March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Forestry Photo Identified?

Do we have the IDs?

Recently Lynne Shetron Rama e-mailed me the Alumni Newsletter wondering if I could pass on any info concerning a photo of a bunch a students watching a demo concerning the pre-chain saw way of sawing a log. I started my employment with Tech. at the Ford Forestry Center June 1966. Ross Miller held summer camp at the Center for Forestry students. Am not sure if this was one of his classes, or perhaps the annual Forestry conclave held each year at various Forestry Schools with competition between schools in the midwest occasionally at MTU. Lastly on of Bernie Carr 2 yr. students class.The photo is either a local hardwood cutting, summer camp, or at the Forestry camp. The individual in the center with the hat or the gentlemen [glasses and open shirt, standing to his left could be instructors? Ross Miller or Bernie Carr may be able to shed more info about the pic.

Stephen G. Shetron Prof. Emeritus retired 97