March 20, 2018, Vol. 24, No. 14

Snowiest Campus/One ID in 2007 Carny Photo

We have an ID!

Hi Dennis,
In the article “Not Coldest, but Snowiest” you pictured one of the statues I worked on. That year, the theme was “Frightful Creatures with Chilling Features” and my sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau, did a scene from “Where The Wild Things Are.” I can’t tell who everyone in the picture is – most are too bundled up – but the one in the red coat is Hilary Aho. Thanks for the memories! There is even enough snow downstate this year that building a statue would have actually been feasible.

Meghan Oaks


Other than the four winters I spent at Tech, I’ve lived here in NE Minnesota. The Minnesota and North Dakota college rankings as coldest are well deserved. Missing from the list were Bemidji State and UM Duluth (warmer next to the lake). Compared to any Minnesota four year college in the northern half of the state the winters at Tech were a piece of cake. The coldest I remember at Tech was about 10 below. Yesterday here in Hibbing the high was -10 and there have been lots of those days this winter. Tech has lots of snow, but isn’t very cold by our standards. Just like we are warm compared to Fairbanks AK.

On the other hand, you don’t have to shovel cold.

Bruce Kettunen, Metallurgy ’76