March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

More on Anton Pintar

Anton Pintar in the classroom.

Initially, I missed the issue with the article about Dr. Pintar. In this current issue I saw some comments and had to go back and read it. He was an awesome professor who kept us challenged in all his classes. He was a very fun guy as well. I still remember our senior plant trip. While I had a lot of great professors at MTU, he certainly stands out as one of the most memorable. I am glad to hear he is still doing well!

While I am at it, thanks for keeping us informed as to the happenings at Tech. While many of us are far away and haven’t visited in years, we all still have found memories Houghton, it’s people, and our school days!

Raymond Tibbles
Chem Eng., 1980