March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Who’s Watching?


“Broomball Bob,” a sailor turned sports announcer from Waterville, Maine, never misses broomball, thanks to Michigan Tech webcams.

Eighty-year-old Robert (Bob) Woodbury from Winslow, Maine, is an unabashed, die-hard broomball fan; in fact, he wants broomballers to know that he appreciates their athleticism—something he can comment on with expertise, given his tenure in sports broadcasting. Bob says he watches almost daily. “It’s unusual when I’m not. I’ll sit here (in front of the computer) for as much as an hour or more.” While broomball isn’t the only Michigan Tech sport Woodbury follows (he thinks we have a “fine hockey team this year”), it is the only sport he watches by webcam.

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