Jaenike, a professor of biology at the University of Rochester.

“Many people think the only fruit fly species that exists comes in with the bananas,” Werner says. That would be the famous . . . [ Full Story ]


Yun Hang Hu Wins Both Research Award and Bhakta Rath Award

Hu, the Charles and Carroll McArthur Professor of materials science and engineering at Michigan Technological University, has been awarded the Michigan Tech Research Award this year for his outstanding research achievements in advanced materials and clean energy. He also earned the 2017 Bhakta Rath Award with his PhD graduate student, Wei Wei. This is the . . . [ Full Story ]


Tech Teams Wins $30,000 Competition

The competition was hosted by CMU and co-sponsored ­by the Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship in Michigan Tech’s Pavlis Honors College.

A total of 29 student teams, 24 from Central Michigan, four from Michigan Tech and one team with members from both schools competed, competed for more than ,000 that was awarded to seven different teams.

. . . [ Full Story ]

Climate Change Basics for Busy People

Scientists have long known that the Earth’s climate is changing, but finding interactive and up-to-date information about why it’s changing and what can be done to mitigate the changes can be difficult.

A team from Michigan Tech developed a series of climate change education modules for the Climate Change Resource Center to help US Forest . . . [ Full Story ]

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Michigan Tech Tops the State in Return on Investment

by Jenn Donovan

Michigan Tech’s annual return on investment (ROI) is the highest in Michigan and 24th in the nation, according to a report released by

The report ranked Michigan Tech’s annual ROI percentage at 10.1 percent, tied with Purdue University, California State University Maritime, San Jose State University and Weber State . . . [ Full Story ]


Tech Ranks 6th of Top 25 Colleges in Michigan

by Jenn Donovan, a website for prospective college students and their families, has ranked Michigan Tech sixth of the top 25 colleges and universities in the state.

The ranking is based on both academic quality (acceptance rates, endowment size and other statistics), as well as return on investment: how much a student . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World

Lockheed Photo 2

Mind Trekkers in Washington, D.C.

A very special group of Mind Trekkers were in Washington, D.C. for the the Lockheed Martin Friends & Family Day. Mind Trekkers Jannah Brandt ’15, coordinator of the program, was accompanied by a group of Mind Trekkers alumni from every generation of the organization, including every elected president. Many thanks to our alumni who took . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Reunion 20160805028

Make Plans to Attend! Alumni Reunion 2017

Alumni Reunion is just around the corner, August 3-5.  In addition to fan favorites like the pasty picnic, Tech Talks, and hearty breakfasts, we’re working on some fun new activities to offer for you and your family:

5k run/walk sponsored by the Keweenaw Alumni and Friends Chapter Stuff-a-Husky plush animal making Pasty making demonstration and . . . [ Full Story ]
Fall 2016 Team

Support the Sustainable Demonstration House

The Alternative Energy Enterprise will retrofit an older house into a sustainable home for Michigan Tech students. Students will be apply to live in the home and only a handful of them will be selected. They will have various chores which will be required to make sure the home stays energy efficient. Learn more . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Profile

Nina Pacella


Nina Pacella stumbled upon the web page for the Michigan Tech Biosensors Lab, directed by Keat Ghee Ong. She was looking for an experience outside the classroom. “I knew nothing about research, or what it might take to work in a research lab, but everyone in the lab was extremely open to answering my questions,” . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports

Fill in the Blanks


Moose. Mosquitoes. Memories. Isle Royale Summers

The Ranger III left the Portage recently to make its first trip to Isle Royale before the summer passenger service begins May 30.

165-feet-long. 648 tons. 128 passengers.

A trip to Isle Royale will be added to the Keweenaw Bucket List series I’m putting together, thanks to your help.

But before making that trip, I want . . . [ Full Story ]

From the Email Bag

Graduation memory

Venue – before “the Mac” we were in “the Dee” (Dee Stadium kids).
Mid Ceremony we were saluted by the horn of a Great Lakes Freighter taking the Canal Route to Duluth. Unforgettable.
Jim Carpenter BSME 70

-Thanks for sharing your memories, Jim about graduation. -SW

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