May 20, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 19

Fisher Hall Memories

Looking at Fisher 135, the rest of the building, and the Dow in the background.

We all have our memories of Fisher Hall, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. We’d love to hear your memories, and there are a couple of email links below to send them in.

My first memory is taking the ACT in Fisher 135 in my high school days. Brutal. Years later, I proctored the event and watched the packed room (every other seat) full of squirming high school juniors and seniors. Four hours in hell.

I’ve seen many great lectures in that room. I heard George McGovern crediting President Eisenhower as being a much better leader than he was given credit for. I recall Ralph Nader say we should listen to our grandparents more and experts less. I heard Kurt Vonnegut remind us to enjoy our time on Earth as much as possible. And Stephen Jay Gould gave a fascinating lecture on evolution and chance. I also heard a Russian journalist warn us about a post-Soviet Russia!

Of course, we all have classroom memories, and I survived a 3000-level Spanish grammar class. Do you know how many verb formations they have? I took my first quiz in nearly thirty years there. Wow. And, when I got to be on the other side of the classroom, I appreciated all the improvements they made, including audio/visual/Internet connections and displays, color schemes that weren’t bright yellow or worse, and COMFORTABLE CHAIRS!

I’ve also interviewed many patient math and physics profs who looked beyond my bewilderment to explain a concept, again, for the scientifically challenged. God bless them all.

I’ve heard of profs pulling off some pretty good stunts in the building, especially in the lecture halls. We’d love to hear your memories.

Email Marcia Goodrich, editor of the Michigan Tech Magazine, or me

Dennis ’92 ’09

Snowfall Totals: Last One!
Slushy event last Friday covered the cars up north.

Keweenaw County: 340.5
Keweenaw Research Center: 208.75 inches.
Someone from Twin Lakes said their 4-foot fence went missing all winter.

At Tech


Alumnus is no “Dumb Ass”: California Chrome Proves Perry Martin Right

A Michigan Tech alum’s three-part dream has come two-thirds true, as California Chrome took co-owner Perry Martin to the winner’s circle of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. It is monumental, but something can make it bigger: a Belmont victory and the Triple Crown.

Amid massive media attention, Martin recalled his roots, including his 83-year old mother, . . . [ Full Story ]


STOP Invasive Plants—Clean Your Boots!

It began as a risk communication class assignment. It’s turned into a risk communication initiative that is getting a boost from the City of Houghton and could make a real difference in control of an invasive species of plant in the Keweenaw. Krysten Cooper, who just graduated from Michigan Tech with a Bachelor of Science . . . [ Full Story ]


Tech Welcomes New Master Gardener

Tranquil, lush escapes in the heart of a bustling campus. Green oases nestled between towering brick-and-concrete buildings. That’s what Quincy Higgins Arney is tasked with creating and maintaining. It’s a dirty (and daunting) job, sure. But as Michigan Tech’s new master gardener, Higgins Arney hopes the campus community doesn’t see dirt—just flowers and foliage.

Higgins Arney, . . . [ Full Story ]

soft robotics

Superior Ideas, Literally

Superior Ideas is a crowdfunding website, where anyone can contribute any amount to help support research projects. Donations are tax-deductible, too. One great example:

Soft Robotic Component with a Mussel Tone

Development of these soft machineries help advance medical devices that interface with biological systems (e.g., microsurgery), prostheses with improved implant-tissue compatibility (e.g., neuroprosthesis), and . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World

The Bear

We Need More Bears!

I used to give a ride to and from MN to MTU for one of the MTU Husky mascots, Dave Morlock.  He lived in Hastings MN

Katrina Schultz

What era was that, Katrina? We need to hear from more “Bears” from the 1980s.

(It's clickable.) An exciting game of Farkle, Counter clockwise around the table starting with the young lady standing in the center of the pic we have Stacey Keller '02, Charlene Van Drie, Todd Van Drie '93, Mike Anleitner '72, Roy Weidig '76 (soon to be winner), Thomas Blankinship '80 (could'a won if he'd quit rollin' the dice), Jill Blankinship, Lois Rosenthal, Jeff Warnement '82, Bill Rosenthal '61 (standing) and Paul Hasselfeldt '00.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Play Farkle

Alumni, family & friends from the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter met up in Benbrook, TX for an afternoon of food and fun.

