Recycling at Michigan Tech starts with you, then we take it from there.

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Michigan Tech Recycling: The Dorms

 Recycling in the dorms isn't a well kept secret. Here, we spill all so that you too can keep our planet clean!

Recycling Bins:

Recycling Cardboard Box

Small Blue Recycling Bin in Copier Room

Large Blue Recycling Bin

 Recycling Flow Chart

Recycling Information

Additional Recycling Options:

  • Small Batteries - Send a work order to Central Receiving for pickup or deliver them yourself to Central Receiving or the Campus Store. They will be properly recycled.
  • Fluorescent Lights - Have your custodian deliver them to Central Receiving. They will be packaged and sent for proper disposal.
  • E-Waste - Please contact IT for proper disposal of E-Waste by sending an email to for pick up and disposal. Some items do have a cost for disposal which can be found here. If you have any questions, please call 906-487-1111.
  • Hazardous Waste - Contact Environmental Health and Safety at 906-487-2118. Visit their website for additional details.