March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

1978-79 Snow Year

Hello Dennis,

Thanks for all your work on the newsletter. I’ve enjoyed reading it, but am writing for the first time. I am prompted by the email from Paul Hastings, which I read today (1/28). I don’t know Paul personally, but I also live in Rockford, IL and couldn’t agree more with what he said. Going to MTU was great preparation for all the subsequent winters that life has brought me. I learned to cross-country ski at Tech, and became proficient with driving in the snow. After Houghton, no winter has ever impressed me enough to keep me indoors. We just go about our normal business, just like at Tech.

Now a little story regarding snow and Rockford. I graduated from MTU in Nov 1978, and in Jan 1979 my wife and I moved from SE Michigan to Rockford, where I’d gotten a job with Sundstrand Aviation (name is different now). We arrived in town just as a snow storm was starting. Even today, people talk about “the big snow storm of Jan ‘79”. Overnight about 8” of snow fell, not a big deal in the Copper Country, but looking out that morning from our room at the Sweden House Lodge, I was surprised to see the streets deserted. No snow plows, no cars, nothing! Later that day, we ventured out to find a restaurant and much to our surprise, nobody was open. Couldn’t believe it! This would have never happened in the Copper Country! We ended up surviving on snack food purchased from the 7-11 across the street.

In the years that followed, we introduced our kids to the wonders of winter and the outdoors, and our daughter and son both became pretty good cross-country skiers by the ages of 4 and 2, respectively. When our son turned 14, the three of us skied the American Birkebeiner Kortelopet 1/2 marathon together. I enjoy skiing so much I’ve skied 14 Birkie full marathons, myself. Our kids are now young adults and my hope is that they’ll pass on their love of snow to their own kids.

Just wanted to add my two bits regarding winter, the Copper Country, and MTU. Take care, everyone. Go Huskies!

Paul Misik – MTU 1979 – Contract Technical Writer, Schneider Electric R&D