Many thanks to Bill Rosenthal ’61 for organizing the event!

Click the photo for the caption.



Geoheritage Tours by Water and Land

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is known as a place of natural beauty with a fascinating mining history. Join local expert Bill Rose to learn how to read this landscape and how it came to be the way it is today. The Copper Country has a strong geoheritage comprised of five major events in Earth’s history. Rose . . . [ Full Story ]

Frank Shoffner

Frank Shoffner ’62 Checks in

It’s always great to catch up with Frank, who was up for his annual steelhead search. No luck there, as there was still some snow to contend with on the riverbanks.

We did have a nice chat on old local establishments like the Midway in Hancock, US pasties vs. the English and Cornwall varieties, and . . . [ Full Story ]


Still Time to Get that Paver!

We are on the home stretch for ordering an engraved paver that will be placed near the new husky dog statue.

The deadline to purchase a paver is May 31, 2014!

Two sizes of pavers are available:

4” x 8” paver with three lines of engraving for 0
12” x 12” paver with five . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Profile

Karen Wallace ’88


Karen Wallace graduated from Michigan Tech in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. In 1992, she earned an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan.Wallace started her career as a Process Engineer at Dow Corning Corporation. She left Dow Corning after two years to return to school full-time for her MBA. Following . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports


Lane Selected for NCAA, Named All-Region

Jani Lane of the Michigan Tech track and field team was officially selected for the NCAA Track and Field Championship in the 1500. He was also named All-Midwest Region in the event by the US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. ”I’m excited for Jani and proud of his accomplishments to this point,” . . . [ Full Story ]


Spring Hockey Carnival Event Set for May 31

Michigan Tech will host a Spring Hockey Carnival at the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena on Saturday, May 31. This free event for the whole family will feature games for kids, opportunities to interact with Huskies coaches and players and door prizes. The day also represents the final chance to purchase Tech season hockey tickets . . . [ Full Story ]

Fill in the Blanks

From the Email Bag


ROTC 1977

Hi Dennis,
I was delighted to see the picture, in the newsletter, of the cadets being commissioned (ROTC Ceremony) at graduation. It was May 21, 1977. The new second lieutenants that I can identify, going from the right side of the photo to the left are Jordan Layer, Don Peterson, and Jeff Larson (me . . . [ Full Story ]

2014 Spring Commencement

Fresh Alums: Hot Off the Stage

Hello Dennis,
In reading this week’s Alumni News Letter, I noticed there was a picture of my younger brother (Josh Kurdziel 2014 BS Chem Eng) amongst this year’s graduates.

I’ve circled him below in the photo, his glasses haven’t quite transitioned from tinted to clear yet, must have been a sunny day in Houghton.

. . . [ Full Story ]
Jim Croce

Jim Croce in Freda vs. Beacon Hill

My future wife and I were at that Freda party with Jim Croce and his wife. 2 of my fraternity brothers put in a new piston in his Saab that afternoon/night. He died way too young Mark Scales Met E. 1971 ***

I think that all nighter was actually in Beacon Hill, not far from . . . [ Full Story ]


The Ides of March Were Big for Awhile

In all of the great dialog (and memories) about concerts on campus, there is one great event I’ve not seen mentioned. For Winter Carnival 1972, The Ides of March provided outstanding entertainment.

The Ides were supposed to be the main event with some “flash in the pan” group as the opening act.  The
. . . [ Full Story ]

Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts’ Retirement

Back in 1985 I graduated with an MS in Mineral Economics. Thank you to the School of Business and Economics and especially Drs. Campbell and Roberts for putting this program in place. I have many fond memories of my years at MTU and my degree has served me well over the years. Thanks again for . . . [ Full Story ]

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