July 19, 2016, Vol. 22, No. 23

Alumni Reunion: Take part in the original social media

Alumni reunion

We’re pretty connected these days. At least we seem to be.

With social media it can feel as if we’re constantly attending a class reunion or are receiving parts of someone’s “Christmas letter” just about every day.

I think, however, we’re realizing that staying in contact digitally isn’t a true substitute for sitting down with someone over a cup of coffee or a beer and really connecting.

Perhaps you’ve been reading the Alumni Reunion information and are wondering if it’s worth attending. It’s a long drive, the kids are busy, and just because the calendar says summer, work hasn’t really let up. Can I take a few days and head up north? Time is precious.

It is, but so are our friendships and relationships. Because you’re reading this, hopefully, you view your time at Tech as some of the most significant years of your life. They prepared you for your career. Perhaps you met your significant other, or at a minimum, you came away with some lifelong friendships.

The folks in the Alumni House have been working hard to make sure Reunion is a special time for you to connect, renew, and reminisce about your time here. They’ve got a wealth of fun activities planned, but also recognize that maybe all you want to do is quietly stroll campus and remember.

If you’ve been putting off coming to Reunion, or perhaps haven’t been in a few years, please join us. Dig out those CDs that made the drive from downstate feel a little shorter, make that stop in St. Ignace for gas and snacks, and before you know it, you’ll be here.

Reunion is August 4-6 and you can find registration and all of the information you need HERE, including the campus open house schedule for Friday, August 5:

So, please consider taking a few days to reconnect with your Husky Family. We can’t wait to see you!


At Tech

Bruce Lee 135

Underwater Glue: Bruce Lee Earns YIP Award

Bruce Lee, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, focuses on adhesives inspired by nature. More specifically, the natural glues made by mussels that anchor them to rocks, boats, and docks. Lee’s past work on hydrogels and tissue adhesives led him to look more closely at what makes these adhesives work underwater—and how people could use . . . [ Full Story ]


Michigan Tech Academics Move Closer to Product Commercialization with $120,000 in State Funding

The projects funded are:

Andrew Barnard, Mechanical Engineering-Active Noise Control (ANC) with Carbon Nanotube Thin-films: a lightweight, small and immovable film used for “low noise” mode of operation for military ground and marine vehicles. Xiaohu Xia, Chemistry-Artificial Enzymes: synthetic enzyme used in medical diagnostic kits to improve sensitivity and accuracy of test results. Jaroslaw . . . [ Full Story ]


Probing Quantum Phenomena in Tiny Transistors

The study, published last week in Nano Letters, focuses on the quantum tunneling in a core-shell nanowire structure. Ranjit Pati, a professor of physics at Michigan Tech, led the work along with his graduate students Kamal Dhungana and Meghnath Jaishi.

Core-shell nanowires are like a much smaller version of electrical cable, where the core region . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World

Traverse City

Huskies on parade at National Cherry Festival

Michigan Tech alumni and friends from the Northwest Michigan Chapter along with the Blizzard T. Husky, Michigan Tech Pep Band, as well as students from Concrete Canoe, and a variety of Tech Advanced Motorsports vehicles shared their Michigan Tech Pride in the 2016 Cherry Royale Parade in Traverse City.

Many thanks to our alumni . . . [ Full Story ]


Superior Ideas: Imagine India 2016

Students from the Pavlis Institute will be traveling to India this summer and will take part in several projects in the rural areas surrounding Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

These projects include creating a play area for Government School Kunnankulathur, checking on the efficiency of a biochar filtration system that was previously installed, looking into a . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Profile

David P. Bednarz ’82


Dave Bednarz is currently Vice President of Iron Resources for Steel Dynamics, Inc. In this role, Dave is responsible for the Iron Dynamics Division in Butler, Indiana and the Mesabi Nugget and Mesabi Mining projects in Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota. Both projects are pioneering efforts in the development and operation of direct reduced iron processes. Dave . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports

Fill in the Blanks

TA boat throwback

A Day on the Water

It’s midsummer. We’re in the (narrow) window of time when you can swim in Lake Superior. Unless you’re one of those crazy polar bear club members and then all bets are off.

Perhaps you prefer your recreation to be above water like these people. Have a favorite memory from your time in a kayak, . . . [ Full Story ]

From the Email Bag

It's almost time to pull the Agassiz out of the water for the winter.

Alumni remember quirks and quotes

The professor in our electrical engineering course seemed to get drunker and drunker as the class went on. We were all looking around almost laughing out loud. He was writing on the blackboard in letters and numbers about two feet tall in a rather scribbling manner. The next day Jim Jones told us he was . . . [ Full Story ]

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TW New Logo No Text Yellow

Don’t forget your Michigan Tech email service

Take advantage of a “yourname@mtu.edu” email service (powered by Google) provided by Michigan Tech’s Information Technology Services.

Sign up for your alumni email account today through the HuskyLink online community www.huskylink.mtu.edu. If you are not already a member, visit www.huskylink.mtu.edu/join for details on how to join.

Once you have set up your “@mtu.edu” email account, you can access your email on the web from anywhere by visiting huskymail.mtu.edu.

Students are welcome to continue using their “@mtu.edu” email account after graduation.

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