Student Leadership and Involvement

Event Planning

Each component of planning an event is broken down from the highlights in a HuskyLEAD workshop. 

1. Idea, Title, and Goals: Start from the beginning, but overall, make sure the purpose for the event is important enough to merit the time and expense needed to properly stage, publicize and evaluate the event.

2. Timeline: Planning backwards and looking at the calendar to best find a date for your event. Remember scheduling etiquette.

3. Budget: What are your expenditures? What is your projected vs. actual spending.

4. Marketing and Promotions: Table tents, posters, and Facebook!

5. Logistics: Things to consider and all the reservations you may need to make.

6. Risk & Emergencies: Know the importance of planning, prevention and response.  Know emergency contact information and ways to reduce your risk.

7. The Program: The event is here – now what?  Troubleshoot for all the things that may not go right!

8. Wrap Up: Tying up all the loose strings.

Publicizing Your Organization's Event

Use the following platforms to publicize your organization's events:

Involvement Link

Registered student organizations may submit their meeting and event times as follows on Involvement Link:

  1. Log onto your Involvement Link page and click on "Events,"
  2. Then click on the "Create Event " tab at the top of the page.
  3. Student Leadership and Involvement will approve the event within 72 hours Monday-Friday so plan accordingly. *If approval is urgently needed, please call 906-487-1963 during business hours.
  4. Events entered into Involvement Link will be automatically imported into the Michigan Tech Events calendar system each night.

Student News Briefs

Student News Briefs are sent out on Friday's of the academic year and as needed during the summer.

  1.  If you'd like to post an event, please email by 12 p.m. Thursdays.
  2. Include WHO, WHAT (detailed description), WHEN, WHERE, contact information, and a jpg (MAX size 2MB) of a poster if your have one.

On Campus Fliers and Posters

Student Organizations may distribute posters and fliers on campus by following the Posting Matrix. Copies of the posting matrix can also be picked up at Student Leadership and Involvement during open hours.

Tech Today

If you would like to advertise your event to faculty, staff and the Michigan Tech community, go to the Tech Today website and submit a story or send an email to

Local Media Outlets

You can your event in the community through the local media outlets listed below:

Daily Mining Gazette

WMPL/Mix93 Radio

WOLV Radio

Eagle Radio