Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success

Use Policy

Purpose of Fund

The Tech Parents Annual Fund was instituted in 1998 in an effort to support student organizations and initiatives that support Michigan Tech students. Activities and events that have been supported include, but are not limited to:

  • Speakers and programs
  • Non-alcoholic social programs
  • University traditions (such as K-Day, Winter Carnival, Homecoming, and Spring Fling)
  • Travel to professional development opportunities
  • Participation in national and regional competitions
  • Events that encourage involvement in the Michigan Tech and campus communities

The fund is administered by the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success.

Tech Parents Annual Fund Use Policy

Registered student organizations (RSO), University departments, and those representing new campus initiatives intended to benefit the students of Michigan Technological University may request support from the Tech Parents Annual Fund for an event, program, travel, or equipment purchase by completing the online request form and submitting the required supporting documentation. Each request must meet the following guidelines:

  1. The request to fund an event, program, travel, or equipment must be outside the normal scope of the budget of the requesting organization, group, or campus department. Examples include new student initiatives or an unplanned opportunity to attend a conference or competition. Funding requests for events that occur regularly on an annual basis may not be funded more than once.
  2. The request is not considered complete until the Online Request Form and supporting documentation (see below) has been submitted. Questions should be submitted to the Fund Administrator via email at alturnqu@mtu.edu.
  3. If the request is submitted from a member of a Recognized Student Organization, it must represent the mission/interest of the requesting organization and must have a signature from an executive board member. If the request for a student initiative or program is not submitted by an RSO (i.e. it is submitted by a non-recognized group, student, faculty, or staff member), the request must be signed by a faculty/staff representative or advisor of the department(s) making the request. For requests submitted by faculty or staff, documentation of student support must be included in the rationale (see below).
  4. The request must demonstrate some form of investment by the requesting organization. Investment can include, but is not limited to, a matching or partial financial contribution by the group, payment of performer/artist fees, fund-raising efforts, considerable human resources as determined by the fund administrator and committee (e.g. dedicated time and effort of the organization members in the planning, preparation, or execution of the event/program), or donations and/or sponsorship from other on or off campus sources.
  5. A typed, one to two page rationale that justifies the request must be submitted. This rationale must include the following items:
    • A thorough description of the event, program, travel, or equipment the request is to support (including dates, times, locations, supplies needed, cost estimates, etc.).
    • The purpose of the event, program, travel, or equipment.
    • The reasoning behind the need for the requested funds.
    • The benefits this event would provide to the community.
    • An explanation of how the request would enhance the Michigan Tech experience for students involved.
  6. A projected budget for the requested event/program/travel/equipment must be submitted. This projected budget must include the following items:
    • All costs for the event, program, travel or equipment (including researched lodging and transportation costs, quotes received, cost savings measures in place, etc.)
    • All revenue for the event, including contributions, allocations, and donations from other sources, including both on and off campus sources (e.g. departmental sponsorship, out of pocket costs for participants, member contributions, USG/GSC funding, etc.).
  7. The overall organization budget for the academic year must be included in the supporting documentation. This updated organization budget should detail all available revenue, member contributions (if any), academic year expenditures (for the organization’s activities), rollover from previous year(s), allocations for events, supplies, overhead, and should demonstrate the need for the additional funding requested.
  8. Submitted requests will be reviewed at the next available Parents Fund Committee meeting. The Tech Parents Annual Fund Committee meets biweekly during the fall and spring semester to review requests. When reviewing requests, the following criteria are discussed (see the Parent Fund rubric for more detail):
    • Timeliness of the request – Priority consideration will be given to requests made four weeks prior to the event, program, or travel date(s).
    • Request for new initiatives – Priority consideration will be given to requests new events, programs, travel, or equipment.
    • Frequency of funding – Has the organization requested in previous years, if so for similar or different requests?
    • Quality of the supporting documentation submitted with the request.
    • Potential to benefit or impact Michigan Tech students.
    • Relationship of the request to the University mission, vision, goals, and/or strategic plan.
    • What student support for the request exists?
  9. The Tech Parents Annual Fund committee cannot guarantee funding for any submitted request. Organizations /initiatives should not spend funds preemptively under the assumption that the request will be funded. Parents Fund is not liable for these actions. Similarly, requests may be funded partially. Student organizations should not rely on Parents Fund monies as a supplement to their organization’s budget. All funds allocated must be documented and receipts/invoices equivalent to the amount funded must be provided.
  10. If funding is approved, the student organization representative(s) must meet with the fund administrator to complete an individualized "Support Contract" (which includes additional stipulations the group must adhere to). This includes providing documentation of spending for all allocated funds, and meeting with the fund administrator for a wrap-up after the conclusion of the event/travel. If the requesting party fails to fulfill the terms and conditions of the support contract, the allocated funding could be rescinded, or future requests from the requesting group may not be considered.
  11. Organizations will be limited to one approved request for funds from the Tech Parents Annual Fund per academic year. For a request to be considered for the 2020-2021 academic year, it must be submitted no later than Tuesday, April 20, 2021. All requests received after this date will not be reviewed until the Fall 2021 semester and will be considered the 2021-2022 academic year request for the requesting organization/department. Prepared organizations/departments may submit a request in advance during the prior academic year for an event/program/travel/equipment purchase occurring in following academic year.
  12. The Fund administrator reserves the right to require acknowledgment of event support in any program or publicity prepared for the event.