Student Leadership and Involvement

Maintaining Active Status

As a part of being a Registered Student Organization (RSO), it is required that your RSO re-registers each year at the start of the Fall semester. The re-registration process must be completed and the checklist signed and turned in to Student Leadership and Involvement by the first Friday in October.

The re-registration checklist includes items such as updating your organizations officers and membership rosters, obtaining signatures from each of your organization's advisors, banking information, and updating your constitution and inventory list.

Organizations must follow the policies and procedures of the University.  If a group is found in violation of these, an organization may be suspended and subject to other university discipline actions.  The group and its members must remain in good standing with the university, including full compliance with any conditions, stipulations, or restrictions placed upon organizational registration. See Board of Trustees Chapter 7, Section 7.5 Student Organizations.