March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Alumni Reunion: Take part in the original social media

Alumni reunion

We’re pretty connected these days. At least we seem to be.

With social media it can feel as if we’re constantly attending a class reunion or are receiving parts of someone’s “Christmas letter” just about every day.

I think, however, we’re realizing that staying in contact digitally isn’t a true substitute for sitting down with someone over a cup of coffee or a beer and really connecting.

Perhaps you’ve been reading the Alumni Reunion information and are wondering if it’s worth attending. It’s a long drive, the kids are busy, and just because the calendar says summer, work hasn’t really let up. Can I take a few days and head up north? Time is precious.

It is, but so are our friendships and relationships. Because you’re reading this, hopefully, you view your time at Tech as some of the most significant years of your life. They prepared you for your career. Perhaps you met your significant other, or at a minimum, you came away with some lifelong friendships.

The folks in the Alumni House have been working hard to make sure Reunion is a special time for you to connect, renew, and reminisce about your time here. They’ve got a wealth of fun activities planned, but also recognize that maybe all you want to do is quietly stroll campus and remember.

If you’ve been putting off coming to Reunion, or perhaps haven’t been in a few years, please join us. Dig out those CDs that made the drive from downstate feel a little shorter, make that stop in St. Ignace for gas and snacks, and before you know it, you’ll be here.

Reunion is August 4-6 and you can find registration and all of the information you need HERE, including the campus open house schedule for Friday, August 5:

So, please consider taking a few days to reconnect with your Husky Family. We can’t wait to see you!