April 22, 2014, Vol. 20, No. 17

Professor Daavettila and the Nuke Program

Don Daavettila

Editor’s note: Continuing our series of chats with emeritus faculty living locally, we caught up with Don Daavettila recently.

Physics Faculty Emeritus Don Daavettila fondly recalls the days of the nuclear engineering master’s program at Michigan Tech. And the fact that nuclear power seems to be coming back in vogue after nearly fifty years doesn’t surprise him.

“Nuclear is the way to go,” says the former chemistry and physics professor. “It’s a solid 20 percent of where we get our power today.”

Back in the heyday of the master’s program, Daavettila, who was trained in nuclear at Argonne National Laboratory, would take students on trips to visit Argonne, Zion Nuclear Station, and the University of Michigan reactors.

“It helped students get good jobs in the nuclear industry,” he says.

So why did the master’s in nuclear engineering end?

“It was more of an investment than the University wanted to do,” Daavettila says. “We did have two subcritical reactors in the basement of the old Koenig Hall. We used to be able to run some neat experiments, with enriched uranium fuel plates. We could show how the neutrons are absorbed into the fuel and release neutrons. The unit wasn’t big, not bigger than this table,” he says pointing to a small table in the corner of the room.

He also fondly recalls his colleagues, the legendary chemistry professor Doc Berry, Tom Ellis (ME-EM), Dave Bredekamp (Chemical Engineering), and Walt Anderson (School of Technology). Anderson worked on the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bomb.

“Royal Makens was the department chair and was very supportive of the nuclear engineering program,” Daavettila says.

He misses those friends at Tech, and he misses the teaching.

“It never really goes away,” he says. “I loved telling students how what they learn fits into the big picture. I used to hear from a lot of the kids after they graduated.”

Today, Don spends his days taking care of his wife, Charlotte, and enjoying his 20 acres overlooking the Pilgrim River outside of Houghton. He also remains a great Tech hockey fan, after spending forty-plus years running the clock and scoreboard at Huskies games in the MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

He also sees more interest in nuclear engineering from some present-day Tech faculty members. The tide is turning.

“It [nuclear engineering] is quietly doing its job,” he says. “It’s staying out of the news.”

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Alumni Around the World


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This dog will sit here until we sell all these. We mean it.

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Two sizes are available:

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Two Records Fall, Lane Wins 1500

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Fill in the Blanks

bungee soccer

Spring Fling 2007

When it was held outdoors, unlike this year.

Perhaps you played bungee soccer.

Is that what this was called?

Email me.


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From the Email Bag

John Denver

Music On and Off Campus

In the spring of 1968 there was a club called “The Cave” in the basement of the Ambassador Bar. One entertainer who played there was a single guy who knew a lot of Ian and Sylvia and Joni Mitchell songs. This was long before I started singing and playing professionally myself. Looking back, two things strike . . . [ Full Story ]

Dean Meese

Dean Meese (and Kerekes)

Good Morning,
Dean Meese spoke at an orientation session at the gym the 1st week of September. He told us to say hello to the person on either side of us as 1/3 of the gathered assembly would be gone by Christmas. I made sure I wasn’t part of that crew. Welcome to Michigan Tech!

. . . [ Full Story ]

Another Carnival Engagement

We were engaged during the 1963 Winter Carnival. We were married the following year and will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary this coming August. We will be up this July for a Vet’s Club reunion. Will stop in and say hello and a little chat. Keep up the great newsletter. We always look forward the . . . [ Full Story ]


Frozen Four

Good Morning Dennis, I’m sure you followed the progress of the seasons Hockey from the regionals through the finals on Saturday. I’m sure I wasn’t alone pulling for Union to knock pull off an upset and would only have enjoyed it more if it had been our Huskies.

It must have borne more than a . . . [ Full Story ]


Copper Country Limited

Hi Dennis,
If I remember right there’s a picture of Lucretia Marks supposedly arriving at Tech by train in the ’59 Keweenawan. Possibly it could have been ’60. She was a year behind me. Also the guys took the train down to Chicago for their preinduction draft physical as well as senior inspection trips to . . . [ Full Story ]


Mascots: Real and Unreal

Dennis –
My dog Nina used to hang out with us on statue back in 2001-02 time frame. I can’t seem to find the picture, but I know she was in one of the winter carnival books. It would be a picture in front of the alumni house when Alpha Xi Zeta would do . . . [ Full Story ]

EERC construction

The New EERC

The EERC was built in the mid 70′s. I think it was completed in 1977, just after I graduated. Half of Hotchkiss Hall was torn down to make way for construction and the other half after it was completed. A false wall was installed at the open end. It looks like the picture was taken . . . [ Full Story ]

Blue Marble Security

Undergrad Expo 2006

I can tell you that the guy in the blue shirt with his back to you is Rob Greenhoe. He was an IT guy on campus for many years. He may know who he was talking to.

Margaret Landsparger

homecoming 1983

ID in the Hobo Parade

In the picture of the guys in the Hobo Parade ’83, the guy in the middle (adjusting his glasses, or tipping his hat) looks a lot like Alex Barker from Menominee (my home town). He would’ve been in the class of ’86 if he graduated in four years, so he was a sophomore . . . [ Full Story ]

Lone Ranger Railroad vs. Buster Keaton

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How Many Alumni Became Priests, Ministers, Rabbis?

Hello Dennis,
I’m not sure how often a Tech alum ends up along this path, so perhaps it warrants passing on. I was a tech student from ’05-’10, and have been accepted into divinity school in Chicago. I’ll be going on to become an active Minister in the Unitarian Universalist faith. I don’t know . . . [ Full Story ]

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