February 25, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 13

Rose and the Rime

Rose kills the Rime Witch with the coin.

It was set in a small Michigan town in the grip of an endless winter (we could relate), thanks to a spell cast by an evil witch. The visual and performing arts department presented Rose and the Rime recently, and it was a marvel of special effects, sound design, and aerial artistry.

Directed by Associate Professor Patricia Helsel, the story unfolds as Rose, played by Paige Borel, hears the story of her parents’ demise and the perpetual winter  brought about by the Rime Witch, played by Niloofar Skirkhodaei. The secret is to recover a magic coin from the witch and return it to the town, Radio Falls, which is located on a Great Lake.

Radio, and clever Tech technology, play prominent roles for the duration. The sound of static on the radio is replicated in distorted images on screens and tapestries. Winter images are portrayed as wind howls through the theatre. (A low-tech Yooper scooper also makes a cameo appearance.)

At one point, Rose’s caretaker Uncle Roger, who runs the radio station, reaches out to the world. “Help! We are trapped here.” His signal breaks up.

The most amazing part of the play was the aerial movements, high above the stage with no nets, of the “Dance Corps” swirling in their tapestries. They are upside down at times, and the play takes on the tone of the Cirque du Soleil, minus the Soleil, especially with percussion-dominated music.

The music signalled important changes in the play: ambient music with wind and rumbles as Rose journeys closer to the witch. Later: acoustic music, played live by the actors, introduces the long lost spring.

Rose brings about that spring by getting the coin from the witch, and initially it brings warmth and joy to Radio Falls. Rose even weds one of two brothers who discover this now-warm, scenic place. Their child is stillborn but brought to life by the coin.

Eventually, the coin brings about jealousy; violence; the end of Rose, her husband, and uncle; and another endless winter. Only two remain: the baby and her uncle, who discovered her after the final melee. As the play ends, a cycle of life begins anew in the midst of a “beautiful” winter.

Kudos to Helsel and all the actors, athletes really, and the incredible special effects and sounds. We were lost in it all, as we got a brief glimpse of spring on a February night.

Snowfall Totals
It’s not just the snow, it’s the cold. We closed at 2:00 p.m., Friday, due to the latest blizzard. No, not Blizzard (speaking of, see below).

Keweenaw County numbers.
Keweenaw Research Center  totals.

At Tech


Scents that are Sent: oPhone Delivers Aromas

Say you forgot about Valentine’s Day, and it’s too late to send that certain someone some roses. Someday, you’ll at least be able to send their scent. A Paris laboratory under the direction of David Edwards ’83, has created the oPhone, which will allow odors—oNotes—to be sent, via Bluetooth and smartphone attachments, to oPhones across the . . . [ Full Story ]


A Better Way to Purify Peptide-Based Drugs

Peptides are an intriguing class of drugs. They are made of amino acids, just as humans are, and because of their intimate relationship with our own biological molecules, they have the potential to fight some of the most intractable diseases, including cancer.

But they can be difficult and expensive to make. A year’s worth of . . . [ Full Story ]


Career Fair: Connections for the Future

The front hallway at the SDC was crowded with students in formal clothes, straight backs and some signs of nerves. They crowded around tables littered with nametags and maps of the Multipurpose Room, where more than 200 companies were lined up to recruit interns, co-ops, and full-time employees. Many of them were drawing lines and . . . [ Full Story ]


Johnson Garners NCTE National Book Award

Bob Johnson, professor of rhetoric, composition and technical communication in the Department of Humanities at Michigan Technological University , has earned the 2014 CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Award for his book, Romancing the Atom: Nuclear Infatuation from the Radium Girls to Fukushima. Johnson won in the “Best Book in Technical or Scientific Communication” category.

. . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Around the World

old blizzard

Calling for Mascot Photos and Info

We are trying to trace the history of the Huskies mascot. We are featuring a photo from 1970-71, from Bill Wassberg. He said they revived the tradition, so it began prior to this. We know there have been several versions, including “the Bear” and “the Wolf “(or two). Dig through those drawers, look in the . . . [ Full Story ]

Husky Statue

Alumni Pave the Way

Regardless of when you graduated, all alumni share the exceptional Michigan Tech traditions from your time here. Winter Carnival just wrapped up, and like every year, the Husky spirit came alive as students celebrated all things snowy (in spite of the cold)!

The Alumni Association and the University are starting a new tradition with the . . . [ Full Story ]

Alumni Profile

Amy J. Clarke ’00


Since graduating in 2000 with a BS degree in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Amy has built upon her Michigan Tech education to achieve great success. She added MS and PhD degrees in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and received the Willy Korf Award for Young Excellence in 2007 for her . . . [ Full Story ]

Tech Sports


Tech Earns Home-and-Home Sweep of NMU

Pheonix Copley stopped 37 shots, and Tanner Kero scored the game-winning goal in the third period to give Michigan Tech a 3-2 victory at Northern Michigan tonight and the home-and-home series sweep of the Wildcats. The Huskies (14-16-6, 12-10-4 WCHA) killed off 1:35 of 4-on-3 power play and another :25 of 5-on-3 for NMU . . . [ Full Story ]


Win at LSSU Ties Huskies for GLIAC North Lead

The Michigan Tech women’s basketball team got back into the win column with a 72-60 win at Lake Superior State on Saturday (Feb. 22). The Huskies outscored the Lakers by 12 in the first half and had four players in double figures to move to 18-7 and 16-5 in the GLIAC. Tech is now in a . . . [ Full Story ]


Win Streak Snapped at LSSU

The Michigan Tech men’s basketball team had its six-game winning streak come to an end after suffering an 82-61 loss at No. 18-ranked Lake Superior State on Saturday (Feb. 22). The Huskies fell to 19-6 overall and 15-6 in the GLIAC. LSSU captured the GLIAC North Division title with the win and improved to 26-3 overall . . . [ Full Story ]

From the Email Bag

Sturos with child

Alums at Bowling Green Game

Dennis: My family went to the alumni event at Bowling Green as well as both the Friday and Saturday night games. It was a great weekend all-around with a pair of wins and some friendly faces in the crowd. I wanted to thank Asst. Coach Damon Whitten for arranging an impromptu meet and greet with #7- . . . [ Full Story ]


2005 Sled Dog Competition

Dennis,The front team appears to be Army ROTC. The two “dogs” in front are some of my former residents from Powerhouse Hall in West McNair. Their names are Josh Ball and Adam Moore.

Thanks for the pictures and the updates from campus.

Rob Green, CEE ‘06, RA Powerhouse

1960 hockey team

1960 Olympic Hockey Team

Finally some of the press, including Reuters, has remembered the college team that won Hockey Gold in 1960. The lack of recognition has bothered me since we won at Lake Placid in 1980 and with virtually no mention of the earlier Squaw Valley, CA. win. In retrospect even more amazing since the extent of college . . . [ Full Story ]

Huskies at McMahon.

McMahon Engineering Alums Throw a Party

Hi Dennis – I always enjoy reading the TechAlum Newsletter. On Friday, February 7, the 7 Michigan Tech grads at McMAHON hosted a Pasty Party and Winter Carnival. The event included a pasty lunch and UP/MTU Trivia contest for 50 McMAHON employees. An after-hours Happy Hour with Keweenaw Brewery Beer, pickled eggs and pickled herring . . . [ Full Story ]

Wall Comes Crumbling Down

Your newsletter brings back good memories every issue.  Recently you have had a couple articles about Dr Pintar and some of the old buildings McNair, Hubbel and Sperr hall.  I remember being in a Unit Operations class – must of been in the fall of 1971 and I think Dr Pintar was the teacher (could . . . [ Full Story ]

Agate Beach Sign

Agate Beach Sign

Hi Dennis – As Paul Harvey used to say, here is the rest of the story to go along with the photos you scanned yesterday.

I was wandering around the country between the Elm and Misery rivers back in October of 1985 with a couple of my friends looking for birds or steelhead. We were . . . [ Full Story ]

